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Revised: IR: AGG blue cozy cover - André

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  • André Corterier
    My wife s cast is off, the weights are in, so here goes - again. (Another week, and I ll be walking again, too - hiking may take another one after that.) ;-)
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 21, 2005
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      My wife's cast is off, the weights are in, so here goes - again.
      (Another week, and I'll be walking again, too - hiking may take
      another one after that.)

      AntiGravityGear Blue Cozy Cover
      Initial Report by André Corterier

      Note: The blue cozy cover is designed to go with a pot and pot cozy
      by the same manufacturer and will primarily be tested with these.
      These items were also tested with BackpackGearTest as parts of
      Mama's Kitchen cook set, where more information is available.

      Item: AntiGravityGear Blue Cozy Cover
      Year of manufacture: 2005
      Manufacturer: AntiGravityGear
      URL: http://www.antigravitygear.com/
      MSRP: 9.95 USD for the 3 cup cozy cover
      MSRP: 12.95 USD for the 2 quart cozy cover

      Weight Comparisons - scale accurate to 5 g (0.2 oz)
      3 cup cozy cover listed weight: 1.9 oz (54 g)
      3 cup cozy cover measured weight: 55 g (1.9 oz)

      Product Description:
      The manufacturer, on its website, had this to say about the cozy

      This zippered cozy cover is made of neoprene and protects your cozy
      from wear and abraision (sic). The seams are glued AND stitched for
      durability. The lid zippers off to allow you to remove and insert
      the pot after cooking. Custom fit for the 2-Quart and 3-Cup
      AntiGravityGear pots. There is enough room on top of the pot to
      store the lifter handle, camp towel and other kitchen gear.

      The blue neoprene cozy cover is indeed, as the name implies, made of
      neoprene and quite blue. It came packed in a little plastic bag and
      at first looked as though it wasn't large enough to fit around the
      pot in its cozy, much less leave room on top for other gear. But
      testing is believing and I found that as the neoprene stretches, the
      pot in its cozy does fit into the cozy cover, making for a very snug
      fit. There is indeed a small space on top of the pot into which a
      few things can be stuffed. Measuring the volume of that space seems
      futile, as the neoprene stretches and does not make for very even
      measurements. Nevertheless, when empty, there appears to be about 4
      cm (call it 1/2 in) of room above the lid section of the cozy. The
      neoprene is 2 mm (1/12 in) thick and appears well-sewn around the
      edges and to the (nameless) black zipper which circumnavigates the
      equator of the cozy cover. The neoprene section is acutally sewn to
      a small (about 1.5 cm or 0.5 in) strip of a tough, non-stretching
      material which features the zipper. There is a small, 2.5 by 3 cm (1
      by 1.25 in) strip of webbing belt material bar tacked over the spot
      where the zipper's end meets its start. The cozy cover is a grey
      colour on the inside. Pictures can be seen at the manufacturer's

      I've experimented with this set a little and find that the pot is
      just high enough to allow me to store my windscreen in it, while the
      blue cozy cover allows me to keep the remaining pieces of my
      Clikstand on top of it - including the alcohol burner. Next to the
      burner, I keep the aluminum clamp handle, a bandana and a lighter. I
      tried putting my Ti spork there, also, but while the neoprene
      stretched far enough, the points where the spork stuck out were
      immediatly visible from the outside and I didn't like that. Now, the
      spork is diagonally inside the pot (with the prongs on the inside!),
      sticking out under the lid. I orient it so that it come out under
      the lid at the point where the cozy is slit for opening. It still
      presses against the cozy cover, but less markedly so and at the
      tough, non-stretching section just above the zipper, which seems to
      spread the stretch it takes up over the entirety of the cozy cover's
      top. At 16.5 cm (6.5 in) in length, the spork is about 2 cm (3/4 in)
      too long to fit entirely into the pot and sticks past the pot cozy
      by about a quarter in (0.5 cm). I may do the gram weenies one better
      and cut off the handle of my Ti spork...
      This set up allows me to transport the burner with my cook set, but
      outside of the pot (where I intend to store food). Sitting on the
      other pieces stored there, the top of my alcohol burner presents a
      rounded surface area of about 5.5 cm (just over an in) diameter
      which is raised from the top of the cozied lid it rest on by about 5
      cm (2 in). The cozy cover easily closes over this and this does not
      appear to put undue pressure on the cozy cover. I like this a lot -
      the alcohol stove, when transported with alcohol inside it, reeks of
      denatured alcohol and I dislike storing food right next to it, but
      enjoy the possibility to store foodstuffs in the pot for transport,
      where it's safe from harm.

      First Trial:
      As far as the blue cozy cover itself is concerned, I already very
      much like the neat, self-contained package it turns all my cook
      things into. It easily finds a good spot in my pack. It should also
      add additional insulation when I put the hot pot, inside its cozy,
      into the cozy cover and zip it up. I guess it'll need careful
      placement to make sure it doesn't get knocked over. While this is,
      of course, always true for a cook pot with hot food in it, the
      closed-up cozy cover may be a less immediately recognizable hazard
      for others in a shared camp. Dry tests suggest to me that the
      easiest way to accomplish this is to have the pot cozy sitting in
      the open cozy cover, to then place the filled pot inside, cover it
      with lid and lid cozy and zip it up. I will have more to say about
      this in my Field and Long Term Reports.

      Pro: Neat storage solution. An "added value" item.
      Con: Nothing so far.

      Suggestions for Improvement:
      I guess one could bar tack a little haul loop to the zipper ends -
      this should make retrieving the cook set from a tight pack easier (I
      won't bother with a stuff sack, when the cozy cover fulfills this
      function so nicely).

      Test Plan:
      I intend to transport all my cooking utensils inside the blue cozy
      cover for all my trips during the testing period (and likely
      beyond). I will continue to experiment with the best way to make use
      of its storage options and report on wear and tear, its
      protectiveness regarding its contents, its insulative qualities and
      any and all other items which may come up.
      My trips will likely be no more than maybe 2,000 ft (600 m) above
      sea level, in any and all kinds of weather I'll encounter when I
      have time to hike (I don't at all mind lower temperatures or
      precipitation – the kinds of weather my wife calls "bad").

      Personal Biographical Information:
      Name: André Corterier
      Gender: M
      Age: 33
      Height: 1,85 m (6 ft 1 in)
      Weight: 80 kg (175 lb)
      Email: andreDOTcorterierATfreenetDOTde
      Home: Bonn, Germany
      DATE: 2005-02-19

      Backpacking Background:
      I began backpacking in my late teens using Europe's "InterRail"-
      System – weight hardly mattered, as we were on trains a lot. I
      recently rediscovered backpacking and have started out slowly –
      single-day 15 mile (24 km) jaunts by myself or even shorter hikes in
      the company of my little daughter. I am getting started on longer
      hikes, as a lightweight packer and hammock-camper. I've begun
      upgrading my old gear and am now shooting for a dry FSO weight of
      about 10 kg (22 lb) for three-season camping. Not quite there yet.
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