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Watchful Eye Design O.P.Sak LTR - Marie-Noëlle

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  • Marie-Noëlle Augendre
    Here is my Watchful Eye Design O.P.Sak LTR for edit; HTML is in the test folder at http://tinyurl.com/tcrgx Marie-Noëlle
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007
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      Here is my Watchful Eye Design O.P.Sak LTR for edit; HTML is in the
      test folder at http://tinyurl.com/tcrgx



      O.P. Sak
      Field Report
      January 1, 2007

      O.P.Sak with toilet paper and hand sanitizer inside
      Reviewer information
      Name Marie-Noëlle Augendre I started backpacking nine years ago,
      day-hiking in Ile-de-France all year round, and doing several one or
      two-week trips in more mountainous regions (Corsica, Pyrénées,
      Cévennes, Lubéron, etc.) each year.

      In the past three years, I have gradually lightened my pack load as I
      changed to a hammock, an alcohol stove, a light pack and running shoes
      instead of boots.

      After living the most part of this year in Quebec (Canada), I'm just
      back to France and currently settling right in the middle of the
      Cévennes, an area that is positively criss-crossed with hiking trails.
      Age 49
      Gender Female
      Height about 5 ft 2 in (1.57 m)
      Weight 170 lb (77 kg)
      Email address augendre.bgt@...
      Country St André de Valborgne (Gard),
      Product information
      Manufacturer Watchful Eye Designs
      URL http://www.watchfuleyedesigns.com
      MSRP $7.79 (pack of 3)
      Listed size 9" x 10" (22.86 x 25.4 cm)
      Actual size 9.2" x 10.6" (23.3 x 27cm)
      Weight (actual) 0.53 oz (15 g)

      This report is the closing one of a series of three:

      * for a complete description of the O.P.Saks and my first
      impressions, please refer to my Initial Report
      * field testing during the first two-month period is related in my
      Field Report
      * this last report describes the last part of the test, and
      presents my conclusions regarding the O.P.Saks after a four-month

      Testing conditions

      During the past two months, I have hiked twice a week on average, most
      often in the Cévennes valleys between 820ft and 2950ft (250m - 900m),
      where steep paths amid holm oaks or chestnut trees look more suitable
      for goats than hikers; and sometimes on the higher plateaux-like
      areas, around 3600ft (1100m), with larger transhumance trails winding
      between moors and pine forests. The weather has remained almost
      summer-like this autumn, almost always sunny, with temperatures
      sometimes up to 66°F (19°C) in the sun, and barely getting as low as
      41°F (5°C) in valley recesses hidden from the sun all day long.

      During these outings, I've always had a couple of O.P.Saks inside my
      day pack, or in one of the external mesh pockets, to store raisins and
      nuts for the day, or keep some toilet paper and a little bottle of
      hand sanitizer.

      This second two-month testing period has not brought any more
      information in addition to that I've already reported on in my
      previous report; thus my conclusions remain the same:

      * I have been very happy their airtightness, waterproofness or
      * but they could be difficult to clean properly, especially when
      tiny bits of food get stuck under the closure strip
      * and I deeply regret they don't come in smaller sizes, more
      suitable to my hiking and backpacking habits.

      I would like to thank Watchful Eye Designs and BackpackGearTest.org
      for giving me the opportunity to test the O.P. Saks.
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