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OR Sequence LS Tee IR (Coy Boy)

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  • Coy
    OR Sequence LS Tee IR Tester: Coy Starnes I have this ready for edit. I was amused when I washed the shirt this morning and hung it out to dry and the jeans
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      OR Sequence LS Tee IR
      Tester: Coy Starnes

      I have this ready for edit. I was amused when I washed the shirt
      this morning and hung it out to dry and the jeans and other items I
      hung at the same time froze stiff while the Sequence dried out befor
      it had a chance to freeze. I even decided to put in a pic of the
      event... All comments and edits welcome. Best if viewed at 800 x
      600 screen resolution. Enjoy!


      Outdoor Research Mens's Sequence LS Tee
      Test Series
      Initial Report
      December 8, 2005

      Pic of me wearing the shirt

      Tester: Coy Starnes
      Gender: Male
      Age: 44
      Weight: 238 lb (108 kg)
      Height: 6 ft (1.8 m)
      E-Mail: starnescr@...
      Location: Grant, Alabama, USA

      Tester Biography
      I live in North East Alabama. I enjoy hunting, fishing, canoeing,
      and most other outdoor activities but backpacking is my favorite
      pastime. I enjoy hiking with friends and family or solo. I hike
      throughout the year and actually hike the least in the hot humid
      months of summer. My style is slow and steady and my gear is light.
      However I will sacrifice weight for comfort and durability. A
      typical 3-season load for me is around 20 lb (9 kg) not counting food
      or water. I usually sleep in a hammock and cook with an alcohol
      stove. My backpacking trips are usually 2, 3 or 4 days in length.

      Product Information
      Item: Men's Sequence LS Tee
      Manufacturer: Outdoor Research
      Year of Manufacture: 2006
      URL: http://www.outdoorresearch.com
      Listed Weight: for size Lg 8.2 oz (231 g)
      Measured Weight: my size XL 8.4 oz (238 g)
      Color: Cayenne (looks red to me)
      MSRP: $42 US

      Product Description
      It is a long sleeve tee-shirt. What more can I say? Actually it has
      several benefits a normal tee-shirt lacks. First, the shirt is made
      of an 88% polyester - 12% Merino wool material called Dri-Release®
      Wool. OR says it is for superior wicking and a cotton-like feel.
      The hang card goes on to list several more advantages for Dri-
      Release® Wool which I have listed below.

      *The ease of care of a synthetic with the look of wool.
      *Provides cold weather comfort.
      *Wool warmth without the weight or itch.
      *Never feels clammy or sticky against the skin. Wicking takes on a
      whole new meaning!
      *No static cling.
      *Ideal for base layer performance yet suitable for sportswear.
      *The added benefit of FreshGuard® prevents odor.

      Initial Impression
      First of all, I have to say that the shirt feels great next to my
      skin. There is absolutely none of itch I sometimes notice with wool
      or wool blends. The shirt looks identical to the one pictured on the
      website right down to the color. Everything about the shirt looks
      top notch and I found no loose threads or faults anywhere.

      The very first thing (and a good thing I might add) I noticed is the
      lack of a tag at the back of the neck where a tag would normally be.
      In the tags place it has what looks like three small iron-on patches
      with the size and some other information. However these feel very
      smooth. There are two sewn on tags inside a seam down near the
      bottom left side of the shirt. The larger one gives the care
      instructions using symbols. I had to put on reading glasses to make
      out the care symbols and then look elsewhere to find out what the
      symbols mean. A smaller one right next to it says Dri-Release® and
      FreshGuard®. Other than the difficulty in deciphering the care
      instructions I am impressed with this shirt.

      As the photo at the beginning of the report shows, the shirt is a
      great fit. I am not surprised since I normally wear XL tee shirts,
      coats etc. The shirt has a very athletic feel about it and the
      shoulders fit nice and snug without feeling restrictive. In fact I
      like everything about the fit except the fact that I can not pull the
      sleeves up. The sleeve is big enough to fit over my watch easily and
      even though I don't exactly have "Popeye the sailor man" arms, I
      can't pull them up more than a few inches. The sleeve and waist
      length is just right.

      Performance Early On
      I have already worn it for two days and nights before the first
      washing and so far it is doing great. This includes a long walk down
      a steep hill and back up at a cold and windy 35 F (2 C). On the walk
      I had on a light shirt and down jacket and worked up a slight sweat.
      I normally work up a big sweat on this walk but will most likely be
      out in warmer temps much of the time. I then wore it on a short
      overnighter. I used it as my base upper body layer inside two
      sleeping bags. I don't really know how much the shirt contributed to
      my staying warm but I managed to stay warm enough to sleep outside
      down to 12 F (-11 C). I did not see any static electricity overnight
      or when I removed the shirt the next morning. It was still pretty
      much odor free but I decided to go ahead and wash it. For one, I
      needed a bath myself.

      The washing was no big deal. I set the machine on warm water and
      washed it with some similar items using liquid Gain washing
      detergent. For the drying, I hung it outside. It was only 25 F (-4
      C) when I hung it out but it dried very fast in the full sun. The
      jeans I hung at the same time froze on the shady side before it dried
      but the Sequence LS Tee did not. In fact it was completely dry after
      only an hour and the temperature was still below freezing at 28 F (-2
      C). Here is a photo of shirt drying and the jeans with the frozen
      pant legs.

      Future Testing
      I will be testing the shirt as I hike in the Southeastern US but
      mostly in Northeast Alabama. I will also wear it as every-day wear
      and while walking and biking for exercise.

      This concludes my Initial Report. I will report on how the shirt has
      performed in the field in about two months and then two months after
      that, give the long term performance results. Please feel free to
      check back here to see how it does.
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