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APPLICATION to test: OR M's Skye Pants - Wayne Merry

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  • Wayne Merry
    Application to test: OR M s Skye PantsPlease accept my application to test the OR M Skye Pants. I have read the BackpackGearTest Bylaws, version 0609,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 2, 2006
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      Application to test: OR M's Skye Pants

      Please accept my application to test the OR M' Skye Pants. I have
      read the BackpackGearTest Bylaws, version 0609, including
      Chapter 4, 5 and 6. I agree to comply with all requirements
      including the minimum (5) nights. My BGT agreement has been
      received and is on file with BGT.

      Biographical details:

      Name: Wayne Merry
      Age: 34
      Gender: Male
      Height: 1.8 m (5' 10")
      Weight: 95 kg (210 lb)
      Email address: wayne_merry@... (replace user with yahoo)
      City, State, Country: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Backpacking Background:

      I started backpacking four and half years ago, although I did day walks in childhood. I hike in various terrain from moderate/hard track walks to some off track (including river walks). I generally like the temperature to stay above freezing, and have not camped above the snow line during winter. I enjoy going on multi day walks up to about a week. I carry a moderate weight pack to enjoy a few creature comforts at camp and use tents as shelter.

      Field Information:

      I walk a moderate amount. I would normally do at least 2 overnight or multi-day walks every three months, in addition to a number of 20 km (32 mile) or so day walks. I generally walk in groups, but sometimes walk solo.

      During the test period I have the following overnight or longer walks planned:

      Late Jan:
      Mt Bogong - Northeastern Victoria, 3 nights on track walk, elevation around 800 m (2600 feet) to 1800 m (5900 feet), with temps from 10 C (50 F) up to 30 C (86 F). Humidity will tend to be low, but could vary widely. There is a moderate chance of rain during the walk. Mt Bogong is located in a mountainous region in Victoria. This walk includes two large climbs and descents.

      Early March:
      Dargo River - Eastern Victoria, 3 nights off track/in a river, elevation around 200 m (650 feet) to 1500 m (4900 feet), with temps from 10 C (50 F) up to 35 C (86 F). Humidity will tend to be low, but could vary widely. There is a moderate chance of rain during the walk. The Dargo drains from near Mt Hotham southwards towards the Gippsland lakes. A good amount of time in this walk will be spent walking along the river bed (in the water). Opportunities for getting fully wet abound. The plan is only up to waist high. On these types of walks, not all things go as planned....

      Mid/Late April:
      The VMTC 100km 24 hour challenge. This walk will take place over 24 hours in a location that I am yet to find out about. This walk is arranged by the VMTC every two years as some kind of sadistic dare to see how far someone can endure walking. I'll see if I can do the full 100km.

      No further overnight or longer trips are planned at this stage during the test period.

      Test Plan:

      My test will look to verify OR's claims about the M' Skye pants on a tester who a) sweats a profuse amount, b) walks in environments that can be brutal on clothes (a running top I wore once lasted only a few hours!) and c) is going to walk in a river for a few days where the Skye pants will be perpetually wet for many hours.

      - How will the "performance soft shell fabric" endure these conditions? Could the fabric be torn to shreds like my running top was? Will the pants be as comfortable at the end of the test as at the start? Are the pants indeed comfortable?
      - Is the tactile feel of the pants pleasant? How does the feel change after I've pumped some sweat into them (which tends to happen even in colder weather)?
      - How do the pants feel when they are soaking wet?
      - "The even stretch allows movement in the direction you choose". Is this true when the pants are wet, or after use for a few months? How true is it when the pants are new?
      - How easily do the pants stain?
      - How well does the DWR finish resist water? How quickly does this finish wear off after being used for a while? How does the finish perform with immersion? How quickly do the pants dry after immersion? How do they perform in the rain?
      - How do the belt loops perform? I do not use suspenders, so I would not test the suspender loops.
      - How usable are the pockets? Can I store my digital camera in one of the zipped pockets (not during the river walk!) Are the pockets uncomfortable if I have to do any scrambling?
      - How do the articulated knees perform with gaiters on?

      If selected for this test, I would need the XL size according to the OR sizing chart. I normally wear 37 to 38 size pants (waist).

      Current tests in progress:

      Completed tests:
      Flatword Orikaso Solo Set (November 2006)

      *SealLine Storm Sack (November 2006)

      Currently also applying for:

      Recent Owner Reviews:

      Roman Ultra Lite Trek Sleeping Bag;

      Coleman Exponent Feather 442 Stove;

      Other Owner Reviews written:
      MSR SideWinder Tent

      My reports and reviews can be found at;

      Thank you for your consideration.


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