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Initial Report: Outdoor Research Paradox (Women's) Jacket/Rosaleen S

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Subject: Initial Report: Outdoor Research Paradox (Women s) Jacket/Rosaleen S Hi, Guys- I have re-written my Paradox IR. Probably I will need to check in
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      Subject: Initial Report: Outdoor Research Paradox (Women's) Jacket/Rosaleen S

      Hi, Guys-

      I have re-written my Paradox IR. Probably I will need to check in with the file upload people or, perhaps, Shane. Somehow the BGT Report Writer was scrambling this report into my Yaktrax Pro Field Report. Unable to resolve this on my own, I just scrapped that report and started over. I will try to get pictures over the weekend to add to my report.

      After reading the messages about not needing test plans, etc., I have taken them out. My test application and this report are being saved in an OR floder that I created. I think this will help me to refer to them as I write the next phase.



      Initial Report: Outdoor Research Women's Paradox Jacket

      NAME :
      Rosaleen Sullivan



      Eastern Massachusetts, USA


      5' 11" (1.80 m)

      180 lbs (81.60 kg)

      Tester Information

      My pace tends to be slow and steady, while enjoying one hot meal and the rest of my food as bars or "munchies." I am in constant search of ways to lighten up. I usually carry a hammock, down bag and jacket, hiking poles, and an alcohol or fuel tablet stove, etc., retooling gear to complement the current trip. I also make some gear. I especially enjoy backpacks over 3 day periods, but have made longer trips. Last summer, I backpacked from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to the Nantahala River in North Carolina, about 134 miles (216 km) of Appalachian Trail.

      Paradox Jacket (women's) Style # 95665

      Outdoor Research

      www. http://outdoorresearch.com<about:blankwww.%20http:/outdoorresearch.com>

      S, M, L, XL

      Fireweed, Delphi, Coffee

      (US) $ 89.00


      Avg. weight: 10.5 oz./296 g (size M)

      15.2 oz (430 g) (size XL)

      Product Description (From the Website):

      "The Paradox has a light ripstop shell that provides you with wind and weather protection. The soft lining keeps you feeling dry and comfortable throughout the day. It's the ideal shell for sunny days with a cool wind."
      (More from the website indicating OR's design philosophy, as it applies to this type of apparel.)
      "Women's Technical Apparel
      Clothing should promote activity, not restrict it: that's the theme behind our women's line. OR apparel is designed to follow the lines of the body, not cut across them. It fits equally over your entire body, not tight in one place and baggy in another. It's natural to want clean, crisp movement and our goal is to provide you with that freedom.

      Divided into lightweight wind shells, versatile soft shells, and full-protection storm shells, these pieces are the first line of defense against the elements."

      Product Description (Tester Observations)
      The Outdoor Research Paradox Women's Jacket that I received is a nicely appointed garment. I did expect a somewhat close fit from OR's technical apparel description, but it fits more snugly than I'd like, as winter is beginning here, and I anticipate a desire to use this jacket as a layer over fleece and/or down jackets. I can get a down "sweater" under it, as well as some thermal tops. From reading the website, I did expect a nylon or polyester ripstop jacket with a zippered front, two side pockets, and some sort of a soft lining. I did not find specifics on the website, but did find information on the sewn-in instruction tags. The shell is 52% nylon and 48% polyester, and the lining is 100% polyester. The care instructions direct the user to: machine wash, cold, gentle cycle, no bleach, and to drip dry and iron on low. Features that I enjoyed discovering include short metal pull tabs on most of the nylon zippers (lightweight, flexible coil, durable, in my experiences), a "Napoleon pocket" (inside chest pocket with a side opening), zippers (and no Velcro!), closures for the side pockets. The elastic cord around the bottom of the jacket intended to help seal out drafts is easy to draw tight with one hand. Two very nice touches are a fold of fabric over the top edge of the zipper, preventing it from rubbing my chin when I completely close front of the jacket and a strip of grosgrain under the front zipper coil. I suspect that the ribbon will help reduce zipper snagging and abrasion. (Cool!) The polyester lining seems to be "brushed," giving the inner surface an extra-warm feeling. There is a small strip of hook-and-loop fastener on each cuff, allowing the wearer to adjust the bottom edges of the sleeves, helping to seal out cold air. I am a bit intrigued with the outer shell's appearance. It has a definite sheen that reminds me of a "retro fabric," "sharkskin," used in men's suits many years ago. As I move the jacket, light bounces off at various angles, causing the jacket to seem to be made in varying shades of dark brown. It appears that the manufacturer did pay the needed attention as the pattern pieces were laid out so the color would look right. I was pleased that OR designers kept extra fasteners, such as " back-up" Velcro strips, snaps, buckles, etc., out of this design (See site quotes.) I also like my wind jackets to have hoods, but this design does not include one. I am a bit surprised that the actual weight is so much higher than the stated weight. While I expect a size XL to weigh more than a size M, this jacket is about 150% of the site-provided weight for a size medium jacket. This leads me to wonder if the listed weight for a medium jacket is noticeably lower than the actual weight.

      This jacket is available in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large, and three colors (my description), Fireweed (dusty rose pink), Delphi (bright light blue), and Coffee (dark brown).

      Respectfully submitted,

      Rosaleen Sullivan

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