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Revised Application- Icebreakers Mens Tops- THomas Vickers

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  • Thomas Vickers
    *Application to test Ice Breaker Oasis Crewe and the Ice Breaker Tech Top* November 6, 2006 I have read and understood the current requirements in the Bylaws
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      *Application to test Ice Breaker Oasis Crewe and the Ice Breaker Tech Top*

      November 6, 2006

      I have read and understood the current requirements in the Bylaws (The
      BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v. 0609 read on 11/06/06) and I agree to comply
      with all these requirements (especially chapter 5) as a tester unless eaten
      by an angry otter during testing. I also have a signed tester agreement on
      file with Mr. Shane.

      Thomas Vickers

      38 years old


      5 feet 11 inches tall (1.8 meters)

      180 lb (77 kg)

      redroach@... (redroach at pobox dot com)

      Southeast Texas, Houston Area

      I grew up in the piney woods of southeast Texas. Camping was a quick trip
      into the mosquito-infested woods behind the house. My style has evolved and
      over the last few years, I have begun to take a lighter weight approach to
      hiking gear (I still use sleeping bags and tents, just lighter versions).
      While I have flirted with lightweight hiking, I feel that I am more of a
      mid-weight hiker now. My philosophy is one of comfort, while carrying the
      lightest load possible.

      My backpacking style is probably described as mid-weight. I like most of my
      gear to be light, but some things are still heavy. My main concern is
      functionality (how well it works, how dependable etc.) over weight, but I
      have discovered that you can reduce your weight without sacrificing

      *Other information:*
      Requested Size: Medium
      Color Choices: Diesel

      It has reached a point here in Texas where I find it 'cool' for the first
      time. When the temperatures drop below 70 F (21 C), I start wearing long
      sleeve baselayers under my shirts. This is both on and off the trail. I
      tend to be cold blooded and find it a challenge to stay warm.

      *Testing Plan:*
      I will have no problem meeting the usage guidelines on either of the testing

      At present time I have two 3-4 night hiking trips planned during the test
      period, and at least two 1-2 night trips.

      I also dayhike on the weekends that I don't take overnight trips.

      *Testing Location:*
      Southeast Texas
      Altitude: Sea level to 250 feet (76 m)
      Temperatures expected: 36 - 90 F (2 � 32C).
      Sam Houston National Forest � day hiking and overnight hiking trips
      W.G. Jones State Forest- day hiking and fishing
      Along the San Jacinto River where I will dayhike (lots of bushwhacking) and
      take one of my 3-4 night trips.
      Various other locations in Southeast Texas where I will geocache, fish,
      hike, and walk.

      *Testing Activities:*
      Day hiking

      Extended Hiking Trips

      *Test Strategy:*
      1. I have requested both tops in a size medium. The size guide
      suggested going with a smaller size for a tighter fit and a larger size for
      a looser fit. I am a 38 in (0.97 m) chest, which is technically a size
      small, but I prefer a looser fit. Was this a wise size choice? Do the tops
      fit too loosely to layer well? Are they too loose to wear as a stand alone

      2. How do the various construction methods (thumb loops, side
      panels, raglan sleeves, flat sewn side gussets etc...) affect the comfort?
      Do the seams rub?

      1. Do these tops allow me a free range of motion? Are they kinda
      stretchy? Really stretchy? Or not stretchy at all? Is my motion limited
      when I utilize the thumb loops on the Tech Top?

      2. How well do these tops dry on the trail? This includes
      soaking from back sweat (joys of wearing a pack) and from trail washing.

      3. Is it comfortable to wear as standalone outer layer or does
      it need to be an underlayer?

      4. How do they feel on my body? Merino wool is the listed
      material and in mind, wool = itchy. Are they itchy? Are they soft? Just what
      does the fabric feel like?

      5. How do these tops hold up under a pack? Will they be too warm
      to wear under a pack? Will they pill or wear due to friction?

      6. I hate it when undergarments stretch out of shape. Will the
      Icebreaker tops stretch out of shape or retain their shape after prolonged

      7. How warm is this shirt when in a non-active mode? Can I stand around and
      stay warm or do I have to layer over it or keep moving to stay warm in it?

      8. How comfortable (non binding) is this top while sleeping?

      1. Are the elbows and other areas of high wear reinforced?

      2. How well does the zipper on the Tech top work?

      3. Is the roll up/zip up/roll down collar on the Tech Top
      comfortable in all positions?

      4. How stain resistant the merino wool?

      5. Will the fabric pill, snag, or tear from branches or brambles?

      6. How long can I wear these tops till they develop the trail funk I am used

      7. Will the trail funk wash out or will it become permanent?

      8. What are the washing/care instructions? How difficult are they to follow
      on the trail?

      *Tests I am currently involved in: 0**


      *I have tested the following items:

      * *

      * *

      *I am monitoring the following tests:*

      Kestrel 3500 Wind Meter

      Coolibar Inc Sunblock Hoodie

      * *

      *Tests I have monitored:
      *Keen Venice Shoes*
      *SureFire L1 LumaMax Flashlight*
      *Gregory Mountain Products Triconi Pack*
      *Ibex � Zip Shirt*
      *Merrell Waterpro Ultra-sport Shoes
      Humm Foods Larabars (edited long term reports only)*
      *Bask Trekking Sleeping Bag*
      *Smith Axis Sunglasses
      Leatherman Charge TI ( I have only edited the LTR of this series)
      Gregory Mountain Products Tega Backpack
      Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer
      Golite Wizard Jacket

      Keen Footwear Newport Sandals
      Outdoor Research - Motion Fleece Watch Cap

      Innovations by Finbar - Finbar Hood

      Magellan - SporTrak Color GPS
      Outdoor Research - WS Gripper Gloves

      Cloudveil Four Shadows Beanie

      Granite Gear Virga Pack

      Granite Gear Aurora Day Pack

      * *

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