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Subject: Re: TEST CALL: Ladies only - CLOSING WED

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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    Subject: Re: TEST CALL: Ladies only - CLOSING WED Hello, Curt- Your response was very quick. Now that it IS your birthday, I hope you had a great one! I don t
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      Subject: Re: TEST CALL: Ladies only - CLOSING WED

      Hello, Curt-

      Your response was very quick. Now that it IS your birthday, I hope you had a great one!

      I don't disagree with what you are saying, and I would expect the jacket to shed some precipitation. My concern is more geared to testing the jacket on a longer winter backpacking trip. If I'm not going too far from home (or at least my vehicle) so that I can bail out, or not planning to cover a lot of distance, I can carry an extra lightweight jacket or poncho. If I am carrying winter clothing and gear and 3 or more days of food and fuel, I will start getting very jealous of every extra ounce (maybe gram). My knees often hurt just walking around indoors, never mind on trails. For a dayhike, I can check the weather and evaluate the risk before deciding what to carry/wear. If I'm stuck with what I have for 3-6 days at a time before resupplying, I'm opting for one jacket that is waterproof and, hopefully, breathable, and probably vented.

      I should be able to squeak in some overnights in eastern, maybe central MA, to get the 5 minimum testing nights and plenty more day-use of the shell, if the weather isn't TOO cold or wet. If you need another tester and my intent fits what you want, read my application, which should follow shortly. It may be a bit choppy, started before work, and continued after an evening commitment, but just hitting the 'net before Midnight, Eastern Time.

      Re: TEST CALL: Ladies only - CLOSING WED
      Posted by: "nwcurt" nwcurt@...<mailto:nwcurt@...> nwcurt
      Date: Tue Oct 31, 2006 8:15 pm (PST)


      As far as being better tested in milder weather or a warmer dry
      climate, that's what we'd hope to find out from testing, so going into
      it you could try whatever conditions you wanted and tell how it
      performs. Using ANY product only in the ideal range a manufacturer
      recommends is pretty limiting and not necessarily realistic for real
      world use.

      All that said, this is the kind of jacket I find just about perfect
      for wearing in the middle of winter when I'm active. Even down into
      the teens I would wear something like this while I'm hiking. I tend
      to believe that getting wet from perspiration in winter is as
      dangerous as getting wet from snow, so a super breathable layer like
      this would fit the bill nicely to take a chill off and be able to keep
      up with you while you're on the move.

      Comparisons can be dangerous, but browse around for reviews on the
      Marmot DriClime. People love them in everything but a sauna or a
      monsoon! This piece looks very similar to me.

      Hope that helps in deciding whether to apply or not. And thanks for
      the birthday note!


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