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Application to Test - Icebreaker women's tops - Colleen Porter

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  • Emma Eyeball
    Application To Test Icebreaker Women s tops I have read the NEW test reporting requirements (v. 0609), love them, and will comply. Name: Colleen Porter Age: 31
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
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      Application To Test Icebreaker Women's tops

      I have read the NEW test reporting requirements (v. 0609), love them,
      and will comply.

      Name: Colleen Porter
      Age: 31
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5'8"/173 cm
      Weight: 140 lb/64 kg
      Email address: tarbubble at yahoo dot com
      Location: Orange County, CA
      Date: November 1, 2006

      Size Requested: Women's Large
      Color Requested (Skin200 scoop neck): Black, please
      Color Requested (Bodyfit260 tech top): Rouge, Black, Greyplum or

      Backpacking Background: I've been backpacking since 1995. Until 2002
      I was a traditional heavyweight packer (emphasis on heavy), but then I
      had kids and switched to ultralight so I could bring them along. I
      sew some of our own gear. Our usual haunts are the mountains and
      deserts of southern California, with occasional jaunts to the Sierra
      Nevada, Zion NP, and the Grand Canyon. My solo base weight is
      probably in the neighborhood of 11 lb/5 kg. I could be lighter, but
      I'm kind of cold-blooded and I just can't stand frameless packs. The
      weight goes down on trips with my husband, and up on trips with my
      kids. I like my gear to be light, uncomplicated, and as small as

      Anticipated Field Conditions: In the next four months, I will visit
      the Santa Ana, San Gabriel and San Bernardino Mountains. The Santa
      Anas are a low, coastal range that top out at about 5600'/1700 m, and
      are mostly covered in oak and thick, impenetrable chaparral. The San
      Gabriels and San Bernardinos are the "transverse ranges" of southern
      California, meaning that unlike most of our large ranges, they run
      east-west instead of north-south. The San Gabriels top out at
      10,064'/3068 m, and the San Bernardinos reach a height of 11,499'/3505
      m. At the end of October I will be visiting the northern end of Death
      Valley National Park. In November I plan to camp and hike in the
      Mojave National Preserve. I'd like to get to Joshua Tree NP as well,
      but nothing has been planned yet. All of these are what we call the
      "high desert," with warm to cool days and cold nights in winter. I
      have experienced hand-and-face-numbing cold and winds on desert peaks
      in these months. I anticipate dry weather in October and November,
      and hope to get some rain in December and January. With the rains
      comes snow at the higher elevations, and though I don't overnight in
      snow we will do some day hikes and play in the snow. I will also
      visit the coast fairly often, where I will encounter cold, damp winds
      and sea spray. I expect overnight temperatures to drop below
      freezing, and daytime temperatures as high as 90 F/32 C.

      Test Plan: Alas, I'm not nearly as hot as any of the models on
      Icebreaker's site. So I won't be striking dramatic, chest-thrusting
      poses in the tops (well, maybe as a joke). But I do plan to wear them
      backpacking and day-hiking, so hopefully that will make up for my
      inadequacies as a garment model.

      My experience with wool is pretty much limited to sweaters, heavy
      coats, socks, and fashion hats (as opposed to sport/technical hats).
      I've never used a woolen baselayer garment. I've heard much about
      merino wool's supposedly magic qualities – retains its shape, doesn't
      get stinky, the new knits don't cause one to itch.

      It may be indelicate and un-ladylike for me to share this, but here
      goes: my armpits can really get awful. I mean nasty, unpleasant,
      acrid. It's worst when it's nervous or anxious sweating. Plus, I
      sometimes don't bother with shaving my armpits. For weeks. When
      these two conditions are combined, even I can't stand myself. Thank
      goodness my husband has almost no sense of smell! I simply refuse to
      believe that any fabric, no matter how miraculous, can resist taking
      on that kind of odor. But Icebreaker says "they don't hold moisture
      or odour." So we're throwing down our gauntlets.

      My very basic plan is to wear these tops (sometimes individually,
      sometimes layered together), sweat like a pig in them, hike and
      backpack and sleep and cook and eat and climb and make snowballs and
      do all manner of outdoorsy things in them, then see how they come
      through at the end. What kinds of activities, in what kinds of
      conditions, are they suitable for? Will they snag & unravel? Will
      they stretch out? Will I be comfortable in them? Will I overheat or
      get a chill? I'm prone to both and have never found any active tops
      I'm truly pleased with.

      How long are the sleeves? Do they cover the wrists? The 260 zipneck
      top has thumb loops, a welcome feature, but if the sleeves are too
      short they'll be uncomfortable. Do they have scratchy, irritating
      tags at the back of the neck? Are they truly shaped to accommodate
      actual women's hips (as opposed to boy-hipped models), or will the
      bottoms ride up and bunch over my hipbones?

      The tops will be used in conjunction with a variety of extra
      insulative layers and shells. I'll be using them with a down jacket,
      the MontBell Thermawrap I'm currently testing, a Rainshield H2O jacket
      or silnylon poncho for rainy conditions, and possibly various other
      layers. I'll wear some sort of synthetic wicking bra underneath. I
      wear a variety of warm hats (balaclava, Buff, woolen Andes cap, and a
      fleece beanie), as well as sun hats when necessary. My gloves are
      simply powerstretch liners, over which I occasionally layer a pair of
      windproof and water-resistant shells.

      To sum up, the main areas I'm concerned with are:
      effectiveness/performance, comfort, and durability. Thanks for taking
      the time to peruse my application. I know that I'm probably maxed out
      at this point, but these don't seem to be getting many apps and I *am*
      a woman, so I'll take my chances.

      All of my previously written reports can be viewed here:


      Owner Reviews

      Kelty Kangaroo http://tinyurl.com/9w5pj

      Bearikade Expedition http://tinyurl.com/dn6bh

      Teva Women's Wraptor http://tinyurl.com/a6fgb

      Land's End Down Bunting http://tinyurl.com/cynxa

      Backpacking Light Titanium Esbit Wing Stove http://tinyurl.com/ew4l8

      Currently testing

      Sierra Designs Wicked Fast Sleeping bag (LTR due Nov 14)
      POE Kids Sleeping Mat (LTR due January 2, 2007)
      MontBell Thermawrap Jacket (IR phase)
      Osprey Ariel 75 (arrived, but test is in limbo)
      Silva Versatile Outdoor Computer (has not arrived)
      SteriPen Adventurer (has not arrived)

      Currently serving as monitor for the Exped Wallcreeper and Injini
      tetrasocks tests.
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