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Application OR Women's Paradox Jacket - Jennifer Pope

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  • Jennifer
    Application OR Women s Paradox Jacket - Jennifer Pope Please accept my application to test the OR Women s Paradox jacket. I have read the Bylaws version 0609
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
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      Application OR Women's Paradox Jacket - Jennifer Pope

      Please accept my application to test the OR Women's Paradox jacket. I
      have read the Bylaws version 0609 and agree to comply with the rules
      and guidelines it lays out. I will also make sure to get the required
      number of nights out; although this jacket will get much more use than
      that since it lends itself to everyday use. I would require a size
      medium for this jacket. I would prefer the jacket in coffee but the
      other two colors are nice as well.

      Biographical Information
      Name: Jennifer Pope
      Age: 25 (for 16 more days)
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
      Weight: 145 lb (64 kg)
      Girth: 42" (107 cm)
      Chest: 32" (81 cm)
      Waist: 31" (79 cm)
      Hips: 39" (99 cm)
      Email address: Jennifer dot Pope at gmail dot com
      Location: Los Angeles, CA
      Backpacking Background
      Intermediate. I've been a car-camper as long as I can remember and
      started backpacking in Northern California when I was 16. I've been
      backpacking for about 2 years after a hiatus during college. I
      backpack in the Sierras as well as other National Forests and Parks in
      the Los Angeles vicinity. I also spend time in the California deserts
      and the mountains and coast of Northern California. I'm a tent camper
      leaning towards lightweight; but I'm also a fan of gadgets and I like
      being comfortable. I also frequently day hike close to home and while
      car camping.

      Field Information

      Overnight trips (either backpacking or camping) will take me to three
      major areas of Southern California.

      1. I will visit the lower elevations in the mountains surrounding
      southern California. This area is forested and below snow-level in
      the winter. Temperatures should top out in the 70s F (20 C) on a warm
      day and should cool to the 30s F (0 C) at night.
      2. I will visit the southern California Coastal area. I may visit
      exposed coastal areas or low-elevation forested areas. The weather
      should be mild with temperatures ranging from 40 to 75 F (10 to 25 C).
      3. Lastly, I will visit the desert in southern California.
      Temperatures should range from 30 to 75 F (0 to 25 C). The terrain is
      rocky and exposed.

      Overnight trips usually average one/month with two nights out per
      trip. This would accrue four nights in the Field and Long-term test
      phase. The exception to this might be December where holidays make it
      difficult to get away. If I'm coming up short on nights out for a
      test period I'll squeeze in two weekends in one month to make up for
      it. My husband and I are going to use testing as an excuse to get out.

      Day trips will take me to two major areas of California.

      1. I will visit the Santa Monica Mountains for numerous day hikes as
      well possible bike rides in Los Angeles and general, every day wear.
      Elevations are up to 3,000 ft (900 m) and temperatures should range
      between 50 and 80 F (10 and 25 C). Some of the terrain is exposed and
      some provides tree-cover. Conditions could be wet and muddy or dry.
      Contrary to popular belief it does rain in Los Angeles.
      2. I will also visit San Diego. The conditions should be fairly
      similar to those listed immediately above, though the elevations
      likely won't be as high. It does rain in San Diego too. My in-laws
      also have a sail boat (which doesn't hibernate in the winter) so I may
      be out on the water and exposed to the elements and wind over the test
      3. I will also visit Northern California over the winter holidays.
      This would likely be my primary jacket on this trip. Snow is possible
      but not likely; rain is fairly certain. Temperatures can get a little
      colder possibly reaching the 30s or 40s (0 to 5 C). This will likely
      be for casual wear only, but will allow me to report on how well the
      jacket does in cooler temperatures. There's a recently discovered
      waterfall I'd really like to see up north so I may get in one day hike.

      Other day trips in other areas are also possible. I usually make one
      day trip in addition to my overnight trips each month. I understand
      that some of the activities I list above are not true "field tests"
      and will only be used to supplement backpacking, hiking and camping
      tests. Obviously a jacket can be worn in a wide variety of activities
      and I plan on wearing the jacket most days over the test period.

      Test Plan

      I really like the looks of this jacket. As a female and a
      price-conscious consumer this is important to me. If an item can do
      double-duty and work in the outdoors and in my everyday life it makes
      me happy. As far as jackets go this is pretty darned cheap too. This
      is the type of jacket I would be interested in purchasing.

      What's the fit of the jacket like? My hips are 1" (2.5 cm) larger
      than the medium size lists; does the jacket still fit ok? Am I going
      to regret not getting the large? I prefer a more athletic fit but is
      the jacket just too tight? Are the sleeves long enough? Do they
      leave my wrists exposed at all? Do I have enough freedom of movement
      in the jacket?

      How well does the zipper work? Does it snag on the jacket? Do the
      hook and loop tabs on the sleeves provide enough adjustment points?
      Can I fit gloves under the sleeves? How well do the drawcords adjust
      the bottom of the jacket? Do I need to use these? Do the pockets
      have zippered closures? They are lined, which is a big plus for me.

      Do the pockets adequately keep my hands warm? Does the collar keep
      drafts off my neck or is it too short to provide any real protection?
      Can I comfortably zip the jacket up to the very top or does it jab me
      in the neck? Does the bottom of the jacket cover my tush at all?

      How well does the jacket pack? If I get warm while hiking can I
      easily stuff it in my pack or strap it to the outside? Is it bulky
      when packed? Does it get wrinkly if it get stuffed down in my pack?

      Does it get dirty easily? If I get my first color choice (brown) I
      imagine dirt won't show up as much; is that true? If it does get
      dirty can I brush it off? What are the washing instructions? I hope
      it's machine washable. If I need to wash the jacket, does it come out
      looking as good as new? Do the straps of my pack rub the jacket and
      cause any wear and tear? Is the craftsmanship good on arrival and
      after testing has taken place? Do any seams come loose?

      I will also report on anything else that comes up during the test period.

      Tester Load

      The Injinji socks are my only outstanding test. That test will be
      ending soon, probably soon after I would receive this jacket.

      Outstanding Applications

      I have submitted applications for the Valandre Classic bag and for
      both of the DeFeet sock calls. I could easily manage completing all
      these tests simultaneously.

      Other Obligations

      I am a test monitor, mentor and the mentor coordinator.

      All my reviews are here:
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