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  • Heather
    sure, why not. One can never have too many shirts. ... Application to Test the Icebreaker Shirts Please accept my application to test Icebreaker shirts. I have
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      sure, why not. One can never have too many shirts.

      Application to Test the Icebreaker Shirts

      Please accept my application to test Icebreaker shirts. I have read
      the Survival guide 1202 and in particular chapter 5 and agree to
      follow all guidelines within. I have sent Shane my tester agreement
      (reprocessed 3/3/05) and will abide by all rules therein.

      November 1, 2006

      Tester Info:

      Name: Heather Oakes Palmer
      Age: 29
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5'5" (1.68 m)
      Weight: 140 lbs (64 kg)
      Email address: alekto-at-yahoo.com
      City, State, Country: Atlanta, GA, United States

      Backpacking Background: I consider myself an intermediate hiker and
      beginning backpacker for over five years; my longest backpacking trip
      being only three nights. Day hiking and weekend backpacking comprise
      most of my weekend warrior experience averaging one backpacking trip
      per month and two day hikes per month averaging between 10-15 miles
      (16.1- 24.2 km) per day. I tend to backpack in warm, humid climates,
      with a good amount of hiking in the southern Appalachian Mountains and
      I have rarely hiked in below freezing or snowy conditions yet. I am a
      lightweight backpacker and buy my gear accordingly, often splitting
      various objects and amounts of weight with my husband.

      Test Background:

      The longer I hike, the more I acquire gear and mess around with the
      layers until I feel comfortable in all weather I encounter. As I've
      grown older and more picky, I no longer even try to purchase men's
      clothing as they inevitably fit very badly when compared to the
      women's style. I currently do not use any shirt underwear, instead I
      use varying combinations of outerlayer shirts, fleece, wind-shirts,
      and/or midweight jackets when backpacking in cold weather.

      If selected for this test I would need a size Large in both tops. The
      black is preferred in the Skin 200 top, but I would love the Tech top
      in Shingle/Tekapo.

      Testing Plans:

      Instead of gorging on turkey this Thanksgiving holiday, my husband and
      I will be taking a 3/4 night backpacking trip either on the north
      Georgia section of the Appalachian Trail or in the great Smoky
      Mountains National Park area. On the Georgia AT section this will put
      us at 2,000-4,500 ft (610-1372 m) with temperatures historically from
      about 65-40 F ( 18-4 C) during the day and as low as 32 F (0 C) at
      night. If the Smokies are on the menu, the elevation will range from
      1,700- 5,500 ft (518-1676 m) and I would expect day temperatures
      around 60-40 F (15.5-4 C) and possible night temperatures as low as 20
      F (-6 C). Winter weather in this area is very temperamental as any
      given day could see sun, light to moderate rain, wind, ice, hail, or
      snow. Both the Georgia and Smoky Mountain sections of the AT are noted
      for steep climbs and thick forest trails. Hopefully the winter will
      allow for some nice views, but the trails themselves will undoubtedly
      be muddy, rocky, or covered in a tick blanket of wet leaves. A
      backpacking trip in the mountains (or possibly Cumberland Island NP)
      is planned for a couple of days around New Years Eve since I have four
      days off in a row! I anticipate monthly 1/2 night backpacking
      excursions, and I also see plenty of opportunities to test this piece
      of gear during my monthly average of 1/2 day hiking trips.

      Technical stuff:
      - How well do they keep me dry from my own sweat?
      - When the weather I hike in can change in five feet, I'd like to test
      how fast these shirts dry out. Will they dry out overnight in the high
      humidity, or will they still be damp when I try to wear it the next day?
      - Abrasion resistant?
      - How wind resistant are they?
      - How heavy are they?
      - How well do they pack down?

      - Are they breathable?
      - How stretchy are the shirts in the underarm, neck, and waist areas.
      - Do they help me feel warm as an outer layer in cool weather and an
      inner layer in colder weather?
      - How do the fabric(s) feel against my skin?
      - Since I use clean clothing as a pillow at times, will the fabric
      feel itchy or irritate my face?
      - How useful will those thumb flaps actually be on the tech top?
      - Will the tight-fitting Skin 200 top be too tight to wear my built-in
      bra tank tops with?

      - Are these shirts cut well for women? Will there be more room in the
      front of the chest area, and over the hips? Will it be too tight?
      - Will there be room enough for layers underneath? I usually wear a
      sport tank top under all clothing but I may wear other layers
      underneath the tech top, will I be able to comfortably put a layer
      under it?
      - Will the sleeves be long enough or too long? Will they roll up easily?
      - How far will the shirts cover my torso and rear?
      - Will the collar be too high or too low or otherwise annoy me on the
      Tech top?
      - How will the shirts fit when wearing day packs or larger backpacks?
      Will it ride up over the hip belt or get stuck under it?
      - Will the elastic neckline on the Skin 200 top become overstretched
      and ill-fitting?

      - How strong are the seams?
      - Will the zipper get stuck or rusty in the rain or cold?
      - Will the area around the wrists show strain or damage from rolling
      up, or removing the shirts?
      - What are the washing instructions? Can I put it in a machine or will
      it be washed by hand?
      - Will washing cause strain on the seams?
      - Will the colors run or fade in the wash?
      - How easy will the fabric pull or pill after washings or close
      encounters with brush? Will the fabric pill from contact with my pack?
      - Will any permanent discolorations in the armpit, neck, or lower back
      area occur?
      - Will the thumb loops on the Tech top break after the first hike?
      - Will the Skin 200 shirts elastic neckline break open easily?


      Tests Being Monitored: none right now, but I am available to be a
      grammar nazi anytime

      Current Tests: none

      Applications Pending: OR Paradox Jacket, La Sportiva Trango Trek boots.

      Completed Tests:
      Ibex Qu T Shirt
      Pacific Outdoor Equipment Pneumo LTW Dry bag
      Gregory Deva 60 Backpack
      Teva Steep XCR Trail Runners
      Cutter Advanced Insect Repellant
      Teko Eco Merino Socks
      GoLite Feather Sleeping Bag
      Lipsmackin' Vegetarian Backpackin' Cookbook
      Outdoor Research Celestial Gaiters

      Owner Reviews:
      Nanak's Lip Smoothee
      Marmot DriClime Windshirt
      Ex Officio Bikini Briefs
      Montrail Hurricane Ridge XCR
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