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Jetboil PCS IR for edit please

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  • Mark
    Initial Report Jetboil French Press 24MAR2005 Biographical Information Product Information Testing Plan Photos Product Information Company: Jetboil, 529
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      Initial Report Jetboil French Press 24MAR2005

      Biographical Information Product Information Testing Plan Photos

      Product Information
      Company: Jetboil, 529 Sunapee St., Guild, NH 03754
      Product Name: Jetboil French Press

      URL: http://www.jetboil.com/
      Manufactured in: China, 2004

      Colors: Black
      MSRP: $19.95 US

      Manufacturer Reported Weight: 1.2 oz (35 g)

      Received Weight: 2 oz (57 g)

      Manufacturer Reported Dimensions: 4.1 x 7.1 in (104 x180mm)

      Received Dimensions: 4.25 x 7.1 in (108 x 180 mm)

      Description: The Jetboil French Press is an accessory to the Jetboil
      PCS. It provides a way to brew coffee or tea using the French press
      method as opposed to using instant coffee or tea bags in the field.
      It allows you to use any custom blend that you choose for your hot

      Product Arrival: A plain corrugated cardboard box arrived on the
      22nd of March 2005 via 2nd day air service. Packed inside of it
      seemed to be the entire Jetboil product line, to include: 1 Jetboil
      PCS, 1 Jetboil Companion Cup, 1 Jetfuel 100gram fuel canister, 1
      Jetboil maintenance kit, 1 Jetboil French Press, and one Jetboil

      The French Press arrived unassembled in a plastic bag stapled to a
      cardboard hanger that identifies the product. There are 2 metal
      poles one with a handle that seats flush to the top lid, both of them
      are threaded in such a way that they may only be assembled one way.
      There is a mesh basket that has a nut in the center that the push rod
      attached to. It is primarily made of a harder plastic that the lid
      and supports the mesh for filtration of the grind from the water.
      The lid is composed of the same flexible material as the other
      Jetboil lids, it has the same drinking/vent hole as the others with
      the exception of the center is counter sunk to accept the handle of
      the push rod flush with the top of the lid.

      Jetboil the company: Jetboil is a small privately held company
      located in the northeastern United States. It assembles its products
      there in New Hampshire, although some of its accessories are
      imported. Dealings with customer service have been very friendly and
      helpful with my phone call returned quickly and professionally, with
      pertinent information relayed and helpful hints given without needing
      further resources (they know their gear) for most questions and those
      resources needed for more in depth questions are quick to provide

      Manufacturer's Website: I have found the manufacturer website to be
      both informative and easy to navigate. The buttons are shaped like
      rocks and is easy to access the information that you are looking
      for. The website allows you to view a variety of content to include
      the warranty, instructions, job postings, sign up for email updates,
      return service, press statements, recipes and much more. By reading
      the site prior to the products' arrival I am expecting a system that
      is slightly shorter than a Nalgene bottle but roughly the same width
      when stowed. There is also a small video that demonstrates the stove
      being used. I do have a concern with this video as it does show an
      individual flinging a white gas stove while lit into a stream. I
      find this practice both environmentally questionable (polluting) as
      well as an unsafe demonstration of what to do in this instance. That
      is however the only detraction that I have from the website.

      Manufacturer Instructions:

      Plan: I am using a multiple phase testing arrangement to test all
      pieces. Phase one will be in my kitchen, stovetop so as to have the
      most controlled settings for learning/experimenting. All further
      phases the French Press will be compared with instant and other
      coffees to judge its effectiveness at providing coffee in the
      backcountry. This phase will normally include day or short
      duration trips (Less than 4 days). Phase three will be a typical 3
      season use and include longer trips including a culmination in Isle
      Royale in August that will last more than a week and also segments of
      the North Country Scenic Trail. I will be using the French Press
      solo and with companions. I plan during this phase to pit the French
      Press against the Whisperlite in multiple person cooking for coffee
      (French pressed coffee vs. Coffee isn't coffee until the horseshoe
      floats. I of course will be the only operator/carrier during all
      phases of testing. I expect varied terrain from concrete, sand
      dunes, hills, pathways, and off trail. Mean elevation of use is
      expected to be 500-1400 ft (152-427 m) above sea level. Expected
      weather conditions: 0-98 degrees F (-17.77-54 degrees C), rain, ice,
      snow, and heat. This system will create a savings of necessary space
      and weight over my current system and I look forward to implementing
      it into my lightweight gear that can be carried with my current
      daypack which has been used on ultra-light overnighters before, but
      had no warm food or real coffee during them. So far this next 6
      months I have planned 12-day trips, 6 overnight trips, and 2 long-
      term trips that I would implement it's use in.

      Questions to answer:

      1. How easy is it to set up with and without gloves?

      2. How easy is stove maintenance with and without

      3. How easy is it to clean?

      4. How well do parts and systems fit together?

      5. How durable is it after a full season's use to
      include possible slop in fit after multiple uses and or is there
      product breakdown to include the ignition system?

      6. Does any of the French Press burn, curl up or
      fail in any way even with repeated uses?

      7. Comparing the coffee press coffee to my regular
      brew coffee and my field coffee (instant and brewed).

      Biographical Information

      Mark Keskes
      32 year old male

      Height: 5'9" (1.75 m)
      Weight: 270 lb (122 kg)

      markkeskes (at) yahoo (dot) com
      Michigan, USA

      Backpacking background: Like all things, I feel that my backpacking
      style is evolving. I am a mid weight backpacker. I prefer to be
      comfortable and to enjoy my escapes from civilization rather than to
      run through them or to feel uncomfortable in them.


      "You will find something more in woods than in books. Trees and
      stones will teach you that which you can never learn from masters."

      Saint Bernard, Epistle

      French abbot & saint (1090 - 1153)

      "I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front
      only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what
      it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not

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