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Repost- LTR- Thorlo Light Hikers - Thomas Vickers

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  • Thomas Vickers
    Here is the editor s version of my report. Thorlos Men s CoolMax® - LIGHT HIKER Crew Socks Long Term Report April 19, 2005 Thomas Vickers 37 years old Male 5
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      Here is the editor's version of my report.

      Thorlos Men's CoolMax® - LIGHT HIKER Crew Socks Long Term Report
      April 19, 2005
      Thomas Vickers
      37 years old
      5 feet 11 inches tall (1.8 meters)
      170 lb (77 kg)
      Southeast Texas, Houston Area

      Tester Background:
      I grew up in the piney woods of Southeast Texas. Camping was a quick trip
      into the mosquito-infested woods behind the house. My style has evolved and
      over the last 4 or 5 years, I have begun to take a lighter weight approach
      to hiking gear (I still use sleeping bags and tents, just lighter versions).
      While I have flirted with lightweight hiking, I feel that I am more of a
      mid-weight hiker now. My philosophy is one of comfort, while carrying the
      lightest load possible

      Details from Manufacturer:

      Website: http://www.thorlos.com
      Weight: NA
      MSRP: NA
      Sizes available: 11, 13, 15 ( US Shoe size: 5.5 -15/ EU shoe sizes: 38.5-50)
      Colors available: Walnut Heather, Black heather, Everglade Heather, Navy
      Fiber content: 52% CoolMax®, 26% THOR·LON® Acrylic, 14% stretch nylon, 5%
      spandex, 3% cotton
      Thorlo protection level: 2
      Special features:
      Lightweight padding in the heel and ball protect the foot from shear and
      impact forces and helps to prevent painful blisters.

      Lace pad protects the top of foot against boot lace pressure.

      Spandex and low density padding in the arch create a snug fit.

      Ventilation panel to improve fit and wicking.
      Details According to Tester:
      Sock size: 13 (Large)
      Sock color: Black Heather
      Shoe size: US 10.5
      Single sock weight: 1.85 oz (52 g)
      Pair of socks weight: 3.70 oz (105 g)
      Style: Crew
      South East Texas

      Humidity - A minimum of approximately 60% humidity so far.
      Rain - Everything from mist to pouring rain, including snow.
      Wind - Dead calm to breezy.
      Temperatures: 28 F to 80 F (-2 C to 21 C)

      Day hikes and weekend hiking/camping trips

      Other test issues:
      I have worn these socks with a wide variety of shoes and boots while
      participating in a lot of different activities. They are comfortable and
      provide my foot with the padding that I require, but I have decided that I
      much prefer them while wearing a liner sock of some sort. Without the liner
      sock, I tend to suffer from sweaty feet as the temperatures rise. This
      makes any sock/shoe combination uncomfortable for me, but I find it
      especially noticeable with the Thorlo Light Hikers. With a liner sock
      though, there is no sweaty feet problem and I really like these socks. I
      originally thought that they were going to be too tight on my feet to allow
      the use of a liner, but I managed to use several thicknesses of liner socks
      with the Thorlo Light Hikers with equal success.

      The Thorlo Light Hikers have proven durable over the test period despite
      what I consider above average use for a pair of my hiking socks. No snags,
      tears, broken elastic or permanent odors have appeared so far. As with any
      sock, they get stinky from prolonged wear, but washing takes care of this
      issue. Since the washing instructions include directions to use fabric
      softener on the socks (which I did), I think this helps keep any permanent
      stink at bay with these socks.

      One last test item that I finally got to check on was how well the Thorlo
      Light Hikers air dry. If wet from washing or puddle hopping the Light
      Hikers can be wrung out by hand and they get almost dry over night. The
      conditions of the drying were not usually that important. I dried them
      inside and outside in temperatures from 60 F to 65 F (15 C to 18 C) with the
      same results. The "almost" dry is not a problem for me since I have never
      owned a pair of hiking socks that dry completely overnight. The important
      part is that they are dry enough to wear in the morning with liner socks
      without irritating my feet.

      Final thoughts:
      As far as hiking socks go, I really like the Thorlo Light Hikers for low
      impact hiking. Things like day hiking and geocaching where I am not carrying
      a heavy pack seem like the perfect match for these socks. For heavier loads
      and longer trips I still prefer a heavier sock, but for what I do in the
      spring, summer, and fall in Texas, this a great hiking sock. Without a
      liner I would recommend this sock for cooler temperatures (75 F or lower (24
      C)), but with a liner I like this sock all the way up to the mid 80's F (mid
      20's C).

      They hold up well, fit well, and do just what I would expect of Thorlo
      socks. There were no surprises good or bad with this test. The Thorlo
      Light Hikers are dependable and well constructed which is just what I have
      always expected from Thorlos. Last, but not least I do like the rating
      system which Thorlo uses with the Light Hikers. It makes it much more clear
      about just what activities a sock is designed for, especially in the case of
      the Light Hikers, and makes choosing the right sock easier.

      I would recommend this sock to anyone who needs a well constructed sock for
      light hiking activities in any season.
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