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EDIT: LTR - Thorlo TREKKER socks - Coy Boy

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  • Louis Luangkesorn
    ... ... EDIT: For context, could you give your shoe sizes for work boots, running shoes, regular hiking boots and winter hiking boots. For many
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      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Coy" <starnescr@y...> wrote:
      > Managed to finish before my OOP. Again, my apologies for being a
      > little late on this one. I have to say, socks dont seem like an
      > exciting item to test but this test has given me a new appreciation
      > for a well constructed pair of socks. Enjoy!
      > Thorlo TREKKER socks
      > Long Term Report
      > April 21, 2005
      > Tester: Coy Starnes
      > Gender: Male
      > Age: 42
      > Weight: 230 lb (104 kg)
      > Height: 6 ft (1.8 m)
      > Shoe size: 11 or 11.5 US
      > E-Mail: cstarnes@n...
      > Location: Grant, Alabama, USA
      > Tester Bio
      > I live outside a small town in northeast Alabama. I also enjoy
      > hunting, fishing, canoeing, and most other outdoor activities.
      > Backpacking is my favorite pastime. I consider myself a
      > knowledgeable backpacker but I am not an expert. I enjoy hiking
      > with my friends and family or solo. I limit my hiking to areas
      > fairly close to home, usually within a day's drive of home. I hike
      > throughout the year and actually hike the least in the hot humid
      > months of summer. My style is slow and steady and my gear is
      > light. However I will sacrifice weight for comfort and durability.
      > A typical 3 season load for me is around 20 lb (9 kg) not counting
      > food or water. I usually sleep in a hammock and cook with an
      > alcohol stove. I generally hike in New Balance 806 trail runners
      > but I have worn several different boots during most of this test.
      > My backpacking trips are usually 2, 3, or 4 days in length.
      > Product Information
      > Test Item: Hiking Level 3 Wool/THOR•LON® - TREKKER crew TKX
      > Web Address: http://www.thorlo.com
      > Year of Manufacture: 2004
      > Sock Size: 13 (unisex = men's US shoe size 9 to 12.5)
      > Color: Lt Grey
      > Weight: n/a on packaging or website
      > Checked Weight: 4.6 oz (130 g )
      > MSRP: $15.99 US
      > Thorlos do not have a durability warranty since no product made from
      > textile fibers is indestructible.
      > Field Test Locations and Conditions
      > Testing was conducted in Northeast Alabama and Southeaster
      > Tennessee. I wore the Thorlo TREKKER socks on an overnight hike to
      > The Walls of Jericho, Bucks Pocket State Park, on the Fiery Gizzard
      > Trail, and on several day hikes in the woods close to home. These
      > trails ranged form very steep to flat and from rough and rocky to
      > almost road-like smooth.
      > The temperatures while hiking on these trips ranged from as high as
      > 81 F (27 C) to as low as 23 F (-5 C). Elevations were between 1300
      > ft (400 m) and 2000 ft (600 m). I wore them for a hike in the snow
      > only once but on several rainy hikes when it was cold. My good
      > hiking boots are waterproof so I did not get the socks wet from
      > outside moisture on these hikes. I did get them wet from sweat
      > several times. I also wore them as sleep socks on most of my
      > overnight hikes.
      > Long Term Test Results
      > I have worn the Thorlo TREKKER socks while hiking in my regular
      > winter hiking boots, and more recently in a new pair of boots, my
      > Scarpa ZG 65 GTX's, designed for warmer weather. While at work I
      > wore them in my work boots. I could not wear the socks in my
      > running shoes or my other boots which are tighter fitting. This is
      > not really a problem because the Thorlo TREKKER socks are better
      > suited for cold weather hiking.
      EDIT: For context, could you give your shoe sizes for work boots,
      running shoes, regular hiking boots and winter hiking boots. For many
      people, these sizes are different (me being an example) (I note that
      you give your size as 11 or 11.5, I'm assuming that this is why)

      > I wore the socks on a recent day hike it was 81 F (27 C). I loaded
      > my pack with 45 lb (20 kg) of gear and water to get a feel for the
      > new boots with a heavy load. I hiked for just over 2 hours on this
      > hike but when I got home I had been hiking mostly uphill for about
      > 45 minutes. My feet were very warm. The socks did do a great job
      > of moving the moisture out from my feet because the boot liners were
      > actually damper than my foot. In truth, I find the socks are better
      > suited for cooler weather hiking. However, I plan to continue using
      > them quite a bit in these boots this summer. I will hike slower and
      > take breaks when I feel like I'm overheating.
      > I wore the socks in my sleeping bag on several occasions. They are
      > excellent in this regard, making sleeping easier. I just can not
      > sleep very well when my feet are cold. On the occasions that I
      > hiked a few miles before setting up camp the socks always dried on
      > my feet, in my boots, before bedtime. This is usually a couple of
      > hours after I finish hiking.
      EDIT: 'hiked a few miles just before setting up camp' Do you mean
      that you walked without a pack for a period of time, or that your hike
      that day was only a few miles?
      > I have to warn not to wear the socks when using a chain saw while
      > wearing shorts. Just recently I cut a tree down and up (up as into
      > smaller pieces that I could move). Sawdust got all over the upper
      > exposed section of the socks and even on the socks down inside my
      > boots to a degree. I spent a long time picking each sawdust
      > particle out of the wool. It seemed as if the wool blend was
      > magnetic and I even pulled some of the sock yarn from the sock in
      > the process. However, after washing they were back in tip-top
      > shape. Actually, I have washed the socks several dozen times over
      > the past 6 months and they have survived well.
      EDIT: Does this occur in similar situations, e.g. dusty trails, going
      through gravel or tall grass or other situations that gaitors may be
      used? Or is sawdust the only material that infiltrates the socks? If
      you have never encountered such situations, disregard this comment?

      > Summary
      > I have to say that the Thorlo TREKKER socks are indeed very nice
      > hiking socks despite being a tad warm on the hikes in warm weather.
      > My feet did not develop any blisters and I never had to re-adjust
      > the socks to avoid that icky feeling I get when my socks slide down
      > inside my boots.
      > The Thorlo TREKKER socks have performed as well or better than I
      > expected. They are better fitting, keep their shape through more
      > washings, and felt better on my feet while hiking than the cheaper
      > tube type boot socks I was accustomed to. I am impressed enough
      > that I will buy another pair when these wear out. Fortunately, not
      > being a high mileage hiker, that looks like it may be a few years
      > down the road. I am also planning to buy a lighter version of these
      > socks so that I can enjoy the same benefits in my footwear that were
      > too small for the thickness of the Level 3 sock, a level 2 perhaps.
      > Bottom line, I found the Thorlo TREKKER socks are just the ticket
      > for hiking in cool weather.
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