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Edit: FIELD REPORT: Mont Bell DownHugger - Will

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  • rayestrella1
    Hi Will, Very nice looking report. Here are the edits, feel free to post afterwards. Ray Weight Listed: 22 oz (624 g) Measured Weight: 21.15 oz (600 g) (scale
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      Hi Will,

      Very nice looking report. Here are the edits, feel free to post


      "Weight Listed: 22 oz (624 g)
      Measured Weight: 21.15 oz (600 g) (scale accurate to 0.01 oz/0.1 g)
      Fill Weight: 10.6 oz (301 g)
      Stuff Sack Weight: 0.85 oz (24 g)
      Inside Shoulder Girth: 48.2 in/122 cm relaxed, 64.2 in/163 cm
      Inside Knee Girth: 38.4 in/98 cm relaxed, 51.2 in/130 cm expanded
      Packed Size: 5.3 in x 10.4 in (13.5 cm x 26 cm)"

      EDIT: Your weights and measurements go from US standard with the
      metric equivalents in parenthesis to standard/metric, then back
      again. You should use one style for uniformity.

      "Product Description
      The Montbell Alpine series is their lightest and most compressible
      sleeping bags. The Ultralight Alpine Down Hugger #3 is a down-filled
      sleeping bag rated at 32 F (0 C). Its features are as follows (taken
      from the Montbell website):
      • 725 fill power goose down is hypoallergenic and resistant to
      • hell and lining are 15x24 denier Ballistic Airlight™ hollow
      fiber calendared nylon with DWR treatment on the outside.
      • Vertical baffles maintain the even distribution of down
      while allowing the <snip>"

      EDIT: I have always been told that we do not need to repeat the
      product descriptions in the Field and Long Term Reports.
      "Elevations ranged from 5000 to 12,500 feet (1524 to 3810 m)."

      EDIT: Needs commas with the other numbers. (5,000 1,524 3,810)

      "The horizontal seams have an elastic stitching that causes the bag
      to contract"

      EDIT: This sentence does not read right to me. Maybe drop
      the "an". "The horizontal seams have elastic stitching that…"

      "However, I personally feel that too much compression damages the
      down, and prefer to use a larger stuff sack that the bag easily
      packs into (however it does take up more space in a pack)."

      Comment: I just asked about using a smaller bag than the one sent
      with the tent I am testing and was told to use everything that came
      with it during the test, changing to whatever once the test is done.
      You may want to say that after the test is concluded you will use a
      larger sack.

      "It snags some (especially on some labels midway),"

      Comment: This reads funny. Maybe, It snags occasionally (especially
      on some labels midway), or It snags a bit (especially on some labels

      "As a rule of thumb, it requires about 2.5 inches (6 cm) of single
      layer loft to achieve a comfortable temperature rating of 32 F (0
      C). The Montbell Alpine #3 only has two inches (5 cm) of loft, so
      its temperature rating is somewhat optimistic in terms of the weight
      of down in the bag"

      I am not arguing with you, but who's rule of thumb? This sounds like
      you know better than the manufacturer how to figure bag ratings. But
      I agree with you whole-heartedly about skimpy bags.

      "However, I would readily give up the full-length zipper in exchange
      for an extra ounce of down."

      Comment: Me too!
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