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Application: Henry Shires’ Double Rainbow Tarptent – Karl Fuderer

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  • Karl
    Today s date and time: Saturday, 1 July 2006, 18:04 AM Perth, Australia Time Saturday, 1 July 2006, 03:04 AM Pacific Time Zone Please accept my application to
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      Today's date and time:
      Saturday, 1 July 2006, 18:04 AM Perth, Australia Time
      Saturday, 1 July 2006, 03:04 AM Pacific Time Zone

      Please accept my application to test the Henry Shires' Double Rainbow
      Tarptent. I have read, understood and will comply with the
      BackpackGearTest Survival Guide version 1202 posted June 30, 2006,
      and will monitor the relevant websites for any change in the guide.

      Personal Biographical Information:
      Full Name: Karl Daniel Fuderer
      Track Name: Buzz Lightyear
      Screen Name: Zkyf
      Nic Name: Dr Karl
      Age: 23 years old
      Gender: Male
      Height: 175 cm (5' 7")
      Weight: 85 kg (187 lbs)
      Email: zkyf@...
      Region: Perth, Western Australia, Australia

      I started backpacking about 9 months ago, after converting from cycle
      touring. I've experienced being a lightweight and middleweight
      backpacker, with my carried weight ranging from 25 kg (55 lbs) when
      very remote for 2+ weeks, to 14 kg (37 lbs) when food is accessible
      every few days. I sleep in a 2-man tent, unless shelter is provided
      like on the Bibbulmun Track where I carry a mosquito head net and
      ground sheet. I like to hike in as wide a variety of locations and
      terrains as possible, from desert to forest to mountain, using an
      extraordinary range of equipment.

      Testing Environment:
      I have travelled over 1500 km (932 m) of trekking and cycle touring,
      on terrain including sand dunes, swamp, mountain elevations to 1095 m
      (3592 ft), and very dense subtropical rainforest. Most of my hiking
      time has been between 100 and 600 m (328 to 1968 ft) above sea level,
      on a well-defined track in SW Western Australia surrounded by sparse
      trees and semi-dense low-lying shrub. Temperatures range from –14 C
      (7 F) on the coldest night to 35 C (95 F) on the hottest day, with
      averages ranging from 0 C (32 F) at night to 23 C (73 F) in daylight.
      I am planning a trip North for this winter, walking coastal plains
      and cliffs at similar elevations and temperature ranges to my
      southerly adventures. I expect the terrain to be highly dense, low-
      lying shrubbery over soft, sandy dunes and limestone cliff climbs. I
      hope to travel approximately 500 km (310 m) over a period of 5 weeks,
      followed by more, smaller trips around the state.
      Generally I don't plan any more than a few days before a short walk
      of a couple of days or less, and the amount that I get out and about
      always varies drastically, so having something to test will give me
      an extra reason to go exploring.

      Test Plan:
      I am a lightweight, distance hiker, and I would excitedly incorporate
      the Tarptent Double Rainbow Tent into my gear for the hike I am
      planning. I expect to be tenting on rugged coastal terrain most of
      the trip, so having lightweight accommodation as part of my equipment
      will prove most useful. The harsh environment will test it better
      than I could on a variety of weekend trips in different environments,
      and this will be accentuated by my need to set up and pack up my gear
      quickly. I generally hike solo, but always have a 2-person tent so
      that in undesirable weather conditions I can spread out my gear
      within the shelter to facilitate cooking, changing, reading,
      sleeping, packing and unpacking.
      In my part of the world, bull ants, fire ants and soldier ants are
      among the reasons why I will not use a tent without a floor, even if
      I was paid to. I am therefore applying only for the version with a

      I intend to answer the following questions during the test:
      How lightweight is it compared to my earlier tent choices?
      How durable is the tent when subjected to regularly being erected and
      How easy is it to erect it at night, while under attack from insects
      and with limited lighting?
      Are the instructions for safe use applicable, informative and
      How well does the roofing perform under extreme humidity, monsoonal
      rain and condensation?
      How much ventilation is there and how effective is it?
      How audible is the tent in calm, average and wild weather conditions?
      Which direction and angle is the tent quietest?
      Which direction and angle is the tent most stable?
      How stable is the tent, both with and without trekking poles used,
      when camping in stormy weather?
      How secure are the corners when pegged down and subjected to a stormy
      How secure are the seams that connect pieces of fabric, particularly
      those that join 2 different types of fabric?
      How durable is the tent fabric of the floor and roof in a variety of
      conditions, such as dirt, water, mud, being stretched regularly,
      being rolled tightly while packed?
      How does it compare overall to its closest competitors?
      How effective is the liner?
      How easy is the liner to erect and dismantle?
      How easy is it to insert and remove trekking poles?
      Does the floor have the same slippery finish as the roof?
      How does a slippery floor affect me?
      How can I use a slippery floor to my advantage?
      Do the zippers jam?
      How easy is it to remove fabric caught in the zipper?
      Does headlamp light reflect off the roofing blindingly or effectively?
      How much sunlight alone is needed to see clearly while in the tent?
      How small are the bugs that are able to get through the netting?
      What are the tent's dimensions when packed?

      These questions are in addition to the standard specifics determined
      in the testing phases. If selected, this item will be my first test,
      and I intend to set myself a high standard for the benefit of
      Tarptent, BGT, the public and I. It will also be the first Shires'
      product I've ever seen, so it would be a privilege to test thoroughly.

      Owner Reviews Submitted to date:
      1) Sea To Summit sn240 Ultra-Light Stuff Sack

      2) SwissCard Classic T3 Credit Card Toolkit

      My owner reviews can be accessed at:

      I have 1 test application outstanding for the Princeton Tec Quad
      headlamp. As a "newbie," I can only have 1 test current, so If I am
      selected I will cancel this application. If I am not selected, I will
      update this application to inform all those of concern. Thank you for
      considering me for this test, and I look forward to this opportunity.
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