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Re: edited-INITIAL REPORT: KEEN Venice Sandals - Fuzzy

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  • Fuzzy
    ... Keen Venice ... 10q ... figured ... Mine had no problems. Hmmm... ... defeated ... so, please ... shoes. My wife has already asked me to throw them out...
    Message 1 of 11 , Jun 5, 2006
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      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Thomas Vickers"
      <redroach@...> wrote:
      > These are Thomas Vickers' official monitor edits of Chuck Kime's
      Keen Venice
      > Sandals Initial report
      > Html looks great


      > Arrival
      > The sandals arrived on May 25, 2006, in a standard retail shoe box.
      > Edit: strange, my evil spellchecker says shoebox. Go figure. Even I
      > your way was correct.

      Mine had no problems. Hmmm...

      > On a side note, I seem to be able to defeat
      > most `anti-odor' technology and these sandals are – unfortunately –
      > no exception.
      > Comment: Is this projection? Have you worn the sandals? Have you
      > the anti-odor technology merely by taking them out of the box? If
      so, please
      > stand downwind of me at all times. And I thought I was rough on

      My wife has already asked me to throw them out... twice. "Sorry,
      dear. Four more months, minimum."

      > Comment: Okay, now I find out that you have worn them for three
      days. Still,
      > you must stand downwind of me at all times. Your trail name should
      be Stinky
      > Feet.

      Unfortunately, it's not just my feet. The Hot Chillys Bio-Silver
      shirt didn't quite cut it, either. I guess there's more than one
      reason people hike solo. Sigh...

      > with a possibility of doing a short section of the Appalachian
      Trail (in
      > Pennsylvania) for the 20-miler.
      > Edit: I think you need the 32 km conversion on this one as well.

      It's already converted earlier in the paragraph (like, 3 lines up),
      and it goes by that name around these parts.

      > Update and upload


      > tv

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