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Application to test: Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker--Amanda Tikkanen

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  • Amanda Tikkanen
    APPLICATION TO TEST: Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker Please accept my application to test the Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker. I have read the Backpack Gear
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
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      APPLICATION TO TEST: Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker

      Please accept my application to test the Play and Freeze Ice Cream
      Maker. I have read the Backpack Gear Tester Survival Guide v. 1202,
      in particular chapter 5, and agree to follow . My signed tester
      agreement is currently on file.

      Tester Information

      Name: Amanda Tikkanen
      Age: 24
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5'4" (1.6 m)
      Weight: 135 lbs (61 kg)
      Email address: uberpest at uberpest dot com
      Personal website: http://www.uberpest.com
      City, State, Country: LaGrange, Indiana USA

      Backpacking Background

      I have been backpacking and hiking since the spring of 2000
      throughout Michigan and Indiana, covering several hundred miles,
      always with a dog by my side. Beau has been happily carrying a pack
      since 2002. Before Beau I hiked with Lucy, who is now retired.

      My style of backpacking is moving from overnights to long distance
      hiking, including multi-day trips. While I don't favor ultralight
      equipment, I do like to go as light as possible while still being

      Testing Plan

      Some of my favorite summertime childhood memories center around the
      old wooden hand crank ice cream maker my mom had. I remember many
      nights sitting in the back yard making ice cream. Later on in life
      I found a way to make single servings of my favorite treat—the
      plastic baggie method of ice creamery. This method places a small
      zipper seal plastic baggie filled with ice cream ingredients inside
      a larger bag that is filled with ice and salt. It's messy and
      drippy and sometimes the salt gets into the ice cream. NOT ideal
      for a confessed ice cream junkie like me. How to solve the
      problem? The Play and Freeze Ice Cream maker looks like it fits the

      If selected for this test I would test the Play and Freeze Ice Cream
      in Northern Indiana and parts of Michigan. My nieces and nephews
      are over on an almost weekly basis and can help me with the "play"
      factor, as well as seeing how easily children can use the Play and
      Freeze. I would also take this on the family reunion camping trip
      in July since there will be at least 15 children at the reunion, not
      to mention adults who, like me, love gadgets and shiny things.
      Car/base camping along with picnics would be my primary outdoor use,
      but I will attempt to use it on a backpack trip if I can figure out
      how to get ice in the Midwest in summer! I have a 9-10 day trip
      planned for later in the summer, but there will also be many day and
      overnight hikes before then to get me ready for that many days away
      from home.

      Things I will be paying close attention to:

      Ease of Use:
      How easy to follow are the instructions?
      How easy is it to fill with ice, salt, and ingredients?
      How easy do they come back out?
      How easily does it clean up?
      Can children easily use this item?

      Since my primary helpers in this test will be children (come on, how
      can you have ice cream AND a cool toy around kids and not let them
      help? That's just mean), I will be seeing if the Play and Freeze
      gets scuffed up or broken while in use by my nieces, nephews, and
      cousins. Age ranges on this will be the youngest at 3 up to the
      oldest at 17.

      Do the kids actually want to play with the ice cream maker, or is it
      either uncool or boring?
      Is it useful as a distraction while making/cleaning up dinner,
      setting up camp, etc?
      Is it easy to clean?
      How packable is the ice cream maker?
      Is it too big, bulky, or fragile to easily transport?

      How tasty is the ice cream (or frozen yogurt)?
      How is the texture? Too hard? Too runny?
      Is one pint enough? (Remember, the serving size *shouldn't* be when
      the spoon hits the bottom of the bowl!)
      How long does it take to make ice cream using the instructions and
      recipes provided by the manufacturer?
      How long does the ice cream last after it's made? Is that long
      enough to get it to excited small children (or, an ice cream junkie
      with a bad jones)?
      How do added ingredients affect any of the above (i.e., the coffee
      flavored recipe listed on the manufacturer's site state to use a
      small amount of warm water for the coffee)?
      Does salt get inside the ice cream like it does when using plastic
      How easily does it clean up? At home? In the field?
      How much does outside weather and temperature affect the ability of
      the Play and Freeze to get me my fix when Ben and Jerry are nowhere
      to be found?
      Is the ice cream maker practical for anything other than car/base
      camp use or for fun at home for those of us where any real amount of
      snow is rare this time of year?

      The manufacturer also states the Play and Freeze can be used to make
      mixed drinks such as margaritas. I will be enlisting adult friends
      and relatives for this part of the test since it should come in
      handy on very hot summer days.

      Other: any other issues that may come up during the testing period.

      If selected for this test I have no color preference.

      My previous reports can be found at:

      Tests in Progress:
      Outdoor Products Vert Gloves (in Long Term Testing phase)
      Therm-a-Rest Women's ProLite 3 (Long Term Testing completed,
      currently getting HTML fixed for upload)

      Pending Applications: None

      Completed Tests:
      Granite Gear Nimbus Latitude Ki Women's Pack

      Test Monitor:
      Currently Test Monitor for the Jetboil GCS stove.

      Owner Reviews:
      Nesco/American Harvest FD-70 Food Dehydrator
      Wolf Packs Reflector Dog Pack
      Granite Gear Absorber Dog Leash
      Ruff Wear Approach II Dog Pack
      Esbit Folding Pocket Stove
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