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Application to test Coleman Cloudcroft - TJ Smith

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  • Anthony (TJ) Smith
    Application to test Coleman Cloudcroft - TJ Smith Please accept my application to test the Coleman Cloudcroft sleeping bag. If selected, I will need the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
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      Application to test Coleman Cloudcroft - TJ Smith

      Please accept my application to test the Coleman Cloudcroft sleeping bag.
      If selected, I will need the regular size.

      I have read the Test Report Requirements (Chapter 5) posted in v.1202 on
      June 4, 2006 and agree to complete all report requirements for the item I am
      requesting to test. My test agreement has been completed and submitted to
      Shane, and receipt confirmed by Stephanie.

      Personal Biographical Information

      Name - Anthony (TJ) Smith

      Age - 31

      Gender - Male

      Height - 5' 10" (1.78 m)

      Weight - 175 lb (79 kg)

      Chest - 39" (99 cm)

      Hips - 36" (91 cm)

      Shoulder Girth - 48" (122 cm)

      Hip Girth - 46" (117 cm)

      Foot Girth - 30" (76 cm)

      Email Address - tjsmith1946@...

      City, State, Country - Pensacola, Florida USA

      Date - June 4, 2006

      Background - I have been camping for a little over 5 years now, mostly car
      camping. I have recently begun backpacking, and I am constantly adding new
      gear to my "collection" in an effort to get my gear list tailored more
      towards lightweight backpacking. Most of my backpacking trips are short
      duration, not more than one or two nights. I am planning some longer trips
      in the near future.

      My current pack weight is around 15-20 lb (7-9 kg) without food and water,
      depending on if I'm solo camping or taking my son along, as I have to carry
      some of his gear. I am a dedicated hammock camper and have tailored my
      personal gear to that aspect of camping.

      Test Locations/Trip Plans

      If selected, the Cloudcroft will be tested in a variety of locations
      throughout Northwest Florida and Southeast Alabama. During the testing
      period, expected weather conditions range from a high near 100 F (38 C), and
      lows approaching or just below 65 F (18 C). I also anticipate varied levels
      of precipitation, from bright sunny days with low humidity all the way to
      torrential downpours. The terrain throughout the testing area ranges from
      very sandy soil to old and new growth pine forests as well as areas of
      marshy bogs.

      I currently have numerous trips planned throughout the testing period, and
      will not have a problem meeting the two test nights in the FR phase and the
      5 nights for the testing period.

      Test Plan

      Among the items I intend to explore with the Cloudcroft are:


      1. How well does the bag handle various humidity levels? Does it feel
      as though the down doesn't loft as well in high humidity, or does it not
      seem to be affected?
      2. How well does the zipper hold up? Does it snag on the fabric
      requiring constant attention? Does it develop "sticky" spots that require
      some finesse to get the zipper past?
      3. How well does the bag handle potential dirt exposure? Does it
      readily stain, or does it seem to repel light dirt and debris?
      4. How well does the down retain its loft in the bottom of the bag
      (underneath me), after being compressed under my weight for several nights?


      1. How comfortable is the Tactel lining? Is it comfortable against
      bare skin, or do I require clothing or a liner to be comfortable?
      2. How well do the draft tubes keep drafts out of the bag?
      3. How comfortable is the "semi-sculpted" hood? Does it make me feel
      confined? Does it help at lower temperatures by preventing more heat loss
      from the head? Does it cause too much heat retention during warmer nights?
      4. I tend to toss and turn quite a bit at night. Does the bag have
      enough room to allow for this? Or are some areas a bit confining in regards
      to constant movement? In addition, does the bag stay in place during
      movement, or do I end up with the zipper underneath me, or worse yet, on the
      opposite side from where it is supposed to be?
      5. As this is a 40 F (4 C) bag, is it appropriate for the warmer
      temperatures I intend to encounter during the testing period or is the bag
      too warm? (For reference, my current bag is a 35 F (2 C) and I don't
      normally use it if night temperatures are over 75 F (24 C).)


      1. How well does the bag loft after being compressed in its stuff sack
      inside my pack while hiking?
      2. Am I able to shift the down around easily to compensate for cold
      spots while using the bag?
      3. How useful is the interior storage pocket? Do I actually use this,
      or is it an unnecessary extra for me?
      4. I am a hammock user. During the testing period I will be using the
      bag without a pad underneath, with a closed-cell foam pad, and with my Big
      Agnes Insulated Air Core inflatable pad. How well does the bag work with
      each of these setups? Are there issues with slipping off the pads? Does
      the Cloudcroft have any pad straps to keep the bag on the pad, or is this a
      feature that would even be needed?
      5. This bag is listed as having "which one" cinch cords for cinching
      the hood. Is this system actually user-friendly or more of a gimmick? Can
      I truly feel a difference in the cords?


      1. How well constructed does the bag appear to be? Are there seams
      that "wander"? Are there any missed stitches? Loose strings hanging from
      2. Do the baffles in the bag actually keep the down where it is
      supposed to be and prevent shifting? Are the baffles constructed in such a
      way as to cause me to feel "cold spots" on cooler nights?

      Other Items

      1. I am familiar with the special care needed for down bags, as my
      current sleeping bag is down. In looking over the Coleman literature
      available online, this bag requires care similar to my current bag. I have
      readily available access to a front-loading washer and commercial dryer with
      low temperature settings in which to properly follow Coleman's guidelines
      for care. I will address this topic in my report(s) as appropriate, and
      report on the results of needed washing and the condition of the bag after

      Any other issues that arise during my testing will also be reported on.

      Previously Written Reports

      All reviews can be found at
      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/tester_reviews/tjsmith14 or

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      Current Tests

      None in Progress

      Completed Tests

      Most Recent

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      Pending Applications

      Coolibar Travel Shirt and Trail Hat

      Injinji Tetratsok

      Additional Duties

      I am currently assisting with the BGT Mentors program.

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