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REVISED - Application to test the C oolibar Hoodie & Hat - Marie-Noëlle

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  • Marie-Noëlle Augendre
    Please consider my application to test the Coolibar Sun Block Hoodie and Sun Hat. I have read the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide v.1202 and will comply with
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2006
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      Please consider my application to test the Coolibar Sun Block Hoodie
      and Sun Hat.
      I have read the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide v.1202 and will comply
      with its chapter 5 requirements. My signed agreement is on file.

      If selected, I'll have:
      - for the Sun Block Hoodie: size M, prefered colors (if possible):
      teal, cobalt or mandarin
      - for the Sun Hat: size S/M, prefered colors (if possible): tan, stone or ecru

      Tester bio:
      Name: Marie-Noelle Augendre
      Age: 48
      Gender: Female
      Height: about 5 ft 2 in (1,57 m)
      Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
      Email address: augendre.bgt@...
      City, Country: Lac-Kénogami (QC), Canada

      Backpacking Background:
      I started backpacking eight years ago, day-hiking in Ile-de-France all
      year round, and doing several one or two-weeks trips in more
      mountainous regions (Corsica, Pyrénées, Cévennes, Lubéron, etc.) each
      year. In the past two years, I have gradually lightened my pack load
      as I went for a hammock, an alcohol stove, a light pack and trainers.
      Nowadays, I am more and more attracted to the outdoor way of living,
      to the point I moved to Canada (Quebec) two months ago, in order to
      spend as much time as possible backpacking, kayaking, canoeing,
      snowshoeing, dog-sledding, etc.

      Testing strategy:
      During the four-month testing period, I intend to use the Coolibar
      Hoodie and Hat as often as possible (weather permitting) whatever I'm
      doing outside, and especially when I'll need protection from the sun
      (often, hopefully) and biting insects (everyday, unfortunately). Thus,
      I will wear them when hiking/backpacking, but also when gardening,
      hammocking, kayaking, etc. I intend to make several backpacking /
      hiking short trips in the next months; nothing is precisely organized
      or planned yet, but I'm currently gathering information so I can spend
      most of my time exploring the country I've just moved to.
      On the whole, I should be able to comply easily with the minimum "two
      test nights during the field testing phase and five test nights
      overall" requirement … though I'd rather speak of "test days" as I
      probably won't wear the hoodie nor the sun hat at night.

      Testing locations:
      I intend to spend quite a lot of time exploring the trails and lakes
      of the region Saguenay – Lac St Jean (province of Quebec) I've just
      settled in. The ground is mainly composed of forests with plenty of
      lakes and rivers. Altitudes usually remain under 1475 ft, but can
      sometimes reach 2460 ft in some hilly areas. From what I've seen last
      year during two two-week stays (in June and August), the weather
      conditions might be very changing from cool (45°F) to almost hot
      (95°F) temperatures, sometimes heavy showers and/or quite strong
      winds. There is seldom a day without any sun, and when it's shining,
      the temperature becomes warm – even hot – very quickly.

      Testing plan:

      When testing the Sun Block Hoodie and Sun Hat, I intend to address the
      following issues:

      1a) Fit and comfort (hoodie):
      Is the fabric comfortable against the naked skin? Or will I need to
      wear some kind of base layer underneath?
      Is the hoodie loose-fitting enough so not to bother me in any
      movement, especially when stretching arms, or bending forward or
      sideways? Will the sleeves tend to creep up my arms? Or the body to
      uncover my back? Will the hood be protective enough, as there doesn't
      seem to be any visor to protect the eyes from sun rays? Will the hood
      be in the way when I turn the head sideways? Will it fall backward
      when I look up? Or over my eyes when I bend the head forward?
      How efficient is the Coolmax mesh ventilation on the sleeves and the
      upper back? When wet with perspiration, will it dry quickly?
      How big is the front pocket and is it really useful? What can I put in
      it without loosing anything when bending forward or sideways? Will it
      be in the way of my pack waist strap?

      1b) Fit and comfort (hat):
      Is the elastic drawcord adjustable? Is the hat deep enough to stay put
      on my head, even in windy conditions? Is the visor big enough to
      provide real protection from the sun rays? Is it stiff enough so it
      doesn't collapse when damp or once it has lost its initial firmness?
      Does it provide enough ventilation? (or I'll have to take it off when
      it's too hot) Does the terry headband wick moisture efficiently? Will
      it dry quickly, or stay damp for a long time?

      2) Maintenance and care:
      During the testing period, I'll apply the manufacturer recommendations
      regarding the maintenance and care of the Sun Block Hoodie and the Sun
      Hat. A couple of things will been given special consideration: will
      they keep their pristine look, without pilling? Will the hoodie show
      some wear signs, especially at the cuffs, or in places where the pack
      straps tend to rub against the fabric? Will there be indelible stains?

      3) Durability:
      I'll expect the hoodie and the sun hat to bear nicely with the whole
      four-month test period, but I'll check any possible wearing sign: seam
      loosening, fabric ripping, cuffs wearing thin, etc.

      In addition, I will report on anything else I might observe that could
      be useful for a potential user / buyer of the Sun Block Hoodie or the
      Sun Hat.

      Last two reports:

      - Duofold Varitherm Midweight FR (02/25/2006): http://tinyurl.com/je7fr
      - Jacks 'R' Better Pack Cover LTR (02/12/2006): http://tinyurl.com/hqt73

      All previous reports:

      - Duofold Varitherm Midweight IR / FR / LTR: http://tinyurl.com/mqjkr
      - Jacks 'R' Better Gear Hammock IR / FR / LTR:
      http://tinyurl.com/pbfuy (sorry, the Tiny URL won't work for this one
      - Inka Pen IR / FR / LTR: http://tinyurl.com/9dyfr
      - Chaco Z/2 Sandals IR / FR / LTR: http://tinyurl.com/ce3pg

      Owner Reviews:

      - Leki Wanderfreund poles: http://tinyurl.com/bp7k7
      - Sea to Summit Premium Silk Liner: http://tinyurl.com/pbfuy
      - Helsport Stetind 1 Tent: http://tinyurl.com/4bpbv
      - Garmin GPS Geko 301: http://tinyurl.com/5bdkr

      Completed tests:
      - Duofold Varitherm Midweight Base Layer
      - Jack 'R' Better Gear Hammock
      - Inka Pen
      - Chaco Z/2 Sandals

      Tests in progress:
      - Blue Ridge Camping Hammock (not received yet)

      Wilderness Addict
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