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  • Andrew Priest
    APPLICATION FOR BLACK DIAMOND COSMO I would like to apply to be one the of the Black Diamond Cosmo testers. I have read the requirements for being a tester and
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      I would like to apply to be one the of the Black Diamond Cosmo
      testers. I have read the requirements for being a tester and the
      reporting requirements and I AGREE to comply. I have completed the
      Tester Agreement and submitted as required. I am also familiar with
      the BGT Survival Guide. The last version printed and read is v.
      1202. Thanks for the opportunity to apply for this test.


      Andrew Priest
      46 years old
      5' 11" (180 cm) in height
      229 lb (104 kg) in weight
      Email address: apriest@...
      Perth, Western Australia, Australia

      Backpacking Background:

      I have been hiking in Western Australia for approximately six years.
      The first year consisted of regular day hikes on tracks in the
      South-West of Western Australia including the Walyunga, John Forest
      and Serpentine National Parks. For the past five years I have been
      regularly walking with the Perth Bushwalkers Club on various hikes
      which have ranged from all on-track to all off-track day hikes, again
      in the Perth region. In 2001 I began leading day walks for the club
      (mixture of off and on-track hikes) and started going on my own
      overnight hikes including an eight day hike on the Bibbulmun Track.
      In 2002 I began taking a more active role in the Perth Bushwalkers
      Club including leading an increasing number of backpacks with an
      emphasis on off-track hikes. Since 2003, I developed my leadership
      program, leading weekend or longer walks nearly every month of every
      year since then. I have also end-to-ended a number of long-distance
      tracks including the Costal Plains Walk Track (3.5 days) (three
      times), the Cape to Cape Track (seven days), Bibbulmun Track (60
      days) and the Larapinta Trail (16 days) as well as completing a walk
      of the Fitzgerald River National Park (7 days). I would consider
      myself a lightweight winter backpacker.


      If I am accepted as a tester, I would test the Black Diamond on
      bushwalks undertaken in the south-west of Western Australia.

      The hiking environment of the south-west of Western Australia allows
      for hiking and backpacking from coastal plains to forested ranges.
      Elevation ranges from 0 feet to 1 920 feet. Within this region I hike
      in varying conditions from forestry roads, to sandy tracks to single
      purpose walking trails, to rock hopping, to beach walking to
      completely off-track through open and dense bush country.

      Weather conditions for this area range from hot summer conditions
      (generally dry but often punctuated by cyclones) from December to
      March to relatively mild Fall - Winter - Spring conditions from March
      through to December. During this the summer period day time
      temperatures average 86 F, whereas from March through to December the
      day time average temperatures range from 59 F to 79 F. During the
      Fall, Winter, and Spring periods the normal weather pattern is fairly
      wet with frequent heavy rain storms evident. It does not normally
      snow in Western Australia.

      Fall, Winter and Spring months (March to November) are considered the
      normal or best bushwalking months for this area, however, I commence
      bushwalking in January/February leading night backpacks.


      Over the next four months I will be undertaking at least two weekend
      backpacks during the field reporting stage and the same over the
      long-term testing phase, a minimum of eight days, four nights out
      backpacking. Often these weekend walks are extended to include a
      Friday of camping as well. Where possible I endeavour to double the
      backpacking and/or camping time during the test period. Generally
      these hikes involve walking both on and off-track and "wild camping"
      (i.e., no shelters) but may also include camping on the Bibbulmun
      Track, Munda Biddi Track or Coastal Plains Walk Trail, all of which
      includes shelters. I would also look to using the Cosmo on any night
      geocaching ventures. Also I am looking at the possibility of up to a
      week car-camping during the long-term testing phase so would use the
      Cosmo on those camp nights as well. All up around 5 to 10 nights in
      the field is likely.

      As the Black Diamond Cosmo is more a close-range headlamp (18 m
      distance range) my testing will focus on using the headlamp around
      camp rather than as a trail or off-trail walking headlamp. That is
      the Cosmo would be used during normal camp activities such as
      cooking, setting up camp (tents etc), reading and just potting around
      camp. In particular my testing would focus on:

      * Level of proximity lighting provided. How well does the Cosmo
      provide light at the three levels of intensity for myself as a wearer
      of corrective glasses and one who has poor night vision;
      * Durability of the Cosmo. How does it survive in my pack; does it
      turn on easily in my pack?
      * General functioning of the Cosmo. How easy is it to turn it on/off
      and scroll through the lighting intensity levels whilst wearing the
      Cosmo. How easy is to work the tiltable head feature;
      * Comfort of the Cosmo.
      * Weatherproofness of the Cosmo. It will be tested during the winter months.
      * Durability of the batteries during normal backpacking use.

      I have previous experience testing lights for BackpackGearTest.org
      having tested the Petzl Tikka XP and Tektite Micra Lithium Flash light.


      Two Owner Review/Tester Reviews:

      Petzl Tikka Plus Headlamp - Test Completed

      Spectrum Brands Insect Repellant - Test Completed

      Current Tests:

      Granite Gear Stratus Latitude - Field Testing
      Big Sky Products Better than Fleece Convertible Jacket - Field Testing
      Big Sky Products Evolution 1P - Long-term Testing
      Wilderness Wear Kosciuszko Socks Test - Long-term Testing

      Previous Owner Reviews/Test Series:

      Sierra Designs Osage Sleeping Bag test
      Red Ledge Cirrostratus test
      Carrix trolley - Owner Review
      Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sacks - Owner Review
      Mountain Safety Research Overland Carbon poles test
      Shock Doctor Ultra 3 Footbeds test
      Mountain Safety Research (MSR) Missing Link test
      Watchful Eye Designs O.P. Sak barrier bags test
      Cascade Designs Therm-A-Rest ProLite 4S Sleeping Pad
      Outdoor Research Rocky Mountain Packcloth Gaiters
      AntiGravityGear Mama's Kitchen Cook Set
      McNett SEAMGRIP SEAM SURE [Water Based]Seam Sealer - Owner Review
      Tektite Micra Lithium Flash light
      Bite Trail Low Sandals
      Leatherman Squirt S4 multitool.
      Granite Gear Nimbus Ozone 3800 backpack test
      MSR SuperFly canister stove - Owner Review.
      Enertia Trail Foods Single Meal test.
      Red Ledge Voyager Rain Gear test.
      Birdiepal Junior Umbrella test.
      Duray Socks test.
      Black Diamond Approach Trekking Pole - Owner Review.
      Macpac Cascade - Owner Review.
      Map Mate Digital Map Measurer - Owner Review.

      Once again, thanks for the opportunity to apply for this test.

      Andrew Priest
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