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APPLICATION TO TEST the Snot Spot- Jennifer Koles

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  • Jenn K.
    Application to Test the Snot Spot Please accept my application to test the Snot Spot. I do understand that this item does not count toward the newbie one item
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2006
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      Application to Test the Snot Spot

      Please accept my application to test the Snot Spot. I do understand
      that this item does not count toward the newbie one item limit. If
      selected I would like to test the style for use with mittens.

      I have read and have a full understanding of Chapter 5 in the
      BackPackGearTest Survival Guide, version 1202. I will follow all the
      instructions presented and fulfill all the requirements.

      Reviewer Information

      Name: Jennifer Koles
      Age: 31
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
      Weight: 140 lb (64 kg)
      Email address: jennksnowy@...
      City, State, and Country: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

      Backpacking Background

      I started taking overnight backpacking trips this past summer in the
      Uinta Mountain Range in Utah. I already owned some backpacking gear
      that I had purchased over the past few years. Although I enjoyed my
      backpacking experience this summer, I found myself taking entirely
      too much gear. I am finding out slowly how to minimize my needs and
      not require extra luxuries. My previous outdoor experiences consisted
      of 4 wheel-drive camping in primitive areas and day hiking. I plan to
      take more trips, increase my duration, and reduce my pack weight from
      45 lb (20.4 kg).

      Other Interests
      I enjoy day hiking trips, mountain biking, canyoneering, and rock
      climbing in the local Wasatch Mountain Range. I also participate in
      road cycling locally in Salt Lake City and statewide.
      During the winter months I participate in snowshoeing, hiking,
      backcountry snowboarding, and x-country skiing.

      Field Information
      I plan to test the Snot Spot primarily in the state of Utah. The
      tests would occur in the Wasatch and Uinta Mountain Ranges and in the
      southern portion of the state. Some testing will occur in the states
      of Montana and Wyoming.

      I went hiking and snowboarding last weekend and of course my nose
      started to run. I was able to find a tissue but after a few uses it
      becomes useless. So then I resorted to using my sleeve. Frequently
      I find myself in this situation. I saw the Snot Spot in a test call
      and the situation from this weekend mage me think, what I great idea.
      I thought about how I could utilize this item when riding my bike. I
      find it difficult to store and access tissues in my jersey pocket.

      Testing Locations
      This item would be primarily tested in the mountainous region of
      northern Utah. Most elevation ranges in the Utah Wasatch and Uinta
      Mountain Ranges are between 9,000-10,000 ft (2700-3000 m). The
      average daytime temperature in these mountain ranges during the
      winter months is 25 F (-4 C). The average amount of snowfall is 500
      in (13 m) in the Wasatch Mountain Range. This portion of the testing
      during the winter months would need to be completed with snowshoes,
      the Get-A-Grip traction device, and x-country skis.

      On trips of a longer duration I plan to complete 2-3 day backpacking
      trips in the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the San
      Rafael Swell area of Utah. The elevations in these geographical
      areas range from 4000-8000 ft (1200-2400 m). These areas are
      considered a high desert, and consist of rugged mountainous terrain,
      slot canyons, and are less rugged in the valley areas. The
      temperatures during the winter months average approximately 40 F (4
      C). The area is arid with only 4-6 in (0.10 m) of precipitation a
      year. This portion of the testing will involve hiking, some
      canyoneering, and scrambling.

      I am planning on completing the Paria River trail in the month of
      March of 2006. This would consist of at least a three night
      backpacking trip. The Snot Spot would come in handy during the
      evening hours. The desert can become chilly in the evenings.

      During the winter and spring months I frequently overnight camp in
      the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park. I would be in
      this location on 2-3 night backpacking trips. The climate in this
      area is dry during the winter months and the temperatures average 40
      F (4 C) during the day. The elevation in this area is generally 5000
      ft (1500 m) with ranges of a few hundred feet.

      During the month of July I am planning a climbing /backpacking trip
      to the Grand Teton in Wyoming. The elevation at the summit is 3770
      feet (4198 m). The temperatures vary significantly due to the
      elevation gain. The average temperatures in July are 40 F (4 C) to
      76 F (24C) depending on the elevation level.

      In early April of 2006 I am participating in a cycling tour in
      Yellowstone National Park. The tour starts in West Yellowstone,
      Montana (elevation of 6667 ft (2000 m)) and ends at the Grand Canyon
      of the Yellowstone (elevation of 8850 ft (2700 m)). The average
      daytime temperature in the park in April is 35-40 F (1.67-4 C). The
      temperatures during the night are below freezing. The park averages
      150-400 in (4-10m) of snowfall per year. Frequently while riding my
      bike my nose begins to run resulting in me using my gloves to take
      care of the situation.

      Test Plans
      Activities: I would test the item performing many outdoor activities
      (hiking, camping, snowshoeing, snowboarding, skiing, and riding my

      Fit: I would evaluate how the item fits on my mitten. Can I use the
      mitten style on my gloves? Is the item easily placed and removed on
      my mitten and glove? Does the Snot Spot fall off my mitten and
      glove? Does the item stretch out of shape after multiple uses?

      Comfort: Is the Snot Spot soft as indicated by the manufacturer? Does
      it irritate my nose? Does my nose become red from use? Does it
      interferer with hiking poles or snowboard binding straps? Does it
      interfere with my grip on my handlebars while riding my bike?

      Purpose: Does it serve its purpose effectively? Is the fleece
      material moisture resistant? Does it work for sweat?

      Care: Can I easily clean it in the outdoors? How long does it take
      to dry? Does the fleece pill after washing? Does it shrink? Does
      the nose mucus absorb or does it need to be scraped off?

      Previously Written Reports
      Owner Reviews:
      Black Diamond Ion Headlamp (October 14,2005)
      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Lighting/Headlamps -
      LED/Black Diamond Ion/Owner Review by Jennifer Koles/

      Kelty Ion Hydration Pack (October 24, 2005)
      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Packs/Frameless Backpacks and
      Day Packs/Kelty Ion Hydration Pack/Owner Review by Jennifer Koles/

      MSR Alpine Cookware Set (January 23, 2006)
      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Cook Gear/Cook Sets/MSR
      Alpine Cookware set/Owner Review by Jennifer Koles/Owner Review by
      Jennifer Koles/

      Completed Tests: None at this time.

      Currently Testing Other Items:
      Sure Foot Get-A-Grip Advanced
      Initial Report (January 23, 2006)
      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Snow Gear/Traction Aids/Sure
      Foot Get-A-Grip Advanced/Jennifer Koles/Initial Report/

      McNett Tenacious Tape
      I have not received this item.

      Test Applications Completed: Klearwater Water Treatment.

      Thank you for your consideration in testing the Snot Spot. I
      understand that I am in newbie status and if selected for this test I
      would not have difficulty testing the Snot Spot with my other items.

      Jennifer Koles
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