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Adventure pants Application

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  • Leesa J
    Application to test Rail Riders Extreme Adventure Pants March 1, 2006 I would appreciate the opportunity to test Rail Riders Extreme Adventure Pants. My
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      Application to test
      Rail Riders
      Extreme Adventure Pants
      March 1, 2006

      I would appreciate the opportunity to test Rail Riders
      Extreme Adventure Pants. My tester agreement has been accepted and I am
      familiar with the most current version of the Survival Guide (2/06) and
      agree to follow the guidelines. I will be able to more than meet the
      minimum usage requirements.

      Personal Information:
      Leesa Joiner
      Southwestern Maine
      44 years old
      5'7" (1.7 M)
      160 lb. (73 kg)
      Hip Measurement 36 in (91 cm)
      Waist Measurement 33 (84 cm)
      Size: Men's Meduim
      Color preference: Khaki

      My camping, hiking and backpacking experience has included trips varying
      in length from one-day hikes to two-week trips. My experience hiking began
      with my father when I was about six years old. We hiked along the river
      pathways in northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. While enjoying the
      outdoors with my friends and family, I spend time hiking, geocaching,
      snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and camping. Although I am not a
      lightweight backpacker, I am trying to 'lighten up'. I spend almost as much
      time outdoors during the winter as I do during the summer.

      Test Locations, Conditions and Time Frame:
      Living in Northern New England, I have the good fortune of being
      able to experience at least 4 seasons (sometimes within days of each other!)
      and some of the best outdoor areas around. During the winter, we can
      usually count on snow, cold and more snow. During the next 4-6 months our
      temperature range will typically run from the current average of 28 degrees
      F (-2 C) up to 65 degrees F (18 C). March and April typically bring rain,
      followed by black flies, mosquitos and ticks.
      As winter winds down, I spend more time camping and hiking compared to
      the coldest part of winter, when I tend to snowshoe and cross country ski
      and have fewer overnight trips. On the weekends, I head off, into northern
      Maine, Vermont or New Hampshire, either with friends or my kids or both.
      While hiking in northern New England, many of the trails are unimproved,
      meaning that I spend lots of time climbing over rocks and brush. This is
      tough on clothing, due to snags and sliding over rough surfaces. On top of
      the rough treatment, there is a lot of dirt and mud involved, especially in
      the late winter and early spring (late March � early May).

      Test Plan:
      During mid-March we will have a long weekend camping trip in central
      Vermont planned with some family friends. This trip includes setting up
      camp and everyone 'doing their thing' during the day. This could include
      geocaching, hiking, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, ice fishing etc. In the
      afternoon, everyone heads back to camp to cook and sit around the campfire.
      Chances are we will see some snow and possibly rain. Chances of flying bugs
      are hopefully low. We will be at elevations over 2000 ft (610 m) in a
      fairly wooded area. This trip would allow me to wear the Adventure pants
      for 3 days. I would look at comfort, appropriateness for the weather
      conditions, and then how well they clean up.
      My next planned trip is for 5 days in early April. We are going to
      northwestern Maine to camp and hike. Once again, I will be looking at
      comfort, and how well the pants hold up to the elements. The area where we
      set up camp is heavily wooded, providing some 'bushwhacking' type hiking.
      I will be using my GPS to do some Geocaching and will be in the woods for
      quite a bit of time. There is a good chance of hitting rain and some windy
      weather. If the weather has been wet before the trip, we will most likely
      see some of our infamous 'Black Flies'. During this trip the Adventure
      pants will see some low � level rock climbing.
      During late April, I am going on a solo two-night hike. I will be
      taking my Eureka EXO 2 tent and my dog! I am looking forward to hiking
      alone, as I've wanted to do it for a long time, but could never arrange it.
      I am planning on only being gone 3 days/2 nights, but may be able to stretch
      it another night. I will be above 3000 ft (914 m) so will most likely miss
      out on any bugs, but could see rain and high winds.
      During May we are planning a family trip to Pennsylvania. We will be
      camping and site-seeing around the Gettysburg area I am sure the weather
      in Pennsylvania will be warmer than Maine, but I can't be sure! This trip
      will definitely be the one that holds the most surprises � we are making
      some basic plans, but trying to remain 'flexible' and go with what interests
      us (and the kids) when we get there. The pants will once again see a
      multi-day trip, where I would be curious to find out how they hold up to
      continuous use.
      Other than these planned trips, I am usually out camping at least one
      weekend a month. April in Maine is typically rainy and that leads to Black
      Fly season in May. I would also try the pants out while snowshoeing and
      cross-country skiing.
      While testing the Adventure pants, I would take the following things
      into consideration:
      � Comfort � How do the pants feel while I am wearing them? What is the
      feel of the fabric? How quickly will water soak through? Does it bead up
      and run off? How quickly will it dry? Do the waist and cuffs stay flat and
      smooth against my skin or undergarments? How snuggly do the cuffs fit on my
      ankles? Do they really keep out insects, without being to restrictive on my
      ankles. Another area that would be considered is in what types of weather
      do these pants work best? Do they block wind? Hold (too much/not

      Construction � Do the Adventure pants live up to the manufacturers claim
      'the toughest pair of pants on the planet?' I usually have a problem with
      pants wearing out in the knees. I am curious as to how these pants hold
      up. If there is a break in the fabric, will it spread? How are the seams
      stitched? Is the zipper of good quality? How much does the belt adjust?
      Will the 'fully gusseted crotch' allow for climbing that requires me to step
      up a great distance with one leg? Do the reinforced seat, knees and inside
      ankle provide enough protection to guard against rough terrain � that often
      wears through regular fabrics?

      Features � The pants are very light weight at 12 oz � but are they strong
      enough to hold up to rough wear? How useful are the pockets? I do tend
      to stuff things in my pockets, but hate when they feel 'bulky'. What can I
      realistically carry? I do like the idea of the half-mesh interior pocket �
      I hate feeling 'sweaty' while hiking!

      Looks � When participating in outdoor activities, I usually don't care much
      how I look, or what I wear as long as I am comfortable. It would be nice
      though to have a pair of outdoor pants that looked decent. I am curious to
      see how well they clean up � are they easy to 'wash and wear'?

      I would appreciate the opportunity to test the RailRiders Extreme Adventure

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