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Application to test Snot Spot

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  • ihikeat
    Please except this as my application to test Snot Spot. I have read the Backpackgeartest Survival Guide (v 1202,) and will follow all instructions and
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2006
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      Please except this as my application to test Snot Spot. I have read the Backpackgeartest
      Survival Guide (v 1202,) and will follow all instructions and complete all the requirements.
      My tester agreement was posted as received on February 9, 2006.

      Biographical Information:

      Name: Jerry Span
      Age: 26
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6 FT 4 IN (1.9 m)
      Weight: 160 Pounds (73 kg)
      Email: ihikeat@...
      Location: Seminole, Florida
      Date: March 1, 2006

      I have backpacked for nearly 8 years on the Florida Trail and Appalachian Trail. My
      longest trips to date where on the FT around
      Lake Okeechobee and the Great Smoky AT section. Starting March 28th of 2006, I will be
      living and working in Fontana Village, NC. My job will be in recreation leading people on
      backpacking trips, mountain biking, ropes courses, and many other great outdoor
      recreational sports. I also plan on volunteering as a ridgerunner for the Appalachian Trail

      Field Information:

      So I have a Schnozzola like Jimmy Durante. When it gets cold enough to wear gloves, and
      even before then, my nose goes on a marathon (it's more like an adventure race really.) I
      usually use my sleeve, if I am wearing a long sleeve shirt, or else I use my wrist. Actually I
      also try to use the sleeve on my shoulder sometimes when I am wearing a short sleeve
      shirt, but that's not as enjoyable since that puts my nose close to my armpit, which smells
      pretty bad while backpacking. It is really quite a nasty habit! Once the snot crusts on my
      sleeve it is slightly unpleasant as well. I think this product is very interesting and would
      love to see if it is a solution to my dilemma.
      If I am selected to use this product I would test it while backpacking in the Great Smoky
      Mountains this summer in temperatures from 50 F to 90 F (10 C to 32 C) and an elevation
      range from 800 FT to 6,643 FT (244 m to 2025 m.) The weather is typically dry in the
      morning followed by showers and thunderstorm in the evening.
      For the summer this product will not be used as much as in the winter. Hopefully the
      Long Term Report puts me into the winter to really test this product effectively. I would
      like to see if this could be used without a glove. The website claims it is for allergies as
      well, which I would assume is in the spring, but then it describes the Snot Spot as going
      over a glove. It seems it would be able to fit just on your hand, so I would like to see if
      that is the case.
      I'd like to see how well the snot crust is cleaned from the glove while on the trail, does the
      mucus come off easily and does the fleece dry quickly enough to use it again soon after. I
      am also interested to see if the Spot stays in place so I don't wipe the excess on my brand
      new gloves.

      I look forward to possibly testing this for Backpackgeartest and Snot Spot.

      Owner Reviews:

      My two Owner reviews can be found at:
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