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Re: [backpackgeartesters] EDIT: IR - Big Sky Products Summit Evolution 1P Shelter (Kenny B)

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  • Kenny B
    Hi Christine Thanks for the edits. I ve incorporated them and uploaded ... LOL! ... Oops. That would be one expensive rainfly! ... Doh! Comments added. If
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 28, 2006
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      Hi Christine

      Thanks for the edits. I've incorporated them and

      > Here are your official edits for the Big Sky Summit
      > Evolution 1P (that
      > name is too long. How about BS Eve 1?)


      > EDIT 1: In your table, the "Color Tested" row
      > should be one column,
      > like the rows above. Right now it looks like it
      > costs $200 for a Plum
      > Shelter and $275 for a Granite Rainfly

      Oops. That would be one expensive rainfly!

      > EDIT 2: You didn't talk about your expectations
      > from the website. Add
      > them, please.

      Doh! Comments added. If you see anything there that
      needs fixing or addressing let me know and I'll take
      care of it.

      > Comment: You're getting really close to projecting
      > when you talk about
      > how the bottom is too thin and that you don't like
      > the window (but you
      > can see the weather!) I'll let it slide this time,
      > just watch yourself.

      After reading it again I agree. I took out the part
      with the window, but left in the part about the floor.
      Don't hesitate to prod me with a trekking pole if I
      cross the line.

      Thanks again for the edits


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