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EDIT: Teko EcoMerino Light Hiking Socks Long Term Report - Thomas Vickers

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  • Jennifer
    Oops! forgot to put edit in the title. Please excuse my flakey brain today. ... like ... edge ... now
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 3, 2006
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      Oops! forgot to put edit in the title. Please excuse my flakey brain today.

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Jennifer" <jensmail78@...> wrote:
      > Great report Thomas! I am actually interested in checking these socks out since I really
      > the idea of them being "eco-friendly" and still performing as well as you said. Anyway,
      > sorry for the delay, hopefully you saw my OOP message last week and weren't on the
      > of your seat. ;) Just a few edits, and then upload at will.
      > Thanks for a great test series,
      > Jenny Williams
      > > More Testing:
      > > Compared to my normal cotton socks, Teko EcoMerino Wool Light Hiking
      > > Socks incredible at keeping my feet warm.
      > **EDIT: change to "...Socks are incredible..."
      > > Below I have tried to answer the intial questions of my test plan.
      > > The answers should cover anything that I have forgotten to mention
      > > here or in my other reports.
      > **Edit: Maybe add a link to your other reports here for ease of use.
      > > 3. How easy is it to get the socks on and off? Do they have enough
      > > "stretch" to make getting them off and on easy? Do they snap back to
      > > shape after some stretching?
      > > They are always tight when it comes to pulling them on my feet, but
      > > the fit once on is not uncomfortable. The elastic in the top of the
      > > socks is very tight and I have only felt it break once, in a single
      > > sock, so I feel that they are just stretchy enough to get on and they
      > > hold their shape and firm fit not matter how often I pull them off or
      > > on.
      > **EDIT: You should specifically address how the sock with the broken elastic performs
      > that the elastic has broken. It is not quite clear if you are referring to all the socks,
      > including the broken one, when you state that they still hold their shape.
      > > Final thoughts:
      > > The material did not seem to want to get easily,
      > > sometimes despite my best efforts to soak them in a sink of water.
      > **EDIT: I think you missed the word wet or damp "...to want to get (wet) easily"
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