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  • Rosaleen Sullivan
    From: Andy Mytys Subject: Re: Edits: FIELD REPORT - Ibex Fall Line Pants (amytys) ... I try to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2006
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      From: "Andy Mytys" <amytys@...<mailto:amytys@...>>
      Subject: Re: Edits: FIELD REPORT - Ibex Fall Line Pants (amytys)

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com<mailto:backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com>, "Rosaleen Sullivan"
      <rosaleen43@m<mailto:rosaleen43@m>...> wrote:
      > I have just a few edits for you. The ones I feel are most
      > important are marked EDITS rather than Edits. Please take a quick
      > look at your compound words. My spelling editor dislikes most of
      > them, but, as I suspected many are now in common use,
      > including "softshell" as Ibex uses at its site.

      I try to double-check all these "industry terms" that aren't in
      Webster's. As they check out, I add them to my spellchecker and then
      they don't get flagged anymore. Will double-check any that you
      flagged in the report, of course.

      *****Andy, I started flagging compound words until I realized that I'm seeing many both compounded and left as two words all over the place. I merely wanted you to decide for yourself whether you are totally comfortable with using what some will consider to be stylized wording V. what the text books list as "proper." I'm not ready for commercial advertising to dictate grammar, spelling, and even acceptable norms for society or for me, personally. You don't want to get me started on this...<wink>

      > Generally speaking, the pants fit loose in the waist and tight
      > along the hips and thighs.

      OK. Can I add that, from the back, it looks like I've got a diaper
      on? Seriously - that's what it looks like. My wife says my butt
      looks "pitiful" in these pants.

      ****Does your wife hike behind you? No? Lucky for both of you, maybe! <g> I might word it differently, but sure, you can mention that you dislike the unflattering cut/fit/appearance from the back. Picture? (:-P) Do you expect to be a "fashion plate" on the trail? I might if I spent over $220 on a pair of pants, maybe, but not in my $4 home-modified tear-off shorts/pants.
      > ****EDIT: never-ending arsenal of "hiker farts." Andy, you are an
      > intelligent adult. Must you use this phrase instead of referring
      > to discomfort from distention in a more civilized way? I'd be
      > angry if I were the supplier, and I am offended as a fellow
      > tester. This demeans all of our work, in my opinion.

      OK, ok... I don't find it demeaning, though it is raw humor. In
      mixed company the term is often heard, as least in my circles (no
      comments from the peanut gallery). But I will remove it.

      ****Thank you. I know I'm a dinosaur, but AAAUGH!

      > Edit: Check mini-BiC: Should the /c/ be upper case? It does
      > appear that the trademark name reflects a stylized upper case /c/,
      > but the word when written out is BIC within the website.
      > Interesting, I'd never paid attention to this before.

      I got the BiC spelling right off the packaging. I suspect that some
      web developer tried to "fix" it. It's on the pens that way too.

      ****You are looking at the trademarked stylized-symbol-spelling, I think. That is why I looked at the website. (Not that that always helps!) The developer/inventor's name was Bich, changed to BIC for marketing, etc., on the products. Yes, I really did do brief research on this. So, you are answering that you did mean to capitalize the /c/, rather than that being a typo. OK. Since it is their trade marked logo, CONSIDER italicizing it to set it off...BiC. Your choice.

      Thanks for being open-minded.


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