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  • Jason Boyle
    Rosaleen, For your editing pleasure. Ibex Fall Line Pant Field Report – January 31, 2006 Tester Information: Name: Jason Boyle Age: 28 Gender: Male Height:
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      For your editing pleasure.

      Ibex Fall Line Pant
      Field Report – January 31, 2006

      Tester Information:
      Name: Jason Boyle
      Age: 28
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 6"/ 1.68 m
      Weight: 170 lb/ 77 kg
      Waist: 36"/ 91 cm
      Hips: 42"/ 107 cm
      Thighs: 21"/ 53 cm
      Inseam: 28"/ 71 cm
      Email address: c4jc "at" hotmail "dot" com
      City, State, Country: Snoqualmie, WA, U. S.

      Backpacking Background:

      I have been camping and backpacking for about 17 years. My
      introduction to the outdoors started with the BSA and has continued
      as an adult. I have hiked mostly in the Southeastern and
      Northeastern United States. I am generally a lightweight hiker, but
      will carry extras to keep me comfortable. Most of my hiking and
      backpacking takes place in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, but I can be
      found exploring the other wild areas of Washington!

      Product Information:

      Manufacturer: Ibex
      Model: Fall Line Pant
      Size: Large
      Color: Stone (received), Black
      Year of Manufacture: 2005
      URL: www.ibex.com
      Listed weight: 21 oz (595 g)
      Measured weight: 23 oz (652 g)
      **Disclaimer: The closest my scale will measure is in whole ounces.**
      Fabric Content: Climawool® Cirrus softshell (PTT, Polyester
      exterior, 100% eco-washed wool interior)
      Listed Dimensions: Waist 34-36" (86-91 cm), Inseam 31" (79 cm)
      Measured Dimensions:
      MSRP: $225 US
      Country of Manufacture: China with imported fabrics

      Product Description:

      The Ibex Fall Line pants are winter pants made of a wool soft shell
      material. For a more detailed description please see my initial

      Field Conditions:

      The Ibex Fall Line pant has been used on all kinds of outdoor
      adventures over the past two months. I have used them downhill
      skiing three times at the Summit at Snoqualmie, on four day hikes to
      places like Rattlesnake Mountain, Tiger Mountain and Cougar Mountain
      State parks and I have even used them on a car camping trip on the
      Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie. They have been used in all forms of
      precipitation from rain and snow to the occasional sunny day.
      Elevations have ranged from sea level to 3900' (1189 m).
      Temperatures have ranged from 45 F to 16 F (7 C to -9).


      I am torn with these pants. I like the way they withstand the crazy
      weather here in the Pacific Northwest and the stylish look.
      However, I am on my second pair because of a zipper breaking and I
      have had some chaffing after a fairly long day hike.

      Field Results:

      Well it has been two months and my initial concern over the fit of
      the pants has been mostly allayed. They pants are still form fitting
      in the thighs but don't seem to hinder my movement too much. After
      a 12 mile (19 km) hike on Rattlesnake Mountain, I did have some
      chaffing on the back of my thighs from the pants. I have been on
      several other hikes including another 12 mile (19 km) hike and have
      not replicated this problem, so I will continue to monitor this.
      One thing that I have changed from that initial experience though is
      I make sure that I pull the pants up every so often. Even with a
      belt the pants tend to slide down because the waist is too large. I
      am at the lower range of the large size I received from IBEX.
      Speaking of wearing belts, I have not had the opportunity to
      backpack with the pants yet so I cannot report on whether there is
      any discomfort due to a backpack hip belt. I use a small day pack
      that has a hip belt, but it does not conform to me like a hip belt
      on a backpack will.

      The only durability issue that I have had thus far was with a zipper
      breaking. I was riding a ski lift and noticed one of the hand
      warmer pockets was unzipped. It happened to be the pocket that had
      my car keys so I reached down and tugged on the zipper pull to close
      the pocket and POP! The zipper pulled right off of the track. Once
      I got off of the lift I put my keys in my jacket pocket so that they
      were secure and moved on. I called IBEX's customer service when I
      got home and they said to send the pants back and they would be
      replaced. I did and several weeks later a new pair of pants were
      left on my doorstep.

      The durability of the fabric has been great thus far. I have hiked
      on and off trail and in rain, snow and mud and the fabric has taken
      it all in stride. There are no tears, or other blemishes on the

      The pants are roomy enough to wear a light layer underneath them. I
      have worn my GoLite C-thru tights under them while skiing on
      particularly cold days. I found the pants to be warm enough for
      skiing and hiking in temperatures to about 30 F (-1 C) or so. Below
      these temperatures, I found that I needed another layer. The tights
      helped but on the coldest days I was still cold especially sitting
      on snow covered lifts.

      I am still don't think the lower two pockets are all that useful. I
      do use one of them to hold my id cards while in the outdoors. When
      I day hike I normally do not use poles and I find the hand warmer
      pockets quite nice. I don't like gloves so I tend to hike with my
      hands in my pockets and I am able to do that easily with these

      The boot gripper cuffs don't really do much for me while hiking in
      my trail shoes. There is not an upper part of a shoe to grasp like
      on mid/high top boot. The elastic cord lock seems like it would
      help, but it is a hindrance while skiing. I have to pull them up
      out of my ski boots otherwise they get jammed into the front of my
      calf and cause quite a bit of pain.

      The pants are quite weatherproof. They shed water, snow and wind
      fairly well. I hiked for 5 hours in the misty rain that we have
      here in the Northwest and the pants stayed mostly dry. They did
      eventually wet out in the knees and the pockets but once it cleared
      up the pants dried within a half an hour. They will also wet out
      when walking in wet brush. The pants shed snow well. I have skied
      in the heavy wet snow that we get here and it brushes right off and
      powder does not stick.


      I reiterate from before that a more relaxed fit would make these
      pants even better.

      Test Plan:

      I will look for the following characteristics in the Ibex Fall Line
      (My answers based on the first two months of use are in parenthesis
      and italics)

      Fit: How well do the pants fit? (So far they are doing ok, I did
      notice some chaffing initially, but have not been able to replicate
      that problem.)
      Are they roomy enough to have a light base layer of clothing
      underneath like the Ibex website says they are? (Yes.)
      Based on the website picture it looks like the pants have zippered
      pockets, how easy are they to open? (Easy to open, hard to close
      unless standing up.)
      Can they be opened with gloves on? (Yes.)
      How do the pants feel? (Stretchy, Soft.)
      Are they itchy like other wool products? (No!!!! They are very
      comfortable on the inside)

      How durable is the Climawool Cirrus softshell material? (Have not
      had any problems with snags or tears while hiking off trail.)
      Do I need to be concerned during off trail hiking? (Not so far.)
      I normally sit or kneel on the ground while doing everyday camp
      chores like collecting firewood, cooking or building a fire; do I
      need to be worried about the pants coming in contact with rocks,
      sticks and dirt? (Nope, water will soak though if I stoop in a
      puddle or sit on a wet log.)

      What exactly do they mean by weatherproof? (That the pants shed
      water, snow and wind with ease.)
      We get a lot of rain here and water resistance is key. Will they
      make it through a day of hiking in the rain? (Yes for the most
      part. The pants will eventually wet out after hours of hiking in
      the rain.)
      How breathable are the pants? (Very good. Even when hiking in
      moderate weather they breathe extremely well. They do heat up a bit
      when I have performed high exertion activities but everything goes
      back to normal when I stop doing the high exertion activities, i.e.
      finish a climb up hill.)
      What temperature range are they best used in? (For moderate
      activities they are ok in the low 40's F (7 C – 4 C), However I
      think they are best used near freezing.)

      Living here in the trendy Pacific Northwest are these pants stylish
      enough to wear on a rainy day diaper run to Target or while out at
      dinner in downtown Seattle? (Most definitely.)

      Thanks to Backpack Gear Test and IBEX for allowing me to participate
      in this test.
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