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Application to test Imlay Canyon Gear Canyon Knife - Pam

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  • pamwyant
    I noticed a shortage of applications to test this item, so I would like to submit my application for consideration. I hope it isn t too late, as I believe I
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2005
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      I noticed a shortage of applications to test this item, so I would
      like to submit my application for consideration. I hope it isn't
      too late, as I believe I missed the deadline by a bit over an hour,
      but if you need extra testers, I'm happy to help out on this one.

      Application to test Imlay Canyon Gear Canyon Knife

      I have read the entirety of The BackpackGearTest Survival Guide v.
      1202, including Chapter 5, and re-read it as of April 4, 2005. My
      tester agreement is on file. I agree to comply with the testing and
      report requirements.

      Date: April 4, 2005

      Personal Biographical information -

      Name: Pamela Wyant
      Age: 47
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
      Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
      E-mail address: pamwyant(at)yahoo(dot)com
      Location: Western West Virginia, U.S.A.

      Backpacking Background: Last year I acted on my long time interest
      in backpacking, and started day hiking, researching backpacking
      products and techniques, and purchasing gear. I took a few
      overnight trips, including one solo. I currently day hike often, am
      planning several overnight and weekend trips this year, and hope to
      take a weeklong trip and do a winter overnight. I hike and backpack
      mainly in the hills and valleys of West Virginia, and use a hammock
      sleeping system. For a two-day trip my pack typically weighs 22-30
      lb (10-14 kg), which I am working on lightening.

      Field Information -

      I would be testing the Imlay Canyon Gear Canyon Knife primarily on
      overnight and weekend backpacking trips and day hikes in West
      Virginia and nearby bordering states. West Virginia trails I will
      be traveling would vary from the mountainous eastern region of the
      state with elevations from 2500 to over 4000 feet (762 to over 1219
      meters), to the river valley corridors in the eastern, western and
      central part of the state, with elevations from 550 to 1000 feet
      (168 to 305 meters). Bordering states I might visit would have
      similar elevations, and might include Virginia, Ohio, and
      Pennsylvania, but trips to these additional states aren't definite
      at this point. Temperatures would likely range from lows in the 40F
      (4C) range to highs up to or slightly above 100F (38C) during the
      anticipated test period, with ample rainfall and humidity.

      Testing plan –

      I would be taking the Imlay Canyon Gear Canyon Knife on each
      backpacking trip I take during the test and on most day hikes.

      For my Initial Report, I plan to report on –

      Weight & approximate dimensions

      Instructions – are any use and care instructions provided?

      Product description – appearance, feel, color, etc.

      Experimental Use – I'm sure it's useful for cutting rope and
      webbing, but the knife measurements are small – do I find it is
      capable of slicing the type of food I might take backpacking? Is it
      hard to grip due to its petite size?

      Safety – Does the knife stay closed when needed even if it isn't on
      a carabiner? Does it stay locked when the blade is open and I am
      cutting? One side of the blade seems to be totally exposed even
      when the knife is in the closed position – is it possible to cut
      yourself by accidentally brushing against the blade when closed?

      For my Field/Long Term Reports, I plan to report on -

      Durability – has the blade chipped or broken or have there been any
      other problems?

      Ease of Use/Balance – Is the knife well balanced and easy to hold?
      Is it heavy enough to cut through what I have needed it to, or have
      I found I have to apply inordinate amounts of pressure due to its
      light weight and small size? I have another small knife that isn't
      serrated – does the serrated blade slice easier? Have I needed to
      sharpen it, or is sharpening even possible with the serrated blade?

      Cleaning – Is it easy to keep the blade and the housing of the knife
      clean? Any staining or discoloring of the knife?

      Carrying ease – Wow, is this thing tiny – do I often misplace it, or
      have a worked out a good place to keep it? Adding a carabiner to my
      pack to save weight on a knife doesn't seem to be a real practical
      weight savings – is there a better way?

      Opening/closing – Is it and does it remain easy to open and close
      the knife?

      Personal impressions – How well do I like this knife? Do I find it
      a useful tool, or a cute toy but not practical for backpacking?

      Recent owner reviews:

      Ray-Way Standard One-Person Quilt Kit:

      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Do It Yourself/Kits/Ray-Way
      Standard One-Person Quilt Kit/Owner Review by Pamela Wyant/

      The Ray-Way quilt kit review was completed in response to the March
      call for owner reviews on do-it-yourself kits.

      Frogg Toggs Pro Action Suit:

      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Rain Gear/Jackets and
      Pants/Frogg Toggs Pro Action Suit/Owner Review by Pamela Wyant/

      Current Tests:

      Dunham Waffle Stomper Terrastryder-Low shoes – initial report
      complete; field testing.

      Brunton Glorb Lantern – initial report complete; field testing.

      Link to all my completed reviews & reports:

      No test series have yet been completed. I have sufficient time to
      test and report on the
      Imlay Canyon Gear Canyon knife in addition to testing and reporting
      on the Dunham Waffle Stomper Terrastryder-Lows and the Brunton Glorb
      Lantern. These items can easily be tested on the same trips, and no
      conflict will occur by testing them concurrently.

      Thanks for your consideration of my application.

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