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Revised: Application to test Six Moon Designs Comet Pack - Pam

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  • pamwyant
    I was trying to respond to several test calls that were light on applications, and I really rushed too much to do a good job trying to get this in before the
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2005
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      I was trying to respond to several test calls that were light on
      applications, and I really rushed too much to do a good job trying
      to get this in before the midnight deadline (which I failed to do by
      3 minutes anyway). If it isn't too late, please consider this
      revised application, which fleshes out the test plan quite a bit.
      If it's too late, not a problem, as this is good practice for
      later. :)

      Application to test Six Moon Designs Comet Pack

      Please accept my application to test the Six Moon Designs Comet pack.

      I have read the entirety of The BackpackGearTest Survival Guide v.
      1202, including Chapter 5, and re-read it as of April 4, 2005. My
      tester agreement is on file with Stephanie. I agree to comply with
      the testing and report requirements.

      Date: April 4, 2005

      Personal Biographical information -

      Name: Pamela Wyant
      Age: 47
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5'5" (1.65 m)
      Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
      Torso Length: 18 in (45.5 cm)
      Waist: 34 in (86 cm)
      E-mail address: pamwyant(at)yahoo(dot)com
      Location: Western West Virginia, U.S.A.

      Backpacking Background: Last year I acted on my long time interest
      in backpacking, and started day hiking, researching backpacking
      products and techniques, and purchasing gear. I took a few
      overnight trips, including one solo. I currently day hike often, am
      planning several overnight and weekend trips this year, and hope to
      take a weeklong trip and do a winter overnight. I hike and backpack
      mainly in the hills and valleys of West Virginia, and use a hammock
      sleeping system. For a two-day trip my pack typically weighs 22-30
      lb (10-14 kg), which I am working on lightening.

      Field Information -

      I would mainly be testing the Six Moons Designs Comet on trails and
      country roads in West Virginia. This would vary from the
      mountainous eastern region of the state with elevations from 2500 to
      over 4000 feet (762 to over 1219 meters), to the river valley
      corridors in the eastern, western and central part of the state,
      with elevations from 550 to 1000 feet (168 to 305 meters). West
      Virginia's nickname is the mountain state, and it lives up to its
      name, so I would be doing a lot of uphill and downhill hiking from
      moderate to steep, and some creek crossings. Considering a six
      month testing period, I should experience temperature ranges from
      lows in the 40F (4C) range to highs near or slightly above 100F
      (38C). Days would vary from bright and sunny to daylong rain.
      Rainfall is ample in the area, with normal monthly levels ranging
      from 3-5 inches, and humidity levels are often high. Other
      locations am considering testing the pack in are neighboring states
      of Ohio, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and possibly in North Carolina,
      however trips in these locations are not certain.

      Testing plan -

      I would mainly be using the Six Moons Designs Comet on overnight and
      weekend trips, but hope to get at least one longer trip in. I would
      anticipate carrying 22-30 lb (10-14 kg) including food and water on
      most trips, depending on the season and weather expected.

      My current pack is an inexpensive 3250 cu in (53 L) model I picked
      up on sale when I decided to get started backpacking, and I believe
      it is time I considered upgrading. What interests me about the Six
      Moons Designs Comet is its light weight. As I lighten my load, my
      pack will need to be lightened as well, and yet the Comet can carry
      up to 35 lb if need be, so it seems to be a good compromise of
      weight and load carrying ability.

      My initial report will include information on the sizing and fit of
      the pack, the materials used, the apparent quality of the
      construction, the weight, and the features of the pack. Issues I
      will look at will include: Does the appearance of the pack match
      the photo on the website, and do the materials and construction
      appear to be of good quality? Are there any indications of
      irregularities such as loose or irregular stitching or flaws in the
      material? Does the pack fit me well, and is it easy to adjust? The
      pack appears relatively simple in design and sleek – do I find that
      appealing? Why dual hydration ports, when most hydration packs only
      have one – is there a potential benefit? I will also describe my
      plan for field-testing the pack.

      For my Field Report, I will look at how well the Six Moons Designs
      Comet has carried my load. Do I find it an improvement over my old
      inexpensive pack? Do I like the simplicity of the pack? Have I
      found it convenient to use and pack? The mesh pockets look
      interesting. What sort of items have I found them useful to store?
      Will the internal pad pocket accommodate my RidgeRest, or is it
      designed only for a folding closed cell pad such as the Z-Rest? I
      quite like packing my pad inside my pack, to keep it from being
      damaged, so this feature would be quite convenient. The pack is
      advertised to hold up to 3700 cu in. Does the gear I now pack in my
      3250 cu in pack fit, or is the configuration such that it won't?
      How well does the pack carry as a frameless model, and how well does
      it carry with the optional stays? Do I like the roll top closure,
      and do I find it stays dry in heavy rains? Does the lumbar pad help
      keep my back cooler? Why would the shoulder straps be removable?
      Is there some way to carry the pack without using them, or is this
      merely to allow custom built straps to be used? This pack has some
      features often missing on ultra-light packs, such as load lifter
      straps, an internal security pocket, and lumbar pad. How is the
      weight kept low with these features?

      For my Long Term report, I will look at how the pack has held up
      after several more months of use, and provide additional description
      of locations, terrain, and conditions it has been used in. I will
      report on any wear or damage or the lack of such. If there are any
      issues I had planned to answer in my field report that I did not
      feel I had adequate information to sufficiently address at the time
      of the field report, those will be addressed in the long-term
      report. In addition, I will report on carrying the pack both with
      and without the hip belt, and with and without the aluminum stays,
      and how various load weights affects the comfort level of the pack
      in the various modes, which I should have more time to assess in the
      Long Term report than the Field Report. What are my overall
      impressions of the Six Moons Designs Comet? Do I find its light
      weight beneficial or does it make sacrifices that I don't like to
      achieve that weight? Does it seem material durability has suffered
      due to the light weight of the pack in spite of the various
      features – that is the material worn or damaged? Did I have any
      warranty issues, and if so, how well were they handled? Do I feel
      this pack added to my enjoyment of backpacking, and do I plan to
      continue using it after the test period?

      Recent owner reviews:

      Ray-Way Standard One-Person Quilt Kit:

      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Do It Yourself/Kits/Ray-Way
      Standard One-Person Quilt Kit/Owner Review by Pamela Wyant/

      Frogg Toggs Pro Action Suit:

      http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Rain Gear/Jackets and
      Pants/Frogg Toggs Pro Action Suit/Owner Review by Pamela Wyant/

      Current Tests:

      Dunham Waffle Stomper Terrastryder-Low shoes – initial report
      complete; field testing.

      Brunton Glorb Lantern – initial report complete; field testing.

      Link to all my completed reviews & reports:

      No test series have yet been completed. The Ray-Way quilt kit
      review was completed in response to the March call for owner reviews
      on do-it-yourself kits. I have sufficient time to test and report
      on the Six Moons Designs Comet, and the pack, the shoes, and the
      lantern can be easily tested on the same trips.

      Thanks for your consideration of my application.

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