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Application to test Bite Xtension 2 sandals - Jodi

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  • Banjo Doje
    Please consider my application to test the Bite Xtension 2 Sandals - If selected, I would need a women s size 8 US. Shane has my tester s agreement and I have
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 4, 2005
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      Please consider my application to test the Bite Xtension 2 Sandals -
      If selected, I would need a women's size 8 US. Shane has my tester's
      agreement and I have tested quite a few other pieces of equipment so
      I'm an old hat at this. ;-) Also, color doesn't matter.

      Personal biographical information

      Name – Jodi Cornelius
      Age - 42
      Gender - Female
      Height - 5'3" (1.60m)
      Weight - 198 (90kg)
      Email address – bpskids at gmail dot com
      Derrick City, PA 16727

      Backpacking background – I have been backpacking for 2 years now and
      before that I car camped quite a bit. I consider myself somewhat new
      to backpacking and am on my way towards becoming a lightweight packer.
      I hike in the Alleghany National Forest and along many of the loops
      that can be found in the State park. I prefer overnight trips to day
      trips because I love to camp, but I hate just finding one spot to camp
      and staying there with little to do. I love to hike to a spot and park
      it for the evening, then get up and do it all over again. I average
      around 8 miles/13 kilometers a day depending on terrain. I'm never in
      a huge hurry to get where I'm going because usually I don't know where
      that is. My favorite type of hiking trail is the loop because then I
      can park my car and not worry about getting a ride back to it.

      Ok, now on to the test plan - I have been wanting to test some hiking
      sandals for quite a while now as I love to wear sandals but living
      where I do, it is very difficult to wear without hurting my toes.

      I live in the Allegheny Mountains of Northwest Pennsylvania where the
      terrain is very rocky, rooty, pine needley (I know, it's not a real
      word but it works) and when I wear sandals I ALWAYS end up with
      stones, twigs, dirt, under my feet, which hurts!!! I am also not the
      most graceful of people and I usually end up kicking a rock or two
      along with exposed roots. This is NOT good when wearing sandals.

      I would be testing the toe guards of these sandals for wear. How well
      do they protect my toes? Due to my lack of gracefulness, does the toe
      guard last as long as the sandals? How easy are they to clean? Does
      mud clot the tread on the bottom of the sandal and make walking
      slippery? How well does the tread hold up to difficult, rocky
      terrain? I don't know if they are appropriate for trail use outside
      of "running" trails and since I don't run, I'm not sure I qualify for
      these sandals, but I would like to give them a shot!

      Do my feet sweat? If they do, do they stink? Normally, my feet don't
      stink when wearing sandals but these cover more of my feet than my
      regular sandals do. My feet will be getting wet when hiking due to
      multiple creek crossings. Do they dry quickly? Do they cause my feet
      to prune? Do they rub on the sides of my feet creating blisters?

      How well does the "extra springiness" work while hiking? I realize
      that these are running sandals, but the kind of hiking I tend to do
      causes me to have to jump from rock to rock and the spring system and
      extra cushioning would be excellent if they are comfortable on my

      Does the pulley strapping system slip at all when it gets wet, or when
      I've been wearing them all day? I also appreciate the extra arch
      support. I am very interested in this forefoot spring bar they
      mention. Since I'm not sure what that does, it sounds like it gives
      my foot some extra "spring" assistance as I am walking? How well does
      that and the Motion Control Stabilizer help me when I'm walking? How
      much foot control does it give?

      Overall, these sandals will be worn constantly when the weather
      cooperates and once summer hits, they will be my shoe of choice except
      when at work (can't wear open toed shoes even if there is a toe

      Thank you for considering me for this test.
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