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Application to test the Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Filter - André

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  • André Corterier
    I understand this app is about 2 hours late (it was half an hour when I started writing it), and that timely applications take precedence. There doesn t seem
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
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      I understand this app is about 2 hours late (it was half an hour when
      I started writing it), and that timely applications take precedence.
      There doesn't seem to have been a flood of them, though, so I'm
      hoping I'll still be considered. Thought I had till Monday… (should
      teach me to READ).

      Please – please! – accept my application to test the Katadyn Hiker
      Pro Water Filter. I have read and understood the Survival guide
      v.1202 (in particular, chapter 5) and agree to follow all guidelines
      within. My signed tester agreement is on file.

      Personal Biographical Information:
      Name: André Corterier
      Age: 33
      Gender: m
      Height: 1.85 m (6'1")
      Weight: 80 kg (175 lb)
      Email address: andreDOTcorterierATfreenetDOTde
      City, State, Country: Bonn, Germany
      Date: 2005-04-01

      Backpacking Background:
      I began backpacking in my late teens using Europe's "InterRail"-
      System – weight hardly mattered, as we were on trains a lot. I
      recently rediscovered backpacking and have started out slowly –
      single-day 15 mile (24 km) jaunts by myself or even shorter hikes in
      the company of my little daughter. I am getting started on longer
      hikes, as a lightweight packer and hammock-camper. I've begun
      upgrading my old gear and am now shooting for a dry FSO weight
      (everything carried From the Skin Out except food, fuel and water) of
      about 10 kg (22 lb) for three-season camping. Not quite there yet.


      One problem I have found with distance-hiking, especially in warm
      weather, is the amount of water I find myself carrying. I wonder
      sometimes why I put so much effort into reducing my "dry" FSO weight
      by a few hundred grams (a dozen ounces) when I then load lots of
      kilos (2.2 lots of pounds) on for my "wet" FSO. Well, I like to stay
      well hydrated and while I don't discount the power of auto-
      suggestion, I believe I can tell a difference in the way my knees
      feel after a long day spent hiking with sufficient or little water
      (mainly, no pain or some). That means I tend to walk with a full 3l
      (0.8 gallon) bladder (that would be the plastic thingy in my
      backpack, not – you know) from which I sip and an additional 1.5 l
      (.4 gallon) water bottle in my pack for cooking etc. in the evening.
      Sometimes more, on hot days.

      But, hey – I encounter little brooks often, and sometimes hike along
      rivers. While much has been done to improve the water quality of
      these lately (to the point of it being ok'ed to swim in again), noone
      suggests its potable as is. I've kept muttering about civilization
      and how there used to be days where walking along a river meant one
      needed to carry *no* water.

      Can you see where I'm getting with this?

      I have a number of hikes planned which cross or follow water courses,
      from large (Rhine river, which formed the valley I live in) to small
      (Ahr valley, famous its red wine, not for its water) to tiny
      (nameless tributaries to rivulets one needs a magnifying glass to
      decipher the name of on a 1:25K scale map). I plan to fill up my
      water bottle and/or bladder (again, the one in my… well, actually, in
      the end I guess it's both… sorry) from these regularly, to reduce the
      amount of weight I carry. This should give me *lots* of practice
      setting up and breaking down the system (though hopefully not
      breaking it). The quick connector on the PRO system is supposed to
      work with a bladder hydration system, so I may be able to leave my
      water bottle(s) at home, too, for additional weight savings (which
      will go a little way towards making up for the filter's weight –
      although the website is unfortunately silent on this point). In fact,
      the website has a number of words on it which look as though they
      were meant to be links, but aren't… well, a word or more on this
      would go into the IR.

      Specifically, I'd look out to find:
      - How much bother is setting up and breaking down the filter
      system? How long does it take at first (IR), with some (FR) and lots
      (LTR) of practice?
      - Does the filter clog quickly? (I should be able to take water
      exclusively from rather clean sources – noting I'd need to chew even
      if I weren't to filter it first.)
      - How long does it take to fill up a bladder (okay, that joke's
      growing stale now) at first (IR), and how much is this reduced over
      time (well, volume)? I plan to carry a waterproof marker with me on
      these tests, so I can tick off on the filter how often I've filled up
      the bladder with it (as even waterproof marker marks are removable, I
      hope this isn't considered a modification).
      - How packable is the thing? Does it find a place in my pack or
      do I have to make one for it? How breakable does it appear? (If need
      be, I could wrap it into my sleeping bag, but that would make it a
      *massive* bother to pack and unpack.)
      - Do any issues come up with using it? Anything which will
      provoke "cougar screams"?
      - Of course, the usual factors (durability comes to mind) in
      any test call will be reported on.

      Thank you for considering me for this test.


      My past Owner Reviews:
      - Jack Wolfskin "World's End" 3-person tent at
      - Jack Wolfskin "Iceland Men" Jacket at http://tinyurl.com/yt4lg
      - Jack Wolfskin "Texapore Mesh Hat" at http://snipurl.com/92wr
      - Salewa Protection Windstopper Gloves at http://tinyurl.com/6k9pz
      - Victorinox Outrider at http://tinyurl.com/6fspv)

      Completed Tests:
      Ursa Designs Clikstand S-1 Complete Stove Set, at
      C.Crane PakLite LED flashlight, at http://tinyurl.com/3rlo3

      Current Tests:
      GoLite Wizard Jacket (FR posted), at http://tinyurl.com/6783m
      Dahlgren DriStride Alpaca Light Hiking Socks (FR posted), at
      AGG cozy cover (IR posted), at http://tinyurl.com/6sqp2
      Ibex Roaster boxers (IR posted), at http://tinyurl.com/3vk8p
      Ibex Wool Glove Liners (IR posted), at http://tinyurl.com/3wwd7

      I am currently active as a BGT Mentor.

      With the current glut in open test calls, we were - quite
      reasonably - asked to think about the potential problems presented
      by having a high number of tests going on at the same time and to
      address this issue in upcoming applications, and here are my
      thoughts on this:
      While I currently have 5 (five) tests open, one of those will
      expire by virtue of its LTR being due (May 3rd) before any of the
      others get to their FR, so I am thinking it is more like four. This
      is especially true as the main body of those LTRs is already done on
      my hard drive - lacking only the text of what additional findings may
      still come up and a summary (although the headings even for those
      are in place already). In fact, I will create a root IR for
      the shoes before they are shipped if I'm chosen (including MSRP, how
      easy I found the manufacturer's website to navigate, a quote
      from the manufacturer's description, and a summary of the test plan
      I put into my application). This - if past experience is anything to
      judge by - will much reduce the amount of work associated with
      creating and uploading the IR on time. And, as I have in the past, I
      intend to create root FRs the moment I've uploaded the IRs (and
      deleted the corresponding test files from the test folder) ;-)
      With four tests running simultaneously until a little while ago (due
      to much luck and two items not counting against the newbie limit),
      this system which I have evolved has not made feel in any way put
      upon to meet my obligations (and I point to what I believe to be a
      perfect record in reports uploaded before their due date as
      assurance). As I intend to follow this in the future as well (and am
      lucky enough to have a job which allows me to do so) I feel
      confident that I still have room beyond the tests I have applied to.
      No, really.

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