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Long-Term Report: spectrum brands cutter advanced insect repellent - Andrew

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  • Andrew Priest
    Dear Will Please find below my Spectrum Brands Cutter Advanced Insect Repellent Long-term Report. The HTML copy has been uploaded to .
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2006
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      Dear Will

      Please find below my Spectrum Brands Cutter
      Advanced Insect Repellent Long-term Report. The
      HTML copy has been uploaded to
      <http://snipurl.com/l7sc>. Not sure if it will
      survive the move but. If necessary will upload again.

      Thanks for editing and monitoring efforts.
      Much appreciated.


      Long-term Report
      January 3, 2005

      Authored by

      Andrew Priest
      Perth, Western Australia, Australia


      * Product Details and Specifications
      * Tester Details
      + Personal Biography
      + Testing playground
      + Testing Environment
      * Long-term Report

      Andrew, the tester:

      I am a 46 years old male, 180 cm (5' 11") in
      height, I weigh 104 kg (229 lbs). I have been
      bushwalking in Western Australia for
      approximately five years. For the past four years
      I have been regularly walking and leading on and
      off-track pack carries with the Perth Bushwalkers
      Club and more recently I have also got into
      geocaching. I consider myself as moving towards
      being a lightweight tent-carrying bushwalker with
      my pack base weight in the 8 to 12 kg (18 to 26
      lb) range. In 2003 I completed my End to End of
      the Bibbulmun Track. I have also thru-hiked the
      Cape to Cape Track, the Coastal Plains Walk
      Track (numerous times) and the Larapinta Trail (July 2005).

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      Andrew's testing playground:

      The bushwalking environment of the south-west of
      Western Australia allows for bushwalks and
      backpacking from coastal plains to forest.
      Elevation ranges from 0 to 585 metres (0 to 1,920
      feet). Within this region, I walk in varying
      conditions from forestry roads, to sandy tracks
      to single-purpose walking trails, to rock
      hopping, to beach walking to completely off-track
      walking through open and dense country.

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      The testing environment:

      During the summer period, daytime temperatures
      average 30° C (86° F), whereas from March through
      to December the daytime average temperatures
      range from 15° C to 26° C (59° F to 79° F).
      During the autumn, winter, and spring periods the
      normal weather pattern is fairly wet with
      frequent heavy rainstorms evident. It does not
      normally snow in Western Australia.

      According to The Times Atlas of the World
      (Concise Edition - Revised 1997) our weather is
      described as being "Mediterranean - rainy
      climates with mild winters, coolest month above
      0° C (32° F), but below 18° C (64° F); warmest
      month above 10° C (50° F)." The atlas depicts the
      coastal area north of Los Angeles as having the same climate.

      Product Details:

      Spectrum Brands Cutter Advanced Insect Repellent
      is Picaridin based insect repellent. According to
      the website, it comes in a 6 fl. oz (180 ml) pump
      bottle, a 1 fl. oz (30 ml) pump bottle and a
      single use personal towelette. The active
      ingredient is Picaridin at 7% of volume.

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      * Manufacturer's specified weight:
      + 6 fl. oz (180 ml) Pump: Not specified
      + Single use Towelette: Not specified
      * My weights:
      + 6 fl. oz (180 ml) Pump: 209 g (7.4 oz)
      + Single use Towelette: 6 g (0.2 oz)

      Long-term Report:

      In my November 11, 2005 Field Report I commented:

      "So in summary, how has the Spectrum Brands
      Cutter Advanced insect repellent performed so
      far? It has been very effective against
      persistent small flies and mozzies. No ticks
      where picked up on the West Cape Howe walk, which
      can mean one of two things. Either the repellent
      was effective or no ticks where around. I suspect
      the later, given the country we walked in is
      ideal tick land. ... In terms of protection I am
      pleased with the effectiveness of the repellent
      so far. I am less keen on the packaging however.

      Unfortunately, my experience with the Spectrum
      Brands Cutter Advanced insect repellent only a
      few days later and again in early December has
      caused me to review my opinion of the product. I
      in fact pretty much stopped using it on December
      7, 2005. As the fly situation worsened in
      mid-November and into December it become apparent
      that the insect repellent was not effective
      against flies once their presence became more
      dominant. It was even suggested to me that the
      repellent rather than repelling, was actually
      attracting flies! The preceding comments
      notwithstanding, my experience with the repellent
      in terms of mozzies has been good and I note that
      its active ingredient Picaridin has been
      recommended as one alternative repellent base for
      protecting against mozzies which are carriers of
      Ross River virus in this region. However, as an
      overall protection it has not been effective for
      me, so on a backpack or day walk, I would leave
      the Spectrum Brands Cutter Advanced insect
      repellent at home, my preference being for a
      product that can provide all day protection. I
      will however, continue to use the Spectrum Brands
      Cutter Advanced insect repellent as protection
      against mozzies where appropriate, e.g., outdoor movie shows.

      To put the above comments into perspective,
      myself and Anne where geocaching at Thomas
      Statham's Quarry looking for Thomas Statham's
      Backyard Geocache again and again without
      success, ugh! Both myself and Anne applied
      liberal amounts of the repellent in an attempt to
      drive off the latest incarnation of the
      Australian household fly. This incarnation of the
      fly is bigger and more persistent than the flies
      encountered during the field testing stage. Alas
      even with libel amounts applied, the Spectrum
      Brands Cutter Advanced Insect Repellent was not
      successful in repelling the hordes. We ended up
      being driven from our geocaching endeavours by
      the flies. This was one day where the flies won
      out. This should have been my first warning of what was to come.

      A few weeks later on December 7 & 8, 2005, I
      again ventured out of Perth on a combined
      geocaching road and walking/overnight camping
      trip in the Darling Escarpment, camping at the
      Munda Biddi Dardanup campsite. The flies where
      bad again on this trip, making themselves known
      by around 10:00 AM in the morning. As with the
      November 13 experience I found the repellent
      totally ineffective against the fly plagues. At
      this point I decided to try a little experiment
      and switched to another brand of repellent which
      also has Picaridin as its active ingredient but
      at a concentration level of 9.5%. This was also
      ineffective against the flies. In desperation, I
      diverted to a nearby town where I purchased
      another product which has as its active
      ingredients, N,N diethyl-m-toluamide (DEET) at
      11.47%, Di-n-propyl isocinchomeronate at 4.18%
      and N-octyl bicycloheptene dicarboximide at
      2.77%. This was effective and saved the day.

      In terms of other aspects of the test, i.e.,
      application and my skin. My closing views are as
      previously expressed in my Field Report. That is
      in terms of application, I would like to see the
      product in a roll-on form. That said I have had
      no problems with the bottles and I do like the wipes.

      As reported in my Field Report I have not become
      aware of any staining or damage to gear from the use of the repellent.

      Finally in terms of my skin, I have had no negative reaction..

      Overall I am disappointed with the Spectrum
      Brands Cutter Advanced insect repellent's
      performance in repelling flies but I am happy
      with its effectiveness against mozzies. I will
      continue its limited use but would not be purchasing it as my main repellant.

      My thanks to BackpackGearTest.org and Spectrum
      Brands for being able to participate in this test.

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