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REPOST - Application to test Smith Optics Ignitor Lens and Factor Frames

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  • gcmehojah
    Please accept my application to test the Smith Optics Ignitor Lenses and Factor Frames. I have read the requirements in the BGT survival Guide, Ch 5 (v. 1202),
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
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      Please accept my application to test the Smith Optics Ignitor Lenses
      and Factor Frames. I have read the requirements in the BGT survival
      Guide, Ch 5 (v. 1202), and will comply with all report requirements. I
      sent my application to test on November 28, via regular mail. I hope
      it has been recieved in time for this test.

      Biographical Information:

      Name: Greg Mehojah
      Age: 33
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
      Weight: 210 lb (95 kg)
      Email: gmehojah3@...
      City, State, Country: Albuquerque, New Mexico

      Backpacking Background:

      I began backpacking this year to reintroduce myself to the outdoors,
      and introduce my 10 year old son to backpacking. My trips are
      typically 1-2 nights with my son and 2 nights when I solo. My first
      season has taken me through desert terrain and high-altitude
      meadowlands throughout New Mexico, as well as day hikes of the
      foothills and ridgeline trails of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque.
      I tend to carry most of the gear when I hike with my son, so I am not
      a lightweight hiker, but plan on moving that direction as my son gets

      Currently, I wear a pair of Oakley Half-Jackets as my primary
      sunglasses for all activities, including dayhikes, camping, driving,
      golfing, and intense mountain biking (which includes daytime rides
      and night rides). I like my Oakleys because they are light, durable,
      and have interchangeable lenses that allow me to use clear (untinted)
      lenses for night mountain biking. However much I like them, they do
      scratch quite easily and the nose pieces come off quite often and are
      difficult to obtain (and pricey!). While these two issues are
      frustrating, I generally like the way they fit my somewhat large head.

      Test Plan:

      Field Information:

      Albuquerque, and New Mexico in general, is blessed with extremely
      bright sunny days most of the year (roughly 90% of the year is sunny
      and cloud free). Because of the clear skies and high altitudes, the
      sun shines very brightly which wreaks havoc on my light blue eyes.
      Because of my light colored eyes, and resultant sensitivity to bright
      light, I take sunglasses and eye protection very seriously. New
      Mexico weather changes frequently and without warning. The climate
      in which I will test these glasses, if chosen, will include
      variations in temperatures ranging from 20 degrees to 60 degrees F.
      Precipitation in the form of rain, hail, sleet and snow is likely at
      higher altitudes where I plan on hiking and camping during the period
      of this test. Wind is also a factor that I will be able to test
      these sunglasses in because wind is prevelant this time of year at
      high altitude, exposed trails. My activities during this test will
      take place at altitudes ranging from between 7,000 feet and 10,500
      feet above sea level.

      I am an avid dayhiker, new backpacker, and serious mountain biker.
      All of these activities will allow me to test the following:

      1. Mountain biking:

      The bright skies and generally dry climate of Albuquerque will allow
      me to test the Ignitor Lenses ability to protect my eyes
      from general trail grime including dust, dirt, small pebbles, and
      bright light. I often ride in groups of 3-6riders, which causes lots
      of dirt and grime to be kicked up, as well as the occasional branch
      slamming into my face. Most of my mountain bike trails are
      interspersed with clear meadows and dense ponderosa pine groves,
      which creates a bright-to-dark transition. I intend to test the
      ability of the Ignitor lenses to handle these types of light-to-dark
      transitions, and back to bright again. Riding at speed on technical
      trails requires glasses that can quickly adapt to these types of
      changes. I plan on riding three to four times per week on technical
      mountain bike trails during the period of this test. These rides
      will include both daytime rides and night rides beginning and ending
      in the dark.

      Fit is equally important. Glasses that move on my face during rough
      rocky and technical sections of trails are dangerous. I demand that my
      sunglasses stay on my face where I put them and not move around no
      matter how rough the trails get. Slipping of glasses down my nose is
      annoying, but not nearly as bad as glasses that fly around my face
      while riding. I plan on testing whether these glasses will stay put,
      and whether they fall down my nose due to sweat and rough trails.

      As with my Oakleys, when I ride at night, I want lenses that
      interchange from tinted to clear with little effort. Do the glasses
      come with soft protective cases/bags for the lenses you are changing
      out? Do the lenses fit snugly into the frames? What is the durability
      of lenses in my hydration pack after a 25 mile bike ride? How well do
      the lenses provide for wind protection? Do the lenses sufficiently
      cover my eyes for both sun and wind protection? Finally, as with
      any strenuous exercise, sunglasses generally tend to fog up easily.
      I know my Oakelys certainly do when I stop for a breather on a bike
      ride. I will also test how well the Ignitor Lenses and Factor Frames
      vent in similar situations.


      I have lost a pair of Oakely Half-Jacket lenses to a branch slamming
      into my face that my hiking partner neglected to hold for me as he
      passed. I would much rather have a protective lense that I can replace
      due to this type of damage than try to have a doctor repair my cornea
      any day. How durable are the Ignitor lenses in similar situations?
      Can they withstand this type of abuse without shattering into my
      eyes? Can the lenses take this type of abuse without undue
      scratching? I will also test how well the lenses provide for
      distinction in shaded trails, and how well the lenses reduce
      glare at various moving and still water sources. I hike in
      terrain that varries from exposed desert terrain to trails that
      require moderate bush whacking. I want lenses that can take some
      abuse without either cracking, shattering, or needlessly scratching
      while still providing general sun and wind protection for my eyes.

      I also plan on testing whether the lenses sufficiently vent during
      strenuous hiking. My current sunglasses tend to fog up when used
      during strenuous hiking as they do when I stop for breaks during
      mountain bike rides. Do the frames/lenses provide an acceptable
      balance between eye coverage and airflow sufficient to prevent

      Because I generally wear various types of hats when I hike/camp, I
      plan to test how well these frames adapt to those types of clothing.
      When I hike and camp, I tend to wear everything from baseball hats,
      full cover brim sun hats and balaclavas. My current Oakelys have arms
      that extend too far beyond my ear, which can sometimes interfere with
      the types of hats I like to wear. I plan to wear these glasses while
      wearing all of these types of headwear for fit and determine whether
      the frames interefere in a similar way.

      Reviews Completed:

      Owner Reviews:

      I have completed two Owner Reviews:

      Marmot Eiger 36 Pack
      MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter

      Both reviews can be seen here:


      Completed Tests:

      None at this time.

      Ongoing Tests:

      None at this time.

      Thank you for considering my application to test the Smith Optics
      Ignitor Lenses and Factor Frames.
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