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APPLICATION to test the Smith Ignitor lenses with Factor frame - Marie-Noëlle

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  • Marie-Noëlle Augendre
    Please accept my application to test the Smith Ignitor Lens . I have read the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide v.1202 and will comply with its chapter 5
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
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      Please accept my application to test the Smith Ignitor Lens .
      I have read the BackpackGearTest Survival Guide v.1202 and will comply
      with its chapter 5 requirements. My signed agreement is on file.
      If I have a choice, I'd rather have a Black or Steel frame.

      Tester bio:
      Name: Marie-Noelle Augendre
      Age: 48
      Gender: Female
      Height: about 5 ft 2 in (1,57 m)
      Weight: 159 lb (72 kg)
      Email address: augendre.bgt@...
      City, Country: Paris, France

      Backpacking Background:
      I started backpacking eight years ago, day-hiking in Ile-de-France all
      year round, and doing several one or two-weeks trips in more
      mountainous regions (Corsica, Pyrénées, Cévennes, Lubéron, etc.) each
      year. In the past two years, I have gradually lightened my pack load
      as I went for a hammock, an alcohol stove, a light pack and trainers.
      Nowadays, I am more and more attracted to the outdoor way of living,
      to the point I am moving to northern Quebec in a few months, in order
      to spend as much time as possible not only backpacking, but also
      kayaking, canoeing, snowshoeing, dog-sledding, etc.

      Testing strategy:
      As a contact lenses wearer, I'm very sensitive to brightness when
      outside, and tends to avoid windswept dusty places. Whatever I'm
      doing, I always take sunglasses with me when I go outside, and I use
      them more often than not.
      If I'm lucky to be selected for this test, I will take the Smith
      Factor sunglasses almost everywhere, and expect to wear them very
      frequently. I value very much the ability to change lenses so I can
      always use the more suitable lenses for the actual conditions.
      I intend to use the Factor sunglasses and their lenses on an almost
      everyday basis, whatever I'll be doing outside.
      Until now, I have only used quite 'ordinary' sunglasses. So I'll be
      very interested to see how the Tapered Lens Technology (TLT) and
      polarized lenses will improve my vision

      Testing locations:
      Until I move to Quebec, in February or March, I'll be staying in
      Paris, and intend to dayhike once or twice a week in Ile de France. I
      expect temperatures mainly in the 23°F / 59°F range (–5°C / 15°C),
      with no definite weather conditions though I will be more probably
      keen on hiking on sunny days than on rainy or foggy ones. Grounds here
      are gently hilly, definitely under the tree-line, and elevations
      should remain in the 165 ft / 1150 ft range (50 m / 350 m).
      As you mightn't guess... "Ile de France" has nothing to do with an
      island of some kind, but is the name of the region that stretches for
      almost 3 million acres (1.2 million ha) around Paris. Though it is a
      relative highly urbanized area, it none the less contains almost
      690,000 acres (278,000 ha) of forests, which make up a great field for
      day hiking, especially as many places can be reached using public
      transportation during a less than one hour travel.
      I will then move and settle down in northern Quebec, about 375 miles
      to the north of Montreal. There will still be a lot of snow, in the
      woods as in town with – I hope – more sunny days than foggy / snowy
      ones. In this area, the low temperatures could reach –31°F (-35°C).
      Elevations might not be higher than 1600 ft (490 m), but the
      conditions might be quite harsh. There I expect to spend a great part
      of my time in the woods, either hiking / snow-shoeing, dog-sledding or
      skiing. I will also resume driving on an everyday basis (I don't have
      a car in France), including at night.

      Testing plan:

      When testing the Ignitor lenses and the Factor frame, I intend to
      address the following issues:

      1) Fit and comfort:
      Does the frame size seem right for my face?
      Do the sunglasses feel comfortable, without hurting my ears, or
      feeling to heavy upon my nose?
      Do they provide adequate protection, especially from sunlight rays
      coming from above and the sides?
      Is the peripheral vision large enough?
      Do they tend to slip off in conditions like running or jumping?
      Do the "Megol" pads on the nose and temples feel sticky against the skin?

      2) Lenses usage
      How easy is it to change from one pair of lenses to another?
      As changing lenses requires to put the fingers right in the middle of
      them, will they require frequent cleaning? Will they tend to retain
      finger marks?
      Will the Ignitor lenses be polyvalent enough to be used in most
      circumstances? In which conditions will it be better to change them
      for polarized lenses or clearer ones (yellow or clear)?
      Will the case be an adequate protection for the whole set, even in a
      stuffed backpack, or will I need to take special care to prevent the
      lenses to be crushed?

      3) Durability
      How will the lenses and frame will bear the somewhat harsh treatments
      they're to encounter during outdoor activities?
      Won't the TR90 Nylon frame break, even in very low temperatures? (I
      had already broken the side-piece of several sunglasses in freezing
      Will the lenses show scratches?
      After many lenses changes, won't the frame become too lax so the
      lenses tend to fall from the frame?

      In addition, I will report on anything else I might observe that could
      be useful for a potential user / buyer of the Ignitor lenses and/or
      Factor frame.

      Previous reports:

      - Chaco Z/2 Sandals: Initial Report, Field Report and Long Term
      Report: http://tinyurl.com/ce3pg
      - Inka Pen: Initial Report and Field Report : http://tinyurl.com/9dyfr
      - Jacks 'R' Better Gear Hammock Initial Report : http://tinyurl.com/8hsva

      Owner Reviews:

      - Leki Wanderfreund poles: http://tinyurl.com/bp7k7
      - Sea to Summit Premium Silk Liner: http://tinyurl.com/7tjxf
      - Helsport Stetind 1 Tent: http://tinyurl.com/4bpbv
      - Garmin GPS Geko 301: http://tinyurl.com/5bdkr

      Completed tests:
      Chaco Z/2 Sandals

      Tests in progress:
      - Inka Pen: in the Long Term testing phase
      - Jack 'R' Better Gear Hammock: Field Report submitted
      - Duofold Varitherm Midweight Base Layer: not started yet

      Wilderness Addict
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