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  • Rami
    Hiya Coy! I m just squeezing this in under the radar (in my time zone) @ 11:35. ;-) The HTML version is here:
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      Hiya Coy!
      I'm just squeezing this in under the radar (in my time zone) @ 11:35. ;-)
      The HTML version is here:

      and you can have your way with the text version below.







      29 NOVEMBER 2005




      1. Tester Information <cid:part1.01010901.03000601@...>

      2. Product Information <cid:part2.02020008.02090103@...>

      3. Field Testing Results <cid:part3.09030107.03080703@...>


      Back to Top = <cid:part4.04030102.06040807@...>

      _Tester Information _

      Name: Rami Benhameda
      Age: 37
      Height: 5' 11" (1.8 m)
      Weight: 205 lb (93 kg)
      Gender: Male
      Shoe Size: 10.5 EE U.S.
      Location: Indianapolis, Indiana
      E-Mail: rbenhameda@... <mailto:rbenhameda@...>

      _Backpacking Background_

      I've been hiking and backpacking in and around Central and Southern
      Indiana for the past 20+ years either solo or with my wife and
      daughters. Within the last 5 years, I've become an avid long distance
      hiker with sections of the AT in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and
      Virginia under my belt, as well as other long distance hiking. In 2000 I
      began trying to find ways to lighten my backpack in order to have a more
      enjoyable hike. I continue with this process today and have managed to
      bring my solo base Summer pack weight down to the range of 10 to 15 lb
      (4.5 - 6.8 kg)

      Additional Pertinent Information:

      Within the last couple of years, I have become more interested in paddle
      sports. My specific interest lies mainly towards kayaks of the touring
      class and canoes of similar purpose, but really any water and any boat
      will do. In addition to my growing interest in paddle sports, I have
      also gained an appreciation for running. Specifically, my interest in
      trail running, coupled with my interest in paddling were the reasons I
      became interested in testing the Taos sandals.
      With my interest in lightening my pack weight, water sports, trail
      running, and with my existing affinity for my Keen Newport H2's, I was
      quite excited to see this test call and look forward eagerly to
      thoroughly exploring all that the Taos sandals have to offer.


      Back to Top = <cid:part4.04030102.06040807@...>

      _Product Description_


      Keen Footwear
      *URL:* http://www.keenfootwear.com
      *Year of Manufacture:* 2005
      *Weight (as listed):* 11 oz (312 g) per shoe
      *Weight (as measured by me):* 12 oz (340 g) per shoe
      *Selected color combination:* Bison / Red Rock
      *Materials:* Part synthetic (nylon, elastic, carbon rubber, mesh) Part
      natural (leather)
      *MSRP:* $99.99 USD
      From the Website:

      The Taos elevates performance footwear to the next level. It combines
      all of the support and function one would expect from a functional
      trail shoe with the open breathability of a sandal and Keen's patented
      toe protection. This redefines the meaning of Hybrid.

      Features and Benefits

      1. Waterproof Leather, Mesh and Webbing upper; Encapsulates the foot,
      functioning as a sandal.
      2. Patent-pending Dual-density EVA Midsole/ Shank; Provides balanced
      support and toe off.
      3. Non-marking, deep Lug Carbon Rubber Outsole; Excellent traction in
      loose dirt, scree, or rock.
      4. Secure-fit Lace Capture System; Integrates lacing with foot to
      prevent heel slip.
      5. Metatomical, Removable Footbed; Cushioning under foot,
      accommodates orthotics.

      From Me:

      The Taos I am testing are size 10.5 (U.S.) and are in color combination


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      I have been using the Keen Taos almost exclusively since May and have
      found them to be a very versatile, comfortable, stable shoe for all of
      my activities. They are my shoe of choice for most trail walking,
      almost all trail running, work, play and day-to-day. I have been
      extremely pleased with these shoes and regularly find myself
      recommending them to complete strangers who have noticed them on my
      feet. I can think of no better praise to give any product.

      There is no significant wear in any of the visible areas of the shoe
      (tread, upper, bungee, reflective straps, stitching). They no longer
      look new but hey, they're six months old and heavily used.

      I have regularly and confidently used the Keen Taos Sandals in heavy
      rain, mud and very wet conditions (paddling) and find the grip of the
      shoes to be outstanding. My months of use have led me to trust the Taos
      as if they were a part of my feet. With equal regularity I have used
      the Taos in dry dirt footpaths, mulched running trails, paved sidewalks,
      and tiled floors inside buildings. The Taos have served admirably in
      all conditions.

      I have noticed a loss of cushion in the footbeds, but no increase in
      odor. I would like to replace the original footbeds with the exact same
      but as of now, Keen does not offer footbeds for sale. I have also
      noticed that the cordlock on the bungee doesn't hold fast for as long a
      period of time as it did just two months ago. Neither of these are
      issues so much as observations.

      I do not consider the Taos to be comfortable without socks. The only
      time I ever wear them in this fashion is when I'm doing a task (getting
      the mail, visiting the neighbor, etc) which requires me to put shoes on,
      but which will only take a few moments. I suspect that this is less of
      an issue with the Taos than with me since I feel the same way about
      tennis shoes and bare feet. In fact, the only shoes I ever wear without
      socks are my Keen Newport H2's and a pair of flip-flop type casual sandals.

      In my two previous reports, I brought up and addressed in some detail
      all of the issues I discovered in my testing of the Taos. You can read
      my Initial Report by clicking here: Taos IR
      You can read my Field Report by clicking here: Taos FR
      . None of the points I describe were serious enough issues to compel me
      to abandon these shoes.

      * I expressed skepticism about the bungee closure system to keep my
      feet securely in the shoe over a long trail run.
      o This has been of mixed result. The bungee and cordlock
      worked quite well up until the last couple of months. In
      this recent time frame, I have noticed some minor loosening
      of the straps.
      * I developed a small blister on one of my first sock-free uses of
      the Taos.
      o since I rarely wear them without socks this issue is
      basically moot, but the shoes have also broken in enough
      that I am no longer concerned that this might occur in the
      * I discovered that while I normally wear a size 10.5 U.S., in the
      Taos, I fit comfortably into a size 10 U.S.
      o No further information is available regarding this point
      since I have neither purchased new shoes nor exchanged the
      ones I initially received.

      I would like to thank Backpack Gear Test and Keen for the opportunity
      to participate in this test.

      Rami Benhameda
    • Coy
      LTR - KEEN TAOS - RAMI Edit by Coy Starnes Hi Rami, excelent job! I have no edits or suggestions for improvment. Your links work fine. As I told Jennifer
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        LTR - KEEN TAOS - RAMI
        Edit by Coy Starnes

        Hi Rami, excelent job! I have no edits or suggestions for improvment.
        Your links work fine. As I told Jennifer DONT UPLOAD UNTIL JERRY

        Coy Boy

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        > Hiya Coy!
        > I'm just squeezing this in under the radar (in my time zone) @
        11:35. ;-)
        > The HTML version is here:
        > or
        > <http://tinyurl.com/9rkp4>
        > and you can have your way with the text version below.
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