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Re: REPOST: Shock doctor Ultra Customs FR (Colleen)

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  • cmcrooker
    Hi Colleen, No need to repost. Upload when ready after the first edit. Carol ... (3.2 ... inserts ... begun ... very ... and ... eight ... pads ... control
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      Hi Colleen,
      No need to repost. Upload when ready after the first edit.

      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, "Emma Eyeball"
      <tarbubble@y...> wrote:
      > Carol, thanks for your suggestions & edits. i've made all the
      > changes you suggested, and here is the revised FR. let me know if
      > you think it's ready for upload.
      > ++++++++++++
      > Field Report
      > Shock Doctor UltraCustom Footbeds
      > February 15th, 2005
      > Manufacturer: Shock Doctor
      > URL: http://www.shockdoc.com/
      > MSRP: $49.95 US
      > Year Model: 2004
      > Listed Weight: n/a
      > Measured Weight (women's size 6.5-7.5): 6.1 ounces for the pair
      > ounces for the left, and 2.9 ounces for the right)
      > Tester: Colleen Porter
      > Tester Shoe Size: women's 8
      > Tester Background: I have never used any kind of insoles or
      > before, other than cheapo $2 foam cushions from the corner
      > drugstore. But at the tender age of twenty-nine my feet have
      > to show me less and less mercy, so I'm ready to see how much of a
      > difference a good pair of insoles can make. I think my feet are
      > normal, but I do have high arches. I have broken both of my pinky
      > toes in my lifetime - not recently, but they do occasionally ache
      > sometimes react strangely to some shoes. For a more complete
      > biography of me & my backpacking style, see the end of the report.
      > Product Description: The UltraCustoms are insoles with at least
      > different features. These features include: SR Foam, I-Shock
      > in heel and forefoot, Control Bar to stabilize the heel and
      > pronation, Adaptive arch for all arch heights, metatarsal support,
      > multi-layer composite foams, an anti-microbial Air/FX top cover to
      > reduce friction & control odor, and Shockdome Technology to absorb
      > impact. For a more detailed description, see my Initial Report,
      > for some really nice photographs of the UltraCustoms, don't miss
      > Jason Boyle's Initial Report.
      > Field Conditions: The UltraCustoms have been exclusively used in
      > southern California, mostly in low-lying coastal areas and with
      > excursion into the upper Mojave Desert. They didn't get a whole
      > of trail use in the last two months, but they have seen a lot of
      > around-town use on dirt, cement and asphalt. I have plodded
      > Disneyland (a local hazard - we live 20 minutes from it and
      > inevitably end up getting annual passes) in them several times.
      > Temperatures have ranged from just above freezing into the mid
      > (around 35º C). Weather has ranged from torrential rains and high
      > humidity to dry, windy and uncomfortably warm.
      > Results So Far: This is an extremely difficult report to write,
      > for the first time in my history with BGT I am not sure what I
      > of the product. Due to an annoyingly long illness (basically, two
      > months of "morning sickness"), I didn't get in a lot of trail time
      > the last two months, so I'm not sure that at this point I can
      > an honest review of them in a backpacking or hiking context. All
      > can tell you is my experiences with and opinions of the Ultra
      > so far.
      > The Ultra Customs do not fit in most of my casual shoes, and in my
      > athletic shoes which do not have removeable insoles (like my
      > Teva Wraptors), they simply fill the shoes too much to allow for
      > comfortable use. However, they do fit in all of my
      > shoes with removeable insoles (all of my Merrells, my New Balance
      > 804's, and other department-store-brand running shoes). The
      glitch I
      > immediately noticed is that they have more volume than the
      > insoles, which requires that the shoes be laced more loosely or
      > I wear thin socks.
      > There were times when I only wore an Ultra Custom on one foot and
      > factory insole on the other, in order to see if I could detect a
      > difference. When I pay attention to my feet, I can feel a
      > between the two, but so far I have not noticed any significant
      > difference between the two when I reflect back on the day. I have
      > not yet had an experience where at the end of a day testing like
      > this, one foot felt more beat up than the other.
      > I can say that during the test period so far, I have had days when
      > did not wear the Ultra Customs and my feet felt like tenderized
      > that night. But on days when I did wear the Ultra Customs, I have
      > never had sore feet at the end of the day.
      > During a warm period, I left the Ultra Customs in the car. When I
      > removed them, still very warm from the car interior, the
      > Dome pieces on the bottom of the Ultra Customs were peeling off
      > had migrated slightly from their proper places (on both halves of
      > pair). I was able to remove them completely, but re-attached them
      > place. Once the Ultra Customs had cooled, the Metatarsal Dome
      > seemed just as securely attached as ever. But this served as a
      > caution to not leave them in a hot car, especially in warmer times
      > the year.
      > Conclusions: So far, so good, but I'm not completely sold on them
      > yet. But now that the unfortunate effects of first-trimester
      > pregnancy have worn off, I'm hoping that the next four months will
      > see me back on the trails and living it up before I get a little
      > big-bellied for my own good. And even then, late-term pregnancy
      > some heavy demands on feet! I hope to have more definitive
      > for BGT readers in my Long-Term Report.
      > Tester Name: Colleen Porter
      > Gender: female
      > Age: 30
      > Height: 5'8"/1.73 m
      > Weight: 150 lb./68 kg
      > Backpacking Experience: I have been hiking for fifteen years,
      > backpacking for eight. I've only been serious about it in the
      > two and a half years. I mostly hike on established trails –
      > bushwhacking is rarely planned. I like gear to be simple and
      > and I do make some of my own equipment. On my own I pack pretty
      > light (about thirteen lbs/6 kilograms base weight) and am always
      > trying to get lighter, but I am often on family trips with my two-
      > year-old son and the weight usually doubles. My 3-season
      > haunts are the San Gabriels, the Sierra Nevada, and the Grand
      > and winters find me in the Mojave and Colorado deserts.
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