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APPLICATION 0 Outdoor Research Rando Cap (amytys)

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  • Andy Mytys
    Application to test the Outdoor Research Rando Cap I am applying to test the Outdoor Research Rando Cap. I have read the BackpackGearTest survival guide, ver.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2005
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      Application to test the Outdoor Research Rando Cap

      I am applying to test the Outdoor Research Rando Cap.

      I have read the BackpackGearTest survival guide, ver. 1202, and agree
      to fully comply with the rules outlined within. I have also signed,
      sealed, and delivered the tester contract, and have received
      verification that my contract has been received.

      Personal biographical information:

      Date of App 11/01/2005
      Name Andrew Mytys
      Age 33
      Gender Male
      Height 6'1" (185 cm)
      Weight 165 lbs (75 kg)
      Head Circumference 23 1/8 inches (59 cm)
      Email amytys (at) highstream (dot) net
      Location S/E Michigan

      Field information:

      Test locations would include Michigan's lower peninsula, specifically
      The Waterloo and Pinckney State Recreation Areas, North Country
      Trail, Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness area, and various State and
      National Forests.

      Uninterrupted time in the field would range anywhere from 2 to 5
      days. Temperatures, based on seasonal averages in the areas I will
      be visiting, can be expected to range between 0 F (-18 C) and 50 F
      (10 C). However, as these are averages, it should be noted that
      lower temperatures could suddenly occur.

      In addition to overnight trips, the OR Rando Cap would be used for
      daily 2-5 mile walks with my dog and long dayhikes in excess of 20
      miles (32 km).

      Taken as a whole, my proposed testing would expose the Rando Cap to
      rain, sleet, snow, wind, and generally cold conditions.

      Specific trip plans include:

      December 2-4 - GLH Winter Gathering, Waterloo Recreation Area. This
      event will include dayhikes of 6-12 miles (10-20 km) each day, in the
      Waterloo Recreation Area.

      December 27-30th - Michigan Winter outing - Hoist Lakes Recreation

      January 13-17 - Michigan Winter outing, High Country Pathway.

      February 3-5 - Michigan Winter outing, Nordhouse Dunes Wilderness

      February 17-19 - Michigan Winter outing, Manistee River/North Country

      March 11-13 - Michigan Winter outing, location to be determined.

      April 8-10 - Michigan Winter outing, location to be determined.

      Test Plan:

      The Rando Cap, with its classic design, looks like it can deliver a
      practical level of winter warmth as common with other such designs.
      Of course, looks can be deceiving.

      There are a number of questions that I will be trying to answer in my
      quest to evaluate the worthiness of the Rando Cap for backcountry
      winter travel. These include:

      - At what temperatures do I find the Rando Cap to be practical for
      use (neither too warm, nor too cold)?

      - How is this effective range influenced by humidity?

      - Can the Rando Cap be extended beyond its cold-weather limit by
      wearing it over a lightweight balaclava, or perhaps wearing the hood
      of my parka over it?

      - What purpose does the Rando Cap's bill serve? Does it keep rain
      and snow from spotting my glasses? Does its dark fabric reduce
      glare, as advertised?

      - Can the Rando Cap by comfortably worn while sleeping? Does the
      weight of my head pressed against the external drawcord of the cap
      cause any comfort issues?

      - Can the cap's earflaps be pulled up and out of the way on the
      outside of the hat, for use in warmer conditions?

      - Are any of the hooks from the earflap's "hook and loop" closure
      exposed and, if so, do they catch on the collar of my shirt or jacket?

      - Does the earflap's "hook and loop" closure system stay locked for
      extended periods of time, including when the cap is slept in?

      - How waterproof is the cap when confronted with hours of wet
      snowfall or rain?

      - Does the cap's design, particularly the wire-edged brim, cause any
      issues with packability - will it easily stuff into the pocket of my
      jacket and retain its shape when removed? Can the brim's shape be
      molded time and time again with no adverse effects?

      - While OR makes no claims that the Rando Cap has any wind-blocking
      qualities, I would nevertheless comment on how the cap functioned in
      more challenging conditions. Let's not kid ourselves here... a cap
      is traditionally a type of winter apparel, and winter includes
      periods of high winds. While temperatures can remain at or slightly
      below freezing, the winds I typically experience can have an affect
      on exposed skin as if it were actually -10F (-23C)! How well does
      the Rando Cap insulate in typical winter conditions?

      - Lastly, in terms of durability and retention of functionality, how
      does the cap fair after numerous washings?

      A Note on Deliverables:

      Should I be fortunate enough to be selected for this test, I would
      require a size Large cap, per the Outdoor Research "Headware" sizing
      chart. In terms of color, they all look pretty neat and I remain
      undecided. If asked, I will make up my mind and include my
      preference along with my shipping information.

      Additional Background/Backpacking style:

      I live in Michigan and have been hiking seriously for 15 years,
      although I've camped since I was 6 years old.

      I consider myself a lightweight hiker, meaning that I carry the
      lightest gear I can find that meets two simple deliverables -
      providing a comfortable wilderness experience and adequately
      supporting the goals of my trip. Unless my goals are time/distance
      oriented, my pace is always slow. I rarely exceed 1.5 miles/hour. I
      rest frequently, hike long days, and enjoy whatever nature throws my

      As my testing will be focused in winter environments, my typical
      packweight - including food, water, and fuel - can be expected to be
      in the range of 50 lbs (23 kg).

      A Word on my Current BGT Work Load:

      Currently, I am involved in four tests, one that is in the Long Term

      Current Tests:

      Wayah Press; A Wildly Successful 200-Mile Hike - Currently Field
      testing (next test due January 31, 2006)

      Five Ten Insight trail shoes - Initial Report, posted

      Gossamer Gear Lightrek Poles - Product received, current writing
      Initial Report.

      Tests Yet to Start:

      Ibex Fall Line Pants

      Outstanding Application(s):

      Valandre Shocking Blue sleeping bag

      Previously Completed Test Series:

      Black Diamond Lighthouse tent:

      Ultimate Direction SpeeDemon Backpack:

      Additional Test Series Completed:

      . Ibex Wool Glove Liners
      . OR Motion Fleece Balaclava
      . Highgear Axis watch
      . Rocky Gore-Tex socks
      . Bear Vault BV-200 black bear resistant food canister
      . Insul Mat Max-Thermo
      . Magellan SporTrak Topo 2003
      . Six Moon Designs Starlite pack
      . HSSC Fluid Pack
      . Bite X-Trac OS Sandals
      . Rite in the Rain All-Weather Pocket Journal
      . LEKI UL Ti AE PA AS Trekking Poles
      . Psolar.EX Mask
      . Granite Gear Vapor Trail Backpack

      Previously Written Owner Reviews:

      Everest Designs Sherpa Hat

      Aloe Gator Waterproof Gel

      Additional Owner Reviews:

      . Kenyon K+Tape
      . Porcupine Mountains Companion
      . Clever Toothbrush
      . Porcupine Mountains Companion
      . REI Folding Bucket
      . GSI Outdoors 16oz Lexan Flask
      . REI All Mountain Mitts
      . Osprey Aether 60 Pack
      . GoLite Snow Cap
      . REI Half Dome Backpack

      Additional BGT Participation:

      . active in the Mentor program
      . active in the Test Manager program

      I thank you for considering my application.

      Andrew Mytys
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