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Application - Lightening Snowshoes

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  • Leesa J
    I verify that I am a yankee. (Coy, don t hold that against me, at least I use a Mac) I would VERY much like to test these snowshoes. Leesa Application to test
    Message 1 of 48 , Nov 1, 2005
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      I verify that I am a yankee. (Coy, don't hold that against me, at least I
      use a Mac)
      I would VERY much like to test these snowshoes. Leesa

      Application to test
      MSR Lightning Snowshoes
      November 1, 2005

      I would appreciate the opportunity to test the MSR Lightning Snowshoes. My
      tester agreement has been accepted and I have read the most current version
      of the Survival Guide (8/05) and agree to follow the guidelines. I agree to
      test the snowshoes for the required amount of time, at the very least.

      Personal Information:
      Leesa Joiner
      Southwestern Maine
      44 years old
      5'7" (1.7 M)
      160 lb. (73 kg)
      Size required: Woman's 25"

      My camping, hiking and backpacking experience has included trips varying in
      length from one day hikes to two-week trips. My experience hiking began with
      my father when I was about six years old. We hiked along the river pathways
      in northeastern Ohio and western Pennsylvania. While enjoying the outdoors
      with my Girl Scout troop, friends and family, I spend time hiking,
      geocaching, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and camping. Although I am not
      a lightweight backpacker, I am trying to 'lighten up' and primarily use a
      hammock for sleeping. I spend almost as much time outdoors during the winter
      as I do during the summer.

      Test Locations, Conditions and Time Frame:
      Living in Northern New England, I have the good fortune of being able to
      experience at least 4 seasons (sometimes within days of each other!) and
      some of the best outdoor areas. During the winter, we can count on snow, and
      more snow. Last years total was approximately 135 inches ( 343 cm) of snow.
      Our temperatures range from the current average of 50 degrees F (10 C) down
      to about -25 degrees F (-32 C) at the coldest point of the winter. Wind
      conditions vary while snowshoeing - while shoeing on paths throught the
      woods, the trees provide some amount of wind break. While shoeing on frozen
      lakes, the wind can be pretty brutal.
      During the winter, I try to get outside on my snowshoes at least three days
      after work. I am fortunate to have a 5000 acre wildlife management area
      right behind my property. This gives me quick access to some great trails,
      and enough time to get in a few miles before dark. On the weekends, I tend
      to head farther from home, either with friends or my kids. We either go to
      Vermont for the weekend, or across the state line, into New Hampshire. I
      have three kids, all who are into ice fishing. While they fish, I put on my
      snow shoes and take off for a while. After January first, there is an ice
      fishing derby at least twice a month, that they participate in. This will
      give me plenty of time on the shoes to report thoroughly on their use.
      Last season I used Tubbs Pinnacle snowshoes, and used some wooden snowshoes
      also. I enjoyed the light weight benefits of the Tubbs, although I probably
      burned more calories with the wooden ones!

      Test Plan:
      I would plan on testing the Lightening snowshoes as soon as we have snow
      (typically by the end of November) and throughout the test period. My
      snowshoe 'style' is mostly a slow and steady pace, covering mostly rolling
      type hills, or flat surfaces. Our weather conditions provide for some deep
      snow, some packed snow and some icy conditions. I have encountered all three
      on one trip many times.

      Points I will consider while testing:
      ~ How does the 'lighter and narrower' engineering impact the fit and comfort
      of the snowshoes?
      ~ How much traction does the 360 degree grip provide? Does it hinder foot
      ~ Is structural integrity compromised to save weight? How do the shoes hold
      up to normal wear and tear?
      ~ How easily can the shoe be put on and taken off? How easily (and how much)
      can they be adjusted?
      ~ Do freezing temperatures effect the materials, especially the bindings?
      ~ How well do the shoes 'float' in deep snow? This, along with traction are
      two of my biggest concerns.
      ~ What do my feet and legs feel like after a day on the shoes? Do they
      reduce fatigue, or increase it?
      I am curious as to wether the manufacturers claims are accurate, and how the
      shoes perform in different snow and weather conditions.
      I will be able to thoroughly test the Lightening snowshoes during the test
      period, in appropriate conditions. I enjoy snowshoeing, and would look
      forward to testing these.

      Current Tests:

      Sierra Designs Rock Creek Sleeping Bag - LTR- November 2005

      Coleman Xtreme Stove

      Costa Del Mar Fathom Sunglasses

      Spyderco Vagabond Knife

      Test being Monitored

      Spyderco - Delica Spyderedge
      Keen Footwear - Boulder
      Flatworld - Orikaso Picnic Set
      GoLite - Eisenhower Tunnel Shelter
      Spyderco - Triangle Sharpmaker

      Past Tests:

      Owner Reviews:

      Mt. Washington 20 F Down Bags

      Excalibur Dehydrator

      Peterson Field Guide

      This land is your land, this land is my land...
      Woody Guthrie

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    • Rick Allnutt
      Working my way through 250 emails this morning, I do wish that it might have been taken over to some other list by now... Like Kampfire. Grouchy RIck ...
      Message 48 of 48 , Nov 4, 2005
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        Working my way through 250 emails this morning, I do wish that it might
        have been taken over to some other list by now... Like Kampfire.

        Grouchy RIck

        Leesa J wrote:

        >Maybe it would be better to discuss politics or religion? Less controversy?
        >On 11/2/05, Mike Lipay <hiking@...> wrote:
        >> On Nov 2, 2005, at 5:10 PM, Chief Moderator wrote:
        >>>Yup. 80 Bazillion users must be wrong. Not like the 156 people using
        >>>Mac...... ;o)
        >>>If Mac didn't have Bill to blame all their many short comings on
        >>>they'd have
        >>>to invent him...... =o)
        >>By that logic:
        >>VHS is better than Beta
        >>Ford is better than Audi
        >>IBM is better than Univac
        >>People buy cheaper, not better. If they bought better then Japan
        >>would still be a struggling nation, the US would be in control of the
        >>electronics market.

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