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78936EDIT: FR - BD SPOT Headlamp - Mike Pearl

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  • Kathy Waters
    Jul 29, 2014
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      Thanks for an interesting read!  Sounds like the Spot is working well for you.  I have a few minor corrections in the usual format – actually all of them are “EDITS”, so the corrections must be made (not optional! <g>).  Please remember to delete your test file when you upload and I look forward to your LTR in a couple of months.





      All my attempts to photogragh this failed.  

      EDIT:  Should be “photograph”.


      So once night fell the Spot was on my head or within reach from my sleeping bag.

      EDIT:   To make this sentence read properly, you will need a comma between “fell” and “the”.


      The variable light made camp "chores" less difficult.  Things like walking the trail to the privy or wood plies were no trouble.  

      EDIT:  Shoulg be “piles” instead of “plies”.


      I like being able to review the map of next days hike with low light and quickly switching to a very bright one to "see what's make that noise in the bush!"  

      EDIT:  Should be “next day’s hike” with an apostrophe.

      EDIT:  I think you mean “see what’s making that noise” (making).


      The red LED is not great for seeing distance objects.

      EDIT: Change “distance” to either “long distance” or “distant”.


      Also worth note for anyone who has not worked under red light before is the difficulty with distinguishing colors.

      EDIT:  Change to “noting”.


      Please return into about two months time for the Long-Term Report.

      EDIT:  Should be “two months’ time” with an apostrophe.


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      Hi Kathy,


      Please find link and text below.  Many thanks for the edits.