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78929FR - BD SPOT Headlamp - Mike Pearl

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  • Mike Pearl
    Jul 28, 2014
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      Hi Kathy,

      Please find link and text below.  Many thanks for the edits.


      <a name="FRPT">FIELD REPORT</a>

      Balch Hill, New Hampshire - Night hike 2 mi (3 km) to 950 ft (290 m), 60 F (15.5 C) and calm.  Variable trail from dry, flat and wide to rocky, wet and narrow.

      Storrs Pond, New Hampshire - Night hike 2.5 mi (4 km) at 400 ft (120 m) elevation, 70 F (21 C) and humid.  Mix of rocky, rooted single and grass or pine needle covered double track trail.

      Wheeler Pond, Vermont - Two nights at Hadsel-Mares cabin. Used in and around camp at 1400 ft (420 m), 55 F (13 C) and breezy and 60 F (15.5 C) humid and buggy.
      I am enjoying my time with the Spot thus far.  It can really light up a trail with the triple power single LED.  The single power double LEDs is enough to hike by.  All my attempts to photogragh this failed.  But once my eyes get a glimpse of the triple power LED it's hard to switch back to the single power.  But the ability to control the type and amount of light makes it very functional.

      On the two night hikes things were pretty basic.  The first time out I did switch between all three types of light. I found I could not hike with the red LED.  And as already said the single power is good and the triple power is almost too bright.  I needed some time in the dark to make my eyes happy with the single power again.  I then just stuck with the single power.

      The next time out I started with the single power.  I used the power tap to brighten things up when needed.
      This worked well throughout the hike without any need for breaks in the dark.  The Spot was comfortable and stayed in place throughout both hikes.

      Where I have found the Spot most useful and where the majority of my headlamp use occurs is in and around camp.  This is also where I found all three light types helpful.  The cabin we stayed at is completely off the grid.  So once night fell the Spot was on my head or within reach from my sleeping bag.

      The variable light made camp "chores" less difficult.  Things like walking the trail to the privy or wood plies were no trouble.  But my kids thought the privy was "eerie" and my wife thought the wood pile was "creepy, crawly".  The ultra-bright triple power LED made both much easier to handle.  I like being able to review the map of next days hike with low light and quickly switching to a very bright one to "see what's make that noise in the bush!"  Or maybe my wife really likes that?  The part I liked most about the Spot on this trip was the red LED.  I was able to move quietly around the cabin and see where I going without disturbing anyone's sleep.  The red LED is not great for seeing distance objects.  But I was able to negotiate an unfamiliar space without bumping into anything or waking anyone with a bright white light.  Also worth note for anyone who has not worked under red light before is the difficulty with distinguishing colors.  I was unable pick out my clean brown shirt from my gray dirty shirt no matter how close I held it.  Until it was within smelling range, which is variable with the numbers of days camping.

      Last observation from the cabin trip is about the lock out mode.  I originally thought this was just a cool or extra feature.  On our first day hike I found that it is a necessary feature.  I packed the Spot in a side pocket on my pack as a precaution.  At our first water break I noticed that the Spot was on.  I had not used the lock out mode.  The on/off button is so sensitive the lamp was accidentally turned on while inside the pocket.  I now activate the lock out mode if the batteries are in the Spot while not in use.
      In all situations used the Black Diamond Equipment Spot headlamp has provided ample lighting.  The size, shape and fit are comfortable. The variable and adjustable light is extremely useful.  At the end of the Field Test phase the Spot is spot on!  This is a great lamp.

      This concludes my Field Report.  Thank you to Black Diamond Equipment and BackpackGearTest.org for the chance to test the Spot Headlamp.  Please return into about two months time for the Long-Term Report.
      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2014.  All rights reserved.