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78335Mountain Khakis Equatorial Pants

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  • Jlee Snow
    May 8, 2014
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      Andrea, I am pleased to throw my lower body in the ring for consideration of my application for the Mountain Khakis Equatorial Pants. I have read and agree to the BackpackGearTest.org Survival Guide and bylaws v.0609 and have a tester agreement on file. This Test will not conflict with my other Test(s).

      I frequent California's central Sierras, camping every month; up to 95 nights a year; about half the time solo; moving nearly every day. As a comfort camper I lug tent, mattress, chair, etc. Summer trips last typically a week to 10 days; 40 lb (18 kg,) about half food-related; about 5 miles (8 km) per hiking day. I winter camp most often at 6,000' to 7,000' (1,800 to 2,100 m;) 2 to 3 nights; 55 lb (25 kg;) 1 to 4 miles (1.5 to 6 km) on snowshoes.

      The test time for these pants would appear to be in the June-Sep time frame, where I'm anticipating 60 nights out.  It seems these pants do not have zip off legs and that makes them more attractive to me. (Me sensitivities don't abide the zipper bulk chafing me wee knees.) My testing considerations (not necessarily in priority) would be fit, comfort, whether they bunch up in the crotch, hand, drying time, water resistance, stain resistance, resistance to cinders, breathability vs. wind block, weight, attraction to dirt, how well they wash & evident durability. I would anticipate wearing the pants for about 20 days of backpacking and about 40 evenings around the campfire.  I usually hike in short pants, but given my ever-advancing concerns over snakebite, and to much lesser extent brush rash and sunburn, I'm beginning to turn toward longies.

      My waist size is 34 and my preferred length is 30.

      I completed my last (& first) test on 4/15/14 for Oboz footwear. I may be in the pipeline for an informal test of another pair from them. I will be testing WoolX undies shortly.  I have applied for the Black Diamond Spot test.  I have no other applications outstanding. Here is the link to my status:

      I have completed 6 OR's in the last year.  I have no other activity or responsibilities with BGT.

      Thanks for considering my application.