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77612EDIT: [backpackgeartesters] FR - Slumberjack Tent - Andrei Girenkov

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  • Nancy Griffith
    Dec 18, 2013
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      Hi Andrei,

      I hope your finals went well.  Thanks for another nice report.

      Here are your edits in the usual format.  Please upload when you're ready and don't forget to delete your test file.

      Best wishes for a happy holiday season to you and your family.


      >>This took place in the early September.  
      Edit: This sounds funny.  Maybe it should be 'in the early part of September' or just 'in early September'

      >>Trip number two  was to a campground in Tobyhanna State Park in Pennsylvania in October.  
      Edit: Please check if there is an extra space between 'two' and 'was'.  It shows here although the html looks fine.
      >>The wind was blowing non stop, making it feel much colder.
      EDIT: nonstop
      >>The use of mesh to reduce weight is not something you see every day in a tent at this level.  
      EDIT: Swap out 'I' for 'you' or something to get rid of that pesky 'you'.
      >>The weak point of the construction are the poles.  
      EDIT: Change either 'weak points' to match in number with 'are' or change to 'is'.
      >> If you look in the "windsurfing" photo above you can see the wind bent the pole almost in half.  
      EDIT: There are a couple more 'you's in here.  Maybe 'It can be seen...'
      >>But despite my concerns the held.  
      EDIT: 'they' held
      >>and there is always the option to ditch the fly to take advantage of nice weahter.
      EDIT: weather
      >>Please return in a  few months for the field report.
      EDIT: This is your field report, so how 'bout 'long term report'.
      Edit: Another space double-check.  This shows an extra space between 'a' and 'few'

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