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77586FR - Deuter Act Lite - Alex Legg

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  • alexlegg2
    Dec 16, 2013
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      Hi here is my FR for the Deuter Act Lite.  the text is below and the HTML is at http://tinyurl.com/ocom5r2

      Field Report:

      Field Conditions:

      Over the course of the testing period I have taken this pack on a few overnight trips as well as used it to assist in transporting many items for myself and my neighbors during the recent floods that ravaged my area.  

      I took the pack on two separate overnight trips to Roosevelt National Forest in Colorado.  The temperature ranged from 55 F to 32 F (13 C to 0 C).  The elevation ranged from 9,000 ft to 12,000 ft (2,743 m to 3,658 m).  I experienced rain, snow, and a good amount of sunshine over the course of the trips.

      This pack also came with me on an overnight trip to the Indian Peaks Wilderness in Colorado.  The temperature ranged from 20 F to 45 F (-7 C to 7 C).  The elevations ranged from 9,500 ft to 11,500 ft (2,896 m to 3,505 m).  On this trip the weather was chilly with blowing snow and lots of wind.

      This pack was also carried daily for 9 weeks while I was displaced from my home waiting for utilities to be restored.  It served me well throughout this time.  I walked in severe rain lasting multiple days as well as in beautiful sunshine at elevations from 5,000 ft to 11,500 ft (1,524 m to 3,505 m).  The temperatures ranged from 55 F to 20 F (13 C to -7 C).  

      Performance in the Field:

      I should start by mentioning that I generally don't like to carry any pack that is near this large.  Generally it doesn't make sense for me to have such a large pack because they are cumbersome to me and difficult to fill up for most of my trips.  The Deuter Act Lite pack turned out to be great for me.  It does not weigh near as much as I would have thought a pack of its size would weigh and it is actually really comfortable to carry.

      Although still difficult to fill during my overnight trips, it proved invaluable to me throughout the course of the recent flooding in Colorado.  As the waters were still raging, I used this pack to transport everything from personal belongings to small pets in an effort to assist my neighbors.  I also used the Act Lite to carry all the clothes, sleep gear, food and cookware that I needed while I was displaced from home.  I did an awful lot of camp style cooking on porches and in yards for a number of weeks.  I also did a lot of camping in houses and local forest areas.  I cannot fully express how useful and helpful this pack was during this time.

      Getting back to the backpacking, I found this pack surprisingly comfortable and useful.  I felt that since I wasn't hurting for space, I could easily pack things that I needed like sleep gear and cookware, as well as things I don't always carry such as extra warmth and extra propane tanks for my stove.  The compartments of the pack are very well designed and thought out.  I have had no problems with any zippers failing or straps breaking.  The suspension system is very comfortable and easy to adjust.  


      I am happy to say that I have been pleasantly surprised by the comfort and ease of performance.   This pack delivers on everything that I was initially concerned about.  I have become a believer that a pack this size can be helpful and not cumbersome.  I can't wait to get back out there and try it out some more!  

      Things I like:

      1.  Light

      2.  Comfortable

      3.  Great storage capacity

      Things I don't like:

      1.  I have no complaints as of this point!

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