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77571Re: [backpackgeartesters] EDIT - IR - Montbell Versalite Pants - Bob Sanders

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  • Bob
    Dec 16, 2013
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      Hi Derek,

      Got your edits and thank you.

      I do have a question or comment about the name of the company that needs to be clarified.

      I have checked their website and Montbell uses several different versions in how they spell or portray their name.

      1. The logo on their products is separated with a symbol as in mont*bell but it's all lowercase
      2. On the website most of the time the name is all caps as in MONTBELL
      3. The logo on the website at the top is shown as all lowercase mont•bell
      4. In the top navigation bar it shows Montbell Stores and Montbell Club
      5. And finally at the bottom in the copyright line it shows it as Montbell Co., Ltd

      Nowhere on the website do I see it as MontBell

      Can someone shed some light on this?


      >> the Montbell logo on it and oddly two draw cords.
      > EDIT: MontBell. A few places need this edit.
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