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77093EDIT: Bushnell NatureView Binoculars - Ralph

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  • woodswoman
    Nov 2, 2013
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      Ralph, enjoyed your report..interesting terrain. I also like the huge tree next to your picture. I have a few edits although they are mostly "space" issues.

      During the Field Report stage I have been out in the bush for four days
      broken down to a one day and three day stints.

      EDIT: a three-day stint

      o 500 metres (984 ft - 1640 ft).

      EDIT: delete the extra space before 1640

      black wet moss on the rock which is deadly to walk on. It is like
      walking on ice,very slippery.

      EDIT: need a space before very 

      Elevation was between 130 metres and 290 metres ( 426 ft and 951 ft).

      EDIT: delete extra space before 426

      That's it..enjoy the next few months. Gail

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