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77030TEST CALL - Keep your legs toasty

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  • Andrea Murland
    Oct 25, 2013
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      ...with these insulated pants from Montane.  Winter must be coming!

      Montane Prism Pants, Men's Only (sorry ladies...no female testers this time)
      Info:  http://www.montane.co.uk/range/men/insulation/prism-pants

      Please include the following in your application:
      1. The opening disclaimer for testing
      2. Your bio
      3. A brief test plan, including your plans to meet the minimum use requirements
      4. A list of what you are currently testing AND a link to your test status page
      5. The number of Owner Reviews you have completed in the last year
      6. A list of any outstanding applications
      7. Any additional BGT roles you play

      US Shipping Included
      Does NOT count for Newbie Limit
      THREE Report/Four Month Test
      Andrea is the Test Manager

      Please put "Montane Prism Pants" in the subject line of your application.

      This call will close at 9 pm MDT on Thursday October 31, 2013.