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76907Re: [backpackgeartesters] EDIT: LTR: Carhartt Force shirt - Nancy Griffith

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  • Nancy Griffith
    Sep 30, 2013
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      Thanks Coy.  I appreciate your input.  Report uploaded and test file deleted.
      You found the same 'pocket soap' that I used.  It's fantastic and really saves some weight on liquids.  Hmm....sounds like I need to do an OR.
      'See' you around.
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      Subject: [backpackgeartesters] RE: LTR: Carhartt Force shirt - Nancy Griffith
       Hi Nancy, there is no way I can put edit in the subject line so I will send you a note as a reply to the email you sent me for this report. Here it is for the group to see.  One thing right off the bat.  At first I thought you mistakenly labeled it as a LTR.  But after consulting BRIDGET I see it is showing that the LTR is due, No mention of a Field Report at all.  Don't know if that was a mistake but will ask in an separate email. If you dont mind, wait to see the reply before uploading. Just a few edits and comments for you to check on listed below.
      ---In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, <backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com> wrote:
      Hi Coy,
      I've posted my LTR for the Force t-shirt.  It's a keeper in my book!
      Thanks in advance for providing the edits.
      Happy Trails,
        LONG-TERM REPORT Comment: stand by for ruling, may need to change to Field Report.    
      Hiking examples: Mount Ralston, Sierra Nevada, California: 7 miles (11 km); 6,400 to 9,235 ft (1,950 to 2,815 m) elevation; 65 to 80 F (18 to 27 C); steep trail with packed dirt, loose sand and talus conditions Edit: You added a period after the other examples like this so for consistency I would add one after conditions. 
      Mount Rose, Carson Wilderness, Nevada: 10 miles (16 km); 8,900 to 10,776 ft (2,713 to 3,285 m) elevation; 60 to 80 F (15 to 27 C); trail var  I washed it in a zip-top bag with some leaves of pocket soap and dried it on a granite boulder in the direct sun. Comment: never heard of leaves of pocket soap. Google led me to sea to summit wilderness pocket soap. I need to try that.   On the trail I washed the shirt twice and dried it in the sun on granite and swam in it a couple of times.  It washed up easily and dried quickly. Comment:  I would move swam in it before the drying comment. ie On the trail I washed the shirt twice and swam in it a couple of times.  It washed up easily and dried quickly in the sun laid across granite rocks.
      I always seem to manage to get stains on my shirts and spilled some tomato sauce and other food on it at times.  It washed out easily and didn't seem to hold any residual stains. Edit. It should be Those  I would change it to read. Those washed out easily and the shirt didn't seem to hold any residual stains.
      The instructions say to wash in cold water and tumble dry low but this shirt probably got thrown in a warm water wash and got dried on a warmer temperature at times.  But there hasn't been any shrinkage and the shirt has held its shape. comment:  I would combine these two sentences or remove But and start second sentence with There. PS: this is basically how I washed mine but I skipped the dryer. 
      This shirt doesn't show any SPF rating and I"ve always found it funny when clothing has a rating since any fabric is obviously providing protection. Edit: In I"ve replace " with '
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