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76873RE: LTR Osprey Viva 65-Frances Penn

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  • starnescr
    Sep 27, 2013
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       Hi Frances.  My apologies for not editing in line,  can't get my desktop to reply so doing this on the iPad.  Just one edit and one comment.  It was a pleasure working with you on this series. 

      Edit: need metric conversion for 15 miles

      Comment:  where you say, I like how this pack rides whether full to capacity or not.  I would have said whether filed t capacity or not.  

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      October 01, 2013
      NAME: Frances Penn
      EMAIL: oldhikergirl AT yahoo DOT com
      AGE: 57
      LOCATION: Santa Ana, California
      GENDER: F
      HEIGHT: 5' 9" (1.75 m)
      WEIGHT: 130 lb (59.00 kg)
      I have been backpacking for six years mostly on long weekends in Southern California with two or more 5-day trips per year in the Sierras. My total daypack weight, including food and water, is usually 15 lb (7 kg) and my total backpack weight, including food and water, is usually 26-30 lb (12-14 kg) depending on the need for a bear canister.  I have recently converted to a tarp, bivy and quilt sleeping system instead of a tent. I have experienced all night rain, hail, heavy winds, camping in snow once, but mostly fair weather.
      Trip # 4:
      Location:  South Lake Trailhead to Bishop Pass, California, USA
      Elevation:  12,000 ft (3,600 M )
      Trip Duration:  2 days, 1 night
      Trail Conditions:   dirt trail with a lot of steep rocky sections
      Temperatures:  50 to 75 F (10-24 C)
      Weather:  cool and windy mornings with sunny afternoons
      Weight carried:  33 lb (15 kg) to start up the trail
      Total Trip Mileage:  15 miles

      My friends and I were each carrying a large bag of food for a resupply to our friends hiking the John Muir Trail.  We carried in our backpacking equipment along with the resupply food, dropped our gear in camp and then met them at the top of Bishop Pass to deliver the food.  We then returned to finish setting up camp, relax and have dinner.  We returned to the trailhead the next day with much lighter packs.

      This pack has continued to fit me comfortably and perform well in this portion of the test.  I have not been able to completely fill the large volume of this pack, even though I have used it for week long trips requiring a bear canister.  This pack fits nicely into my gear closet as the largest pack I could imagine needing for any future trip.  The great plum color makes my pack easy to recognize among the neutral colored packs my friends carry.

      This pack can accommodate more gear than I prefer to carry.  No matter how full the pack is, it rides comfortably close to my back with minimal movement.
      I like how well this pack rides whether full to capacity or not.  The many adjustments allow this pack to be versatile for many different types of trips.  I will continue to use this pack on trips that require a large capacity pack.

      This test series is now concluded.  Many thanks to Osprey and BackpackGearTest.org for the opportunity to test this awesome backpack.


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