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76627EDIT - IR- Platypus Sprinter XT20 Pack- Ralph Ditton

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  • Bob
    Aug 26, 2013
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      Hi Ralph,

      Looks like a nice hydration pack.

      Here are your edits. You know the drill....

      I believe you have a couple of formatting issues

      Edit: In your Product Descriptions, Initial Impressions and Summary first paragraphs there is no separation between the sentences as you have done later on in each section. Only a single return. I would consider either putting an additional return between the sentences for consistency or perhaps setting this up as bullet points.

      Comment: The other visual comment I have are the captions. Normally they are centered under the photographs and move with the photographs when the page is rescaled. The HTML has been set up so that the copy and photographs move when the page size changes but the captions are stationary. I think the easiest solution is to change the caption copy to centered to flow with the photos.

      All the best,
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