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76622EDIT: Bushnell NatureView Binoculars - Ralph

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  • woodswoman
    Aug 25 5:04 PM
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      Hi Ralph,
      Good to be working with you this series. I have a few edits and then you are good to upload. 

        Bushnell NatureView Binocular

      Edit/Comment...I guess most people call them binoculars but my guess is that either would be correct.

       My pack weight for multi day trips including food and 

      EDIT: multi-day
      Manufacturer's URL

      EDIT: make the manufacturer's URL clickable

      attached to the unit. I had the greatest dfficulty in trying to pass the 

      EDIT: difficulty

      This model is not compatible with a tripod.Also provided

      EDIT: space missing after the period (endstop) 

      focus knob rotating it like mad, back and forth to try and keep focus
      and on the birds. 

      EDIT: omit "and" between focus and on

      Thanks to Backpackgeartest.org and Bushnell for providing the opportunity to test this item.

      EDIT: Please add something about the upcoming field report in two months

      ENJOY and hopefully following the birds will become easier :) 

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